Man’s Life, a Year of Feasts by Henk Beerepoot ‘Melitapark’ 7.07.2012

Many amongst the people of Israel are of the opinion that the ‘Old Testament Feast days’ have little or no relevance to them. This they say in their blindness. The yearly Feast days were given for different purposes, as to commemorate historical events and to celebrate deliveries, all within a year of the agricultural pursuits of the people of Israel. However, the deeper meaning, of that which the Old Testament Feast days truly picture, will show man’s Life towards its destiny, the destiny in the body of each and every one of the people of Israel.A year is a life… and the yearly Feasts mark man’s steps wherein he comes to fulfillment. When his ‘life story’ is revealed to him, the Feasts have come to Life within him and show him their ultimate purpose towards his destiny, which is the manifestation of our Father… in him.This is that time that these things will be revealed to us. As the corporate body of Israel has arrived at the beginning of her seventh thousand year, her Feast of Tabernacles, so have some of us reached this stage on a personal level. Christians who are part of this family of Israel, though unaware of the precious truth that the Feast days mark the steps to their destiny, are looking outside, they observe the world events in line with prophecy and expect the Saviour to appear from outside their body. This of course will happen, but not as yet, and before they will see Him in that day, they will all have died. Those who are ‘called out’ from amongst the people of Israel will come to see the fulfilment of the Feast days inside of them, in this present time, and will see their Saviour within them.

They know that their time has arrived, they know that they are healing into Spiritual Perfection and will Live.•The New Year.
Man’s conception is his beginning, the beginning of his New Year, his Life.

The fourteenth day is his Passover. Fourteen is the product of 2 and 7, this marks man’s separation (2) from His Father and when his ‘separation’ is Spiritually perfected, which is the number 7, he is being called by our Father and will celebrate his Passover. As he is bought for a price, he has been given the Life of the Manifested Father whose name is Yahshua, which means: ‘Yah saves’

•7 days of Unleavened Bread
Man is thus engaged by Him, Yahshua, who is Spiritual Perfect (7 days) and is the only food for man as He is the ‘Bread of Life’ (John 6:48) and… Unleavened, without sin.

•Feast of Pentecost
Seven times Seven marks 49 and on the Fiftieth day man celebrates his jubilee, his Pentecost. This means that the life of man (his 7 years) is made Spiritual Perfect (7) through ‘Him Manifested’ (The ‘life of man’ is his physical body requires ‘Space’. ‘Made Spiritual Perfect’ requires ‘Time’. Time and Space belong to each other and are inseparable jointed. The product of both, time and space made ‘Spiritual Perfect’ is 49 and delivers a ‘new thing’ in this realm (50, the jubilee). This is the Seal given within man as the earnest of the Spirit.) The result is 49, which delivers man (50) His Seal, the earnest of the Spirit (2 Cor.1:22) in his consciousness. Now man is ‘free’ and will say, as his forefathers at Mt. Sinai: “All that YaHWaH hath spoken I will do”. He then starts his walk into his wilderness where he, equipped with His Seal, the perfect Law, is desired by His Father to obey, and made ready to enter into the Promised Land, though through the death of Self.

•Feast of Trumpets
When man starts to see the face of Father within him and in the face of his enemy, his ‘self’, he has heard the awakening trumpet of Him who has come, the Manifested Father. This is the beginning of man’s Fall Feasts, the beginning of his period of resurrection.

Man has become pure and appears before YaHWaH as Aaron came also before Him. His one goat ‘self’ is killed. His other goat, the scapegoat who responds to all iniquities, has appeared alive before YaHWaH and is send with the ‘fit’ man to Succoth, the place of booths, where he will be healed. From the iniquity of self to equity with the Father. This Feast correlates with the night long wrestle of Jacob with the angel, at the end of which he ‘saw’ the sovereignty of YaHWaH and as a result he was given the promise of the name change to ‘Israel’, meaning: ‘El Rules’. He called this place Peniel, meaning ‘Facing Elohim’. It was here that he became at-one with Him.

•Feast of Tabernacles
This is the time that man is revealed His Tabernacle, His temporary house, which is the Body of man. Therein he has grown his flesh life for 6 days and when he sees his ‘New Day’ he is ready to enter into His Rest to be healed in One Day. Seven days will man therefore celebrate this Feast wherein all he has undertaken in his 6 days flesh life will be made full, growing into Spiritual Perfection on the Seventh.

•The Last Great Day
This Last Great Day belongs to man’s 7 previous days, but marks His New Beginning as the eighth. A New Beginning of a perfected flesh body wherein Father is glorified through the death of His separation, leading up to:

•The Festival of Lights
This Feast is celebrated in the ninth month and marks therefore the conclusion of ‘the man’. Man is then transformed into His Light, His Temple rededicated, His Glorified Body Manifested, ready to heal the nations.

•Feast of Purim
This is the feast in the twelfth month wherein the descendent of the man ‘Israel’, as the Glorified Father, inaugurates the establishment of His Government (12) in this earth. As by then He has killed all flesh, His oath to have war with Amalek has ended (Ex.17:16). By killing all Flesh, He gives presents to the poor, which means that all who have died, and are thus poor, will be filled with the present of Life (Esther 9:22) (The story of Esther is reflected for a significant part in this Feast of Purim. In this account Haman shows to be an Agagite (Esther 3:1). Agag was king of the Amalekites (1Sam.15:8) and Amalek was the son of Esau (Gen.36:12). Esau is Edom which is modern day Jewry. Haman was a leader of a people springing forth from King Agag. Haman was thus a leader of the Amelakites, a leader of a people which we know today as the Jews. All references to ‘the Jews’, made in the book of Esther, should be read as: ‘the children of Yah’). The earth and all therein will so be restored into His Glory through Him… who was conceived in the flesh people of Israel.

The timing of our conception is the beginning of our ‘New Year’, our life. It is the time that Father enters into ‘His House’, the time that He gives Life to the egg cell which becomes our body. He does not just give life, but He enters with ‘His Life’, with His Presence, and He calls this start of our body the ‘First of Abib’. Abib is a beautiful word which ‘blinded man’ has tried to obscure, replacing this name with the word ‘Nissan’. Abib is the Hebrew word אביב (abiyb) and Strong’s 0024. Strong gives as meaning: ‘1) fresh, young barley ears, barley 2) month of ear-forming, of greening of crop, of growing green Abib, month of exodus and passover’. This meaning however is an acquired meaning, though true by implication. The true meaning of אביב (abiyb) is: ‘Father’s House (אב) Housed… and the First of Abib is the first day that ‘He Houses His House’, He enters into His House. (The Name ‘Nissan’ is the Hebrew word: ניסן and means: ‘Miracle’. This name, which is given at a much later date to the first month of the year than the name Abib, shows the level of blindness of the people. The name ‘Abib’ is given to us by our Father and is indeed a ‘Miracle’, but to describe Abib as a ‘Miracle’ and calling it Nissan instead of identifying Abib with its meaning: ‘Father’s House Housed’, shows the concealment of the name’s revelation. Moreover, even the meaning of the word Nissan as ‘miracle’ has, over time, lost its vague connection with the true meaning of Abib. Nissan has now become to be understood as just the name of the first month, like our January, with an attached meaning of: a sign, a banner, or an emblem.)

This ‘fact’ has been concealed from man for the period of his flesh life and this concealment is in full accordance with our Father’s plan and purpose for him. Most Christians know that their body is His Temple/House, but the fact that He has introduced Himself in their body at their conception as ‘The only One’ may be given to them as a revelation by reading this paper, though only after they have completed their period of ‘flesh life’. This indeed is also shown by the placing of the word ‘Abib’ in Strong’s concordance as number 24. Twenty four is the product of 6 and 4 and signifies the ‘Completion of the Created Man’. When man enters into His Rest, after the ‘Completion of the Created Man’, which will be His Seventh day, he starts to see that His Body is His Living House, His Manifested Father.

Father enters into His House on the First day of our life, the First day of Abib. This is the start of the New Year, the beginning of our Life, and the first Month of the Year. This month starts, as any other ‘New’ month of the year, with a ‘Full’ moon. A New moon is thus a Full moon… Man is caused to become blinded in his acceptance that a New moon is a dark moon. That the New moon is a Full moon is shown in Psalm 81:3 “Blow the ram’s horn at the time of the New Moon, at the Full Moon, on our festival day.” Because the only ‘festival day’ on which the ram’s horn is blown is on the Feast of Trumpets, which is celebrated on the First day of the Seventh month, we are learning that we have been mistaken all the years of our flesh life that a New moon is a dark moon. Those of us who are entering into His Rest are beginning to realise the opposite to be true, they will see the Light, the Light of the Full Moon in their beginnings.

The Barley, as the first cereal to grow and to ripen in the agricultural year, pictures the First Fruits of the people of Israel to receive Life. When the grain in the ear, which is the seed, is green, the seed desires Light and when the Light enters in, Life, growth, or the process of photosynthesis, starts. Green is formed by the primary colours Yellow and Blue. Yellow pictures ‘Enlightenment’ and Blue ‘the Law’ and when these mixed together as Green receive the Light of the Son/Sun, which is reflected by the Full Moon, the barley or our body starts to grow. This is the beginning of our New Year, the First Day of growth in Abib, where our Father lives in His House. “… for in the month of Abib you came out of Egypt’ (Exodus 34:18). In Egypt we, as the ‘people’ of Israel were conceived. There in the confinement of our womb in Goshen, the most fruitful part of Egypt, we grew and were birthed at Passover. Though not without sorrow (Gen.3:16) however, the blood on our Door will give us our protection (Exodus 12:22,23)… in order that we will Live…