Radiant Glory – Martha Wing Robinson


“Martha ran from God’s call as long as she could until God’s love overtook her. Her life exemplifies what giving up your life completely into the call of God can do. God healed her from a sickly nature and from the state of invalidity. She then committed herself to utter devotion to God’s will. Her story will greatly encourage you.”


The time was now at hand for God to answer this great cry of His seeking child. For her encouragement, perhaps also to spur her on for the final lap of this race, the Lord Himself gave her this message with its command and promise, probably on October 30th:

“Pray, My own daughter. The Lord will come to thee in all the fullness thou dost desire.

“Pray, My own, for the Lord will come to thee as thou dost desire, My daughter, in fullness of joy.”

After receiving this word from the Lord, Martha Wing Robinson’s praying became intensified manifold. In the fol­lowing days and weeks she “agonized before God, and wept, and called upon God” as never before. How she longed to be utterly gone” and to have Christ Himself to live out His very own life within her!

At length, probably about the time of her thirty-third birthday, November 14, the Spirit of God came upon her, helping her infirmities. Now He Himself interceded through her with a petition of just three words: “Let me die.” Like the tick-tock of a great grandfather clock, so it seemed to her, this simple prayer ascended unceasingly from her heart to the throne of God for three days and nights.

On the evening of the third day Mr. Robinson decided to go to the East End Mission to hear a minister from Eng­land. After he had left, Mrs. Robinson prepared to settle down for another evening of prayer. The only comfortable room was the kitchen, heated by an old-fashioned coal stove. Therefore, before its opened oven door she placed a chair beside which she knelt.

Suddenly the prayer in her soul stopped! There was not a sound in her soul! Her whole being was enveloped in the great silence of God!

The fact was that, to change the figure, God’s hour had struck to answer her prayer and to come to her “in all the fullness” she had desired. She had “prayed through . . . be­lieved through… obeyed through… loved through.” Inas­much as she was “all obedience,” Jesus could reveal Himself to her and fulfill His presence in her very body and reign there as King.

The complete details of what followed on this memorable night are known to God alone. Even if they were available, it would not be lawful to utter them, much less to publish them. During those holy hours, however, as Mrs. Robinson was held in the mighty presence of God, the Lord Jesus Christ came to her and performed the miracle whereby she was set out of herself and into Himself. As for Mrs. Robin­son, so oblivious was she of herself and so conscious only of Christ that at the time she did not fully realize what was happening to her. She knew only that He had come in to make His abode with her.

“I heard the Lord say something to me, which came in a simple way across my lips,” she later recalled, “and I never noticed He used my own lips. I was astonished that the Lord spoke out to me in words.” Suddenly Mrs. Robinson ex­claimed, “Jesus, You are here, but where am I?”

Later Mrs. Robinson was to grasp the significance and extent of what had taken place during this blessed time. She had indeed “passed over into a change which was not like anything we had ever heard of. It included everything from head to foot. In a moment we were gone and a greater One was there. Entire spirit, soul, and body were in a new and divine control. We walked out of the natural into the spiritual in the body as well as in the soul.” Included in this change was the deliverance from those ills and infirmi­ties which had harassed and hindered her during the previ­ous three years.

It was indeed a new Mrs. Robinson to whom her husband came home to that night. She did not need to tell him about it; in fact, there was little she could tell him under the cir­cumstances. Her new experience soon spoke for itself, for it could not but be obvious that Christ was mightily present in her so that even her bodily movements, as she performed her various household tasks, were controlled and directed by the One who was dwelling within her.

As for her feelings in the weeks which immediately ensued, Mrs. Robinson described them in these words: “We felt that we had died and Christ had come to dwell where we had been. We knew only God and were hidden away in God in such a tremendous mystery—the very presence of God came upon us, and we were just bowed before God in that wonderful experience. I felt my God had moved in and, as it were, had eliminated me. My mind did not seem to work at all — my spirit [seemed] off in heaven. It seemed that Christ was just borrowing, as it were, my body. Christ was living in me, and yet I did not seem to live at all. It was more wonderful than anything I had ever dreamed of. I would say it was just Himself.”

Now the Lord explained to her just what had happened to her that momentous night as “the mystery of the indwel­ling Christ.” “We found out it was a taste of something God is going to do in the last days.”