Secret Place Ministry – Lana Vawser

Manasseh Christian Ministries

“In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there.” – Mark 1:35 (NASB)

There are many of you who have been hidden in the secret place.

Many of you are holding onto words, visions, revelations and insights that I have given unto you and are faithfully praying. To you I say, well done. For your prayers are not in vain and even though you may not see the outcome in the natural yet, you are having a supernatural impact for My Kingdom.

Those of you who feel you have been withdrawn from much of your normal life; I say unto you that I am deepening your trust like never before. I am bringing into many of your lives a confident trust in Me that the much of the Church has not seen.

Those of you who are spending more time feasting in My presence and have let go of much of your ‘usual’ activity, I say unto you that great is your reward in revelation. Great is your reward for the sight you are receiving into My heart.

For many of you have been feeling that you are not having a great impact for My Kingdom because you have been drawn into the secret place at a level that you have never known. Many of you have been waiting for the opportunities to arise to be released and shown forth to the world in the offices I have called each of you into.

My people, you are having a tremendous impact from the secret place. The anointing that is flowing forth from the secret place into My Church, My people’s lives and into the world is a sweet wine, a thick divine honey that has not been seen before.

Do not weary in doing good. Do not weary in faithfully sowing into prayer and listening to My heart for those around you. Speak not until I say speak. Continue to listen, continue to write all that I am showing you and release these things only as I command.

For what each of you are being given are treasures that is going to turn many circumstances and people’s lives upside-down for My namesake. Do not see the hiddeness and sacrifice in the secret place as lesser to those that I have placed out in the public view. For great is the ministry that you are now involved in with My Spirit.
There are many who are ministering in My name who are not living in the secret place, that are not living in that place of confident trust in Me, and are not living in the place of great sacrifice to spend time alone with Me hearing My voice. You My People that I now have hidden in the secret place for great amounts of time will be an example to those who have not been living there. You will bring tremendous encouragement to those who are ministering in My name, but do not know My presence at a deep level. You will bring comfort and challenge to those whose hearts are crying out to know My voice but have not surrendered and asked for help because of pride. You will be put in these people’s lives to bring about support, encouragement and wisdom.

Do not be discouraged My people for the sacrifice you have made, and for the amount of time I am calling you to spend in My presence. Do not be discouraged, but know that as you have withdrawn from much in response to My call, oh how great the seeds of blessings you shall see in the lives of many as I change them through your prayers and encouragement.

My people, when I release you to step forth more into the public view, you will have an anointing on your words that will shake people to the core. Be wary of what you speak. Do not throw your words around loosely but listen to My Spirit and what I am saying, speak only what I speak. Only speak words of life, for wrongly spoken words can do much damage. So continue to draw close to Me to hear My heart and live that surrendered life and I shall flow through you and speak through you. It is when you try to analyse and add to the words I am speaking is when the trouble begins. Do not doubt the words that I have spoken to you no matter how weird they may seem to you. I will never contradict My Word, and I am always speaking in love, encouragement and edification. You know My heart My people. In the secret place, you are now being trained to truly hear Me.

Ministry from the secret place is being taken to another level. Those of you that have heard My call to you I say “well done”. To you I say “I am well pleased”. Do not be shaken by those who speak negatively a roundabout you just continue to draw close to Me, snuggle into My arms and hear My heart, and there you shall find ALL that you need and LIFE in abundance.