Secret Place Rest and Birthing – 27th June, 2012 – Lana Vawser

“One thing I ask from the Lord this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to GAZE upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek Him in His temple” – Psalm 27:4

My precious Church, I am calling you deeper into the secret place. I am calling you deeper into the place of gazing upon My beauty. Laying all things aside and simply coming into My presence to gaze upon My splendor and upon My beauty and from that place of intimate worship, shall much be birthed through you.

Many of you are contending for breakthrough, contending for release, contending for the manifestation of promises and there is a time and a place for that contending, but right now for many of you, I am calling you to a place of rest.

Out of the place of rest, where your heart and soul are settled before Me, delighting in the glorious revelations of My nature and My heart, great Kingdom moves shall be birthed out of you.

I am releasing divine keys, divine ideas, kingdom strategies, formulas and secrets that will change the world OUT OF the place of rest.

Out of the place of REST will you receive a greater awakening. Out of the place of REST will you receive the provision and promotion many of you are waiting on.

This place of rest, is a rest of the heart. A rest that finds it place in the worship and adoration of My nature. This place of rest finds itself in the heart of one who has simply come before Me to adore Me. To release songs of the heart, to release the praise and deep travails and groans deep within the rise up to My throne as a glorious incense.

Out of this place of your eyes being upon Me, seeking to know My heart will be some of the greatest birthings the world and church has ever seen.

Many of you are now in a place where I am doing things so deep in your heart, spirit and soul that words cannot be put to what I am doing. I am doing things so deep within you, placing revelation in your hearts at a depth that you cannot yet express.

As this revelation grows and grows within many of your hearts and spirits, once it is birthed it will change the atmosphere of everything around you.

Circumstances that would have taken years to change in the natural, will be changed in a moment. Kingdom strategies will be released in an instant that will see nations changed.

Walls that have been built around your lives by the enemy to hinder you from moving forward will be torn down by your praise and this great birthing.

Many of you have felt impregnated with a divine hunger and revelation of “more of Me” for a long time and have been waiting for Me to release you.

The time is coming My people. I am preparing you and taking you through the fire so you can carry the greater impartation, greater blessing and favor I am releasing.

For many of you that have travailed for years, for those of you who have been partially hidden, and those of you who have been fully hidden, you have begun to feel the whisper of My Spirit calling unto you that the time of release is almost upon you. It is almost time to arise and shine. When you are released My people you will be released with a greater level of My Glory resting upon you as you have truly learnt what it means to rest in Me.

Your intimacy with Me My people is your greatest weapon. Your rest in Me is your greatest weapon against the enemy and circumstances that do not align with My Word.

Do not be afraid My people! Come before Me, gaze upon Me with your hearts filled with worship and I will release upon you greater revelation that will transform your hearts and all areas of your life.

Rejoice! For there is a great move of My hand occurring in your lives and the breakthrough many of you are crying out for will be birthed out of your secret place intimacy and rest in Me.

Fruit that many of you are longing to see will not be gathered and seen by striving but by rest. Rest in your delight in worshiping Me and the harvest will be GREAT, even kings and nations will come to you to see the fruit of the Kingdom in your lives, the aroma I will release through you My Church. But do not despise the rest, do not despise the secret place delighting in Me, for it is from THIS place that all life, revelation and breakthrough is birthed.