Spiritual Kingdom Arising by Ron McGatlin

These are the days of that for which we have longed – the arising of our spirits to meet the descending New Jerusalem life in the Spirit – the season of living above the weights and clamor of the fallen-world’s ways.

A replenishing of the might of God’s pure love is lifting us higher into the Spirit realm of God and empowering us with the ways of His words from His heart to ours. Intimate Spirit connection with the vast resources of heaven is well within reach of every maturing child of our Heavenly Father.

There is no lack of righteousness, peace, and joy in the kingdom-of-God experience of New Jerusalem life in this world, for those of us eternally connected to God through Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit. We have but to lift our spiritual eyes to the high places in the Spirit from which the abundant grace empowerment of God’s love flows to fulfill His every desire in us and through us who are His transforming agents of love from heaven to this world. Not yesterday, and not some future tomorrow, today is our time to shine the light of heaven dispelling the darkness of our world.

Love produces obedience.

Passionate intimate pure love relationship with God brings us into perfect obedience to His will, His purposes, and His continuous leading and direction. The obedience of pure love moves us from limited natural life unto the abundant life everlasting of glorious peace and joy that floods our souls.

Peace like a river is life to the desert lands of multitudes of hearts that have been robbed of the Holy Spirit for generations and left barren of the truth and the life of love. The freshness of life and luscious fruit of the Spirit are returning to the dry barren lands. The fruit of life from heaven on earth replenishes the land and multiplies the seed of Christ into the fruit of prosperity of soul and health of body in the precious children of kingdom reality – kingdom children with hearts as pure as and more valuable than fine gold.

Hope eternal rises from the depraved spiritually starved children conceived in sin for purposes of greed and lustful pleasure of a generation lost to wander in their own hell of lack and need that cannot be satisfied. God in His endless love and mercy is bringing an end to the miserable fate of godless mankind wandering about in the desolate wasteland of self-need: need that can grow into uncontrollable lust and greed that uses their children for lustful pleasure while attempting to fill an empty existence among the living dead.

The Great Harvest

The love of God from heaven is bringing God’s vengeance and righteous judgment upon the evil of this world. It is also bringing the greatest harvest of the barren souls and lives of multitudes of abandoned children of this world.

Powerful ministering spirits from heaven are sent to accompany the purified holy sons of the kingdom in rescuing the perishing multitudes. Those who have within them a deep but often hidden spark of hope for a better day of the love and light of God on earth will come to the light of the kingdom as it brightly shines forth into the darkness.

The world will experience the greatest destruction of all time upon the evil high-minded wicked ways of darkness. At the same time the greatest arising of the humble pure holy ways of the brilliance of heaven upon the people of God ever experienced on Planet Earth is coming forth.

The sons of the kingdom are arising among us.

They come humbly weeping with eyes flowing tears of love from an always fresh encounter with the LOVE and LIFE of the RISEN LORD. They come full of glory with mercy and healing in their hands. The vast depth of the love of God is in their eyes toward the precious souls of the kingdom babies being born and the young children growing rapidly in the life of the King in His kingdom. The fire of truth is in their eyes toward the lawlessness and unruliness of the evil oppressors inspired by the prince of darkness. None shall be able to stand before the sons of the kingdom in opposition to the love and power of Father God and Christ Jesus that is in them by the Holy Spirit of love. The sword of truth comes as holy angels harvest the fully mature fruit of the land.

Multitudes of holy angels were dispatched from heaven a couple of years ago that are now beginning to be more clearly seen and experienced by maturing sons of the kingdom. There probably has not been a time of more spiritually active work of powerful holy angels on earth than now in this the early seasons of transformation to the kingdom of God on earth. The full redemption is drawing near and the mighty armies of God are being quickly prepared. The sons of love will bring the thunder of the word of the kingdom from heaven as the lightning from Heaven pours out the power of its fire upon the earth. Purification by ultimate cleansing fire and rebuilding in truth by love and power is the process of transformation of Planet Earth and its atmosphere to the kingdom of God.

The End of Mixtures

The coexistence of light and darkness that has continued in this world will come to an end. The light of heaven came two millennia ago in Christ Jesus and began to dispel darkness with light within those who would receive it.

However, religious and fallen-world ways have mingled darkness with the light of truth and has hidden much of the reality of the true kingdom of God on earth. Gross deception has led to much failure and many empty lives void of the reality and experience of the Holy Spirit of truth. False religions and secular humanism arose to guide and subsequently rule over the nations of the world. The seed of this foolishness has grown and is now approaching the fullness of its vile fruit in this season of worldwide darkness. Wickedness is attempting to cover the world on a scale probably never before seen on earth.

The work of God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit has been largely excluded from the governance of the nations of this world. The governments ruling over the nations have reached new levels of hatred toward Jesus and all who follow Him and honor His name. For the most part they are now inspired and led by demonic forces of darkness. The “church” leadership and governments of once “Christian” nations have become gross mixtures of darkness and light that will not peacefully coexist with the real kingdom of God people. The antichrist “church” systems and antichrist governmental systems cannot remain as the kingdom of God comes forth in the humble purified holy sons of God.

There is becoming a distinct division among leadership people, whether they are in the churches or governments. The division is between those who are of the Spirit of Christ and those who are of the spirit of antichrist. We would like to believe that we can easily tell who is in which camp. At this moment in time we cannot always tell the wheat from the tares. However, as the sons of the kingdom are manifesting, the spirit of antichrist is clearly seen standing in the temples and palaces of governments both religious and secular.

Sons of the kingdom are being prepared under cover.

Many sons of the kingdom are being formed and prepared under cover out of sight. As the trumpets are beginning to thunder the call to arise, true sons are emerging from places where we would not think they would come from. Many will arise from what we have deemed as false religions. The Spirit of God has sovereignly planted and grown the seed of the kingdom in their hearts. Maturing sons with the seed of the kingdom growing in their hearts are hidden under many different coverings. The clear word of the kingdom being trumpeted out by forerunners will resonate with the seed of the kingdom growing in their hearts, and they will arise

There is no kingdom denomination and no kingdom religion. The kingdom transcends all human boundaries, ethnicities, and languages. There is no difference between the Jew and Gentile, bond or free, male or female in the emerging kingdom of God from heaven on earth. Though kingdom sons arise from many tribes, they are all of one tribe with one Father. The spiritual DNA of God is planted within all sons of the kingdom of God. We are all as brothers and one with Christ Jesus and Father God by the Holy Spirit that knows no human boundaries or limitations.

Subsequently, no one without the spiritual DNA of the Father is a true son of the kingdom of God, no matter how impressive are his credentials or talents. The sons are known by their fruit of love for one another. Sons manifest the fruit of the Spirit of God. Righteousness, peace, and joy will flow from their humble hearts and lives by the LOVE of God. The love connection with Father enables the fullness of His power and wisdom to flow through them.

Keep on pursuing love. It never fails
and His kingdom never ends.

Ron McGatlin