The Science of God by Dr Stephen E Jones


Romans 8:22 says,

22 For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now.

Most people have thought this was metaphorical, because only man has a consciousness of God. However, in 1966 Cleve Backster made a discovery which changes the way we think of nature—or at least plant life.

Backster began working with the newly-formed CIA on April 27, 1948 as part of their program to develop polygraph techniques to know if people were lying or telling the truth. He left in 1951 to become the director of the Keeler Polygraph Institute of Chicago and later started his own polygraph consulting business in Wash. D.C.

Plants Never Lie

By 1958 Backster had enough free time to do further polygraph research. In 1966 he made the most significant discovery ever, insofar as our purpose is concerned. His secretary had purchased a rubber plant and a dracaena cane plant for the office. On Feb. 2, 1966, after working at the lab through the night, he took a coffee break about 7:00 a.m. It was then that he got the unusual idea to hook up the polygraph to his new dracaena plant.

He was surprised that the plant recorded electrical activity that was jagged and not smooth or flat. It was constantly changing. About a minute later, he noticed that the polygraph showed the kind of electrical patterns resembling “fear of detection” in humans who had just been asked a question that made them afraid of being found telling a lie. It was as if the plant knew it had been discovered.

He tried dipping a leaf in the hot coffee and tapping another leaf, but got very little response. Then he had an idea. He would light a match and burn a leaf. The moment he thought this, the polygraph’s recording pen spiked to the top of the chart. Surprised, Backster later confessed, “Gee, it’s as though this plant read my mind!”

Further experiments showed that the threat had to be real in order for the plant to “scream.” If someone were just play-acting, the plant somehow knew this and would not react. But if the plant were convinced that the threat was real, it would react wildly, and every impulse was recorded on the polygraph. Backster also found that expressions of love and concern would calm the plant.

Another time a plant “screamed” whenever a certain man came near. He made his living mowing lawns.

Communication by the Spirit

He also discovered that once he had started to take care of the plant, it seemed to track his thoughts even when he was out of the lab. At one point he left the lab to run an errand, leaving the polygraph hooked up to the plant. When he returned, he noticed that the plant had reacted the moment he had decided to return. The plant did not need to wait to see him. It “knew” the moment he made the decision to return.

Backster soon appeared on various television talk shows, such as Johnny Carson and Art Linkletter. On one of the shows, the plant was asked, “Do you believe in God?” The plant showed an immediate reaction on the polygraph, showing that the plant did indeed acknowledge God. The audience was stunned.

Soon Backster began to monitor living cells (animal and human) and found that the cells also showed the same kind of reactions. He wired living cells with very thin gold wires. In 1988 Dr. Brian O’Leary left his own cells in a lab near San Diego to monitor carefully while he took a trip to Phoenix. When O’Leary missed a turn on the freeway, and when his son failed to meet him at the airport, and other stress-events, the cells reacted to his stress each time, though it was hundreds of miles away.

Vegetarians often avoid eating meat in order to live a “cruelty-free” diet. They may have to rethink their arguments. Whether they are vegetables or living cells in raw meat, they all “scream” when they are cooked or eaten. The stress is all measurable on the polygraph. However, Backster says, when you pray over your food, it has a calming effect, as it seems to understand its role in keeping us alive.

Scientists soon discovered that distance was meaningless in these experiments. All that was required was a “connection” between cells and person, such as, in Backster’s case, owning and taking care of “his” plant. Plant reactions were just as strongregardless of distance.

Further research showed that distance was not a factor. The communication was immediate. This showed that a spiritual link could be established.

The Unity of Creation

They discovered that plants would react to nearby animals who were in danger. Backster had decided to leave the polygraph wired to the plant all the time just in case something might occur that was unusual and interesting. One day he poured some hot water down the smelly, dirty sink at the lab in order to clean it. When all of the bacteria were dying, the plant “screamed.” So they dumped a pan of shrimp into hot boiling water to cook them, and again the plant “screamed.”

This shows that creation itself is interconnected in some way. In my view, everything is part of Creation and is made out of “God Particles.” God Himself feels everything, all the pain and all the pleasure, all the sin and all the good stuff that is going on in His Body. God, then, is the common denominator between all things. Distance does not matter, because God is spirit, and the spiritual realm recognizes no distance.

Further, we must recognize that we are not separate from creation but are intertwined with all things as in a single Body. Though sin and selfishness has divided us, these divisions are not permanent. It is a sickness, as described in Isaiah 1:5 and 6,

5 The whole head is sick, and the whole heart is faint, 6 From the sole of the foot even to the head there is nothing sound in it, only bruises, welts, and raw wounds, not pressed out or bandaged, nor softened with oil.

But “there is a balm in Gilead (Jer. 8:22) that makes the wounded whole,” as the old hymn says. Neither is the pain permanent that God Himself feels in His Body throughout history. It all came out of Him, it is all going through Him, and ultimately, it all goes back to Him (Rom. 11:36). The reconciliation of all things is the moment when every particle of God’s Body returns to full unity and pain-free harmony.

We are here to forgive, heal, and God’s Body. That is what happens every time we care for someone else or resolve problems that divide us. Truth ought to be used to bring unification, not to divide further. This is what Paul meant in Eph. 4:15 and 16,

15 But speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him, who is the head, even Christ, 16 from whom the whole body, being fitted and held together by that which every joint supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love.

In other words, truth in love is the key to healing the whole body, so that it is without division, and so that each individual part (organ and cell) works properly and can grow and build itself in love. Our growth is dependent upon this love, because not truth alone, but “truth in love” is the measure of spiritual growth.

To accomplish such spiritual growth in love, we need a new understanding of ourselves and the unity of all things. To know its origin as coming “out of” God and to know that in the end all things go back “to Him,” gives us the proper perspective for the interim of “through Him.” Our place in God’s history—His Book of Life—will ultimately be measured by how well we healed, not how well we divided God’s Body into good guys vs. bad guys.

Discerning good and evil (Heb. 5:14) is the ability to properly diagnose the illness, so that we know how to bring healing.

The Difference Between Soul and Spirit

Modern scientific research is showing that our thoughts and personality (who we are) are not necessarily centered in our brain. Thoughts appear to come from two sources, which biblically can be seen as soul and spirit.

It was in 1982 that I personally began to notice the distinction between the mind of my soul and the mind of my spirit. I “knew” things that my soulish mind did not believe from a doctrinal position. So the natural question was this: What part of me was thinking outside the box, outside the parameters of my familiar mind?

This occurred at the start of my quest to hear the voice of God for myself. I came to see that both the soul and the spirit had minds of their own. Later, I came to understand that both of these were distinct from the mind of my body, commonly known as the brain. In essence, I was a tripartite being: spirit, soul, and body (1 Thess. 5:23), and each of them had its own conscious mind.

Our brain runs the nervous system of our body. But there is also something known as “cellular memory.” This means that certain functions of the soul’s mind (the carnal or natural mind of Scripture) are embedded in the cells of our organs—other than the brain. Hence, when doctors do heart transplants, the recipients of the new heart often experience changes in their personalities, habits, and many have memories that the heart donors had before they died. Some can be read here:

My guess is that memories are stored in the DNA of each cell. When a heart transplant is done, the DNA of the donor is transplanted into the recipient, and with it comes certain memories and personality traits. These memories are perhaps shared by the DNA in the heart with the other DNA throughout the recipient’s body.

Certainly, it appears that the heart DNA shares its memories with the recipient’s brain. With two locations of memory and mind, it appears certain that we are seeing the difference between body and soul. Hence, I make a distinction between the brain—which is the body’s mind—and the biblical “natural mind”—which is the soul’s carnal mind.

What is the Source of Divine Knowledge?

In the second chapter of 1 Corinthians, Paul discusses the distinction between the mind of the soul and that of the spirit. Of the brain, Paul has nothing to say, unless we mistakenly identify the soul with the brain. Paul holds up the Greeks as an example of dependence upon the soulish mind as the source of divine knowledge. Paul claims that the mind of the spirit is the true source of divine knowledge.

Greek culture and religion did not appear to make a clear distinction between soul and spirit, believing that the soul was spiritual. They taught a dichotomous nature of man: body and (spiritual) soul, whereas Paul used the sharp sword of the Word to divide soul and spirit (Heb. 4:12). He also personified both soul and spirit, picturing them as inner “men.” The soulish “man” is the first Adam; the spiritual “man” is Christ in you. 1 Cor. 2:14-16 says,

14 But a natural [psuchikos, “soulish”] man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are supernaturally appraised. 15 But he who is spiritual appraises all things, yet he himself is appraised by no man. 16 For who has known the mind of the Lord, that he should instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ.

To the natural mind that we received from Adam, that is, the mind of the soul, the revelation of God coming through the spiritual mind is utter foolishness. For example, when God told Moses to put a tree into the bitter waters of Marah (Exodus 15:25), the solution appeared to be quite foolish to the natural mind. But it worked, not because the tree possessed some acidic qualities that neutralized the alkalinity of the water, but because the tree was a type of the cross of Christ, which makes the bitterness of the heart “sweet.”

In other words, the tree provided the solution by spiritual laws, not by “natural” laws. Both are, indeed, natural to God, and both sets of laws will be commonly known, understood, and utilized in those who receive the revelation knowledge of the Spirit of God via one’s own human spirit. When these spiritual laws are utilized, miracles will be commonplace and soon be regarded as “natural” and a part of normal life.

Out of Body Experiences

There are times when one’s spirit separates from the soul in what appears to be an odd midpoint between life and death. People call this an out-of-body experience. Some receive training to learn how to do this at will. Others experience it spontaneously through trauma, near-death experience, or by some other kind of shock.

Many have left their body during surgery, and they have watched the doctors work to bring them back to life. In such cases, I believe that it is their spirit (mind, consciousness) that separates from the body/soul that is dead. Those who have returned from such a state sometimes report seeing their surroundings, parents praying in the next room, and other things that would be impossible for them to observe while lying dead on an operating table.

Whatever we think about such things, one thing seems clear: there is a difference between the body and whatever conscious mind has separated from their body. Some would call it the soul, but I believe it is the spirit that has separated from the body. The soul is in the DNA and dies with the body.

Simple observation shows that the body dies and is put in the tomb. The Bible makes it clear that the soul does not survive the death of the body, for “the soul that sins will die” (Ez. 18:4). The DNA in our cells is too connected to the body to live apart from the body. Thus, the soul dies with the body.

There is no biblical statement, however, that proves the death of one’s spirit. In fact, when we look at our great Example, Jesus Christ, we see that His body died and was put in the tomb (Matt. 27:60), His soul died and went to “the unseen” or the place of no perception, which is the literal meaning of hades (Acts 2:31), and His spirit returned to God (Luke 23:46; Eccl. 12:7). Death is a return, and each part of us returns to its point of origin.

The human spirit is our connecting link between heaven and earth. It is continually conscious of the realm of spirit, and those who enjoy a direct connection with Jesus Christ may receive direct revelation from Him at all times. It only requires learning to hear His voice and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, to whom our spirit is joined by the second baptism.

This does not mean that non-Christians are devoid of receiving revelation from Christ. Saul was not a believer when Jesus Christ revealed Himself on the Damascus Road in Acts 9. There are countless reports of divine appearances to those who do not know Christ as we do. All men possess a spirit and thus have access to God whether they realize it or not.

The Phantom Effect

It is my current opinion that the soul’s mind and memory is stored in the DNA of every cell in our body. I would not presume to insist that the soul is actually located in the DNA, but it is plain that its memory is stored there. I believe it is the memory of the soul’s mind.

Yet there is a higher force/power operating in us that is distinct from the DNA itself. I learned this from reading David Wilcock’s book, The Source Field Investigations, published last August. He tells how Dr. Peter Gariaev made discoveries suggesting that the complete codes in DNA are located somewhere other than in the DNA itself.

He took DNA samples and put them in a small quartz container and shined a mild laser light on it. He observed it with very sophisticated equipment capable of detecting even single photons of light. He discovered that the DNA absorbed the photons like a sponge, rather than bouncing away or merely passing through it. The light was stored, not in the DNA itself, but in a DNA-like spiral above it.

The shock, however, came when the experiment ended. Dr. Gariaev moved the quartz container out of the way, and to his amazement, the light-spiral remained in the same spot as if the DNA were still there! As Wilcock says,

“Whatever was holding that light in place, it did not need the DNA molecule at all. It was something else. Something invisible. Something powerful enough to store and control visible light within the shape of the DNA molecule itself. The only rational scientific explanation is that there has to be an energy field that is paired up with the DNA molecule—as if DNA has an energetic ‘duplicate.’ This duplicate has the same shape as the physical molecule. . . It doesn’t need the DNA molecule to be there in order for it to keep on doing its job—storing visible light. Some force, perhaps akin to gravity, is holding the photons in place.” [The Source Field Investigations, p. 161, 162]

Now, if nature teaches us the mind and ways of God, it seems to me that true science ought to teach us about spiritual things. It seems to me that at the very least, this discovery shows that there is a distinction between soul and spirit—seen in the distinction between the DNA and its “energetic duplicate.”

As David Wilcock pursued this discovery further, building upon it with later scientific discoveries, he showed that the vortex and helix shape of the DNA and its duplicate is the point where the two realms of matter/soul and spirit actually connect. It is the “Zero Point,” where one overcomes gravity, time, and space.

Wilcock then says,

“The implications of this are mind-boggling. . . . So, just by a simple extension of Gariaev’s experiment, it is very likely that our entire body must have an energetic duplicate. . . we find out that perhaps the most important thing the DNA molecule does is store li ght—both in our physical body and in our energetic duplicate body as well. Obviously, conventional science is significantly in need of an overhaul.” [p. 162]

“And that’s not all. When Gariaev blasted this Phantom with liquid nitrogen, which creates a sudden burst of great cold, the light spiral would disappear—but then it mysteriously returned after five to eight minutes. . . Even if you destroy the coherence in the area where the DNA Phantom had been, in this case by the sudden blast of cold, it will repair and restore that coherence once more.” [p. 162, 163]

This Phantom effect lasted up to 30 days, Dr. Gariaev found. What exactly is this energetic duplicate? In my view, this is just a scientific way of talking about our spirit and the realm of spirit. Wilcock called it “The Source Field.”

The Science of God—Part 2

Date: 02/01/2012

Issue No. 283

The implications of Dr. Gariaev’s experiments with the “DNA Phantom” show us that organisms are not merely earthly life forms, but have an “energetic duplicate” made of light. We know that “God is spirit” (John 4:24) and at the same time “God is light” (1 John 1:5). It is not hard to draw the conclusion that our spirit is also light—either made of light, or at least gives form to the light of God.

That spiritual light body has memory and therefore has a consciousness distinct from—and yet connected to—the body’s brain and the soul’s mind. Does this connection provide us with the key to divine healing? It has long been proven that healing is affected by our mental attitude. But what about the “mental attitude” of one’s spirit?

I believe that our spirit knows all things, even the deep things of God (1 Cor. 2:10), so ill health is not really a matter of some deficiency in a believer’s spirit. It may have more to do with the disruption in communication between our spiritual body and our physical body. That communication process appears to involve LIGHT. Further, this appears to be the same spiritual mechanism by which the dead are raised.

Laser Light and Photo Repair

Around 1970, a theoretical biophysicist at the University of Marburg in Germany began making interesting discoveries. His name was Fritz-Albert Popp. He discovered that the greatest healing frequency of ultraviolet laser light was somehow connected to the frequency of 380 nanometers.

He then learned that that he could destroy 99% of a cell with ultraviolet light, and then heal it very quickly (within a day) just by zapping it with a very weak pulse of the same frequency. He called it “photo repair.”

“So in the photo-repair experiments, those weak pulses of 380-nanometer light apparently created a vibration in the Source Field that actually caused a much higher amount of healing, 380-nanometer energy to flow in. This, in turn, bathed the dead cells with a splash of rejuvenating, life-giving energy in a short period of time—and they enjoyed a remarkable healing effect.” [The Source Field Investigations, David Wilcock, p. 169]

Popp was intrigued with the idea of our bodies storing light and giving off light, so he challenged one of his students to prove or disprove this. The student was Bernard Ruth, and in order for him to do proper experiments, he first developed an instrument that could count light one photon at a time.

He first looked at cucumber seeds and found that they were giving off photons of light. He thought surely this must be due to the chlorophyll in the seeds, so he switched to potatoes and found even more light coming from them. Then he and Popp killed some DNA with ethidium bromide, which makes the molecule unwind and die. As it died, the DNA released its light.

The research found that all living organisms continuously released photons at differing rates. They would absorb light until it reached some kind of saturation point, and then release a burst of light briefly. Hence, organisms (including people) would release light if they had absorbed more than they needed. This is likely what happened when Moses returned from the Mount with his face glowing with light (Exodus 34:29). He had absorbed the light of God by standing in His presence. He had reached the saturation point, and his DNA was releasing it at a high rate until the excess dissipated.

The released light is not wasted, however. Popp’s experiments showed that it was absorbed by the other organisms nearby who needed its life-giving effects.

“If the DNA gets too much light, it sends it back out—perhaps like an organism might excrete waste products it no longer needs. However, Popp believed that, unlike waste, these light emissions were serving a very useful purpose—they contained information. Specifically, these light pulses carried the codes to reestablish order and balance throughout the body.” [Wilcock, p. 170]

I wonder what would have happened if the Israelites had been able to overcome their fear of Moses’ glowing face. If they had drawn near to Him during that time, perhaps they would have absorbed some of that glory for themselves. It also suggests that when we spend time with Jesus and meditate upon Him in prayer, we are actually absorbing His light. My theory is that the flow of light comes from Christ to our spirit (or “light body”), which then can flow to our DNA (soul) and finally to our physical body. Yet we must remove all blockages and hindrances. If we succeed in this, then Popp’s “photo repair” can take place and produce divine health. If we must absorb someone else’s excess light from God, then we call it divine healing.

Coherent Light and Communication

One big part of coming to that place of no hindrances has to do with Unity, both internal (in a personal sense) and external (as a corporate body). Wilcock wrote this little gem:

“Best of all, we now know that the most important emotional quality of the Source Field [spiritual realm] is love. Dr. Rein proved that love has a direct, measurable effect on DNA—very likely through the same energetic process that creates the DNA Phantom.

“. . . all these effects show us that the energy fields, molecules and cells of our bodies are working in greater harmony and Unity. For the first time, this actually gives us a scientific definition of love. It is not strictly an abstract emotional and biological concept. . . Love can now be seen as a basic principle of universal energy. The more coherence, the more structure, the more harmony we have, the more love there is.” [Wilcock, p. 173]

The light of God is coherent, like a laser. Love is what makes the light coherent. These researchers discovered that coherent light has the capability of transferring information. Popp found that the healthiest foods had the lowest amount of light, and yet its light was the most coherent. It is quality, not quantity, which makes the difference. And the fact that other organisms were able to absorb the light being released from their near neighbors is part of the coherence and unity of all creation.

The Science of Divine Healing

Another scientist, Dr. Vlail Kaznacheyev made a further breakthrough in 1976.

“Kaznacheyev started out with two hermetically sealed cell cultures—and infected one of them with a disease. When he shined the light from the diseased cell culture into the healthy cell culture, the healthy cells mysteriously got infected with the disease.” [Wilcock, p. 175]

Plainly, the information from the diseased cells were transmitted by coherent laser light to the other healthy culture. Later, Dr. Gariaev proved that the reverse is equally true. One can transfer life and health by coherent light to unhealthy or even dead organisms.

“Gariaev started out by collecting seeds that had died of radiation poisoning from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Amazingly, by simply shining a non-burning laser light through the healthy seeds of the same variety, and redirecting that light into the dead seeds, the radiated seeds miraculously recovered—and were completely healed. They could now grow into fully healthy adult plants.” [Wilcock, p. 176]

Gariaev may have stumbled upon the secret of resurrection itself.

The coherent light of a laser is much more efficient in transmitting information than electromagnetic waves. Perhaps the biblical principle that “God is light” was meant to give us understanding of the manner in which God commands and communicates with us and all of nature.

Gariaev was able to bring seeds back to life that had died from radiation poisoning near Chernobyl simply by using laser light that had first absorbed something from live seeds. He then transmitted that information to the dead seeds and brought them back from the dead.

Gariaev got so excited that he decided to try this on lab rats. He gave one a toxin known as alloxan, which destroys the pancreas. Rats given alloxan normally die within a week from Type 1 diabetes. He then removed a healthy pancreas and spleen from another rat, shined a laser beam through it, and then somehow redirected that light into the poisoned rat. Wilcock says,

“Amazingly, even though this experiment was repeated many times, involving three different research groups in 2000, 2001, and 2005, nearly 90 percent of the rats who received this treatment experienced a full recovery. Their pancreas regrew, their blood sugar normalized, and within only twelve days, they were good as new.

“What’s even more fantastic is that Gariaev was able to send the light from the healthy pancreas across a distance of twenty kilometers, using non-locality (no cables or wires required) and the healing effect still worked just as well… I contacted Dr. Gariaev to get more information… Most of the details are still in Russian, but can be found at Gariaev’s official Web site,” [The Source Field Investigations, p. 177]

Gariaev was treating a woman who had only one front tooth. After two weeks, she began to experience pain and swelling in her jaw. She was “teething,” and soon she had three new wisdom teeth. Her dentist had to redo her dentures. Wilcock says that Gariaev sent him an X-ray diagram, but unfortunately did not have a “before” photo.

“Sadly, before Gariaev could repeat the experiment with others, Bauman’s State University in Moscow declared it ‘pseudoscience,’ terminated the experiment and fired him… Many, if not most of the scientists who make discoveries like this end up being scorned, ridiculed, feared and attacked. So many different scientists have independently discovered the same things that it is very unlikely we are dealing with hoaxes or pseudoscience at all. Indeed, the evidence is clear that this is a medical revolution waiting to happen.” [p. 178]

Official “science” has a lengthy history of denying God and all spiritual things, so as Christians we too understand Dr. Gariaev’s position. We believe that true science proves the existence of God, and that pseudoscience works overtime to cover up His existence. Any experiment that might disprove evolution faces a tough road toward being accepted by mainstream scientists.

The Exchange of Energy and Health

We see this in the case of another Russian scientist, Dr. A. B. Burlakov, who had noticed that a mother fish was careful not to lay her eggs next to other fish eggs.

“Burlakov put growing fish eggs next to each other, so light could pass between them—even though they were hermetically sealed. Here’s the amazing part: if he put older, more mature eggs in front of the younger eggs that were just getting started, the older eggs apparently sucked the life force out of the younger eggs. The older eggs grew stronger and faster, and the younger eggs withered, experienced deformities, and had significantly higher death rates. . . On the other hand, if Burlakov put a slightly younger egg next to a slightly older egg, the younger egg would absorb life-giving energy from the older egg. Its growth and development would actually speed up until it was at the same level as the others.” [p. 178, 179]

We all understand how certain people drain energy from us, while we draw energy and strength from others. Perhaps we thought it was all psychological, but it is more than that. I believe it is primarily a spiritual event, because ultimately, we draw our life and energy from God, who is Light, who conveys His strength to our spirit, which then conveys it to the soul and on to the body. There are some, however, whose connection has been short-circuited for some reason, and these must draw or drain energy from those who have it.

Finding the causes of such short-circuits and blockages form a large part of spiritual counseling. Sometimes the causes are in the body, more often in the soul, and often in the connection between soul and spirit. The latter can be caused by “curses” passed down for many generations, or new causes in each person.

Burlakov’s scientific experiments show that there is an exchange of energy that can occur, apparently by means of light passing through one subject to another.

“Burlakov also found that by using different wavelengths of light and polarizing lenses, he could create freak abnormalities—such as multiple heads and multiple hearts. If he then reintroduced the normal wavelengths, these abnormalities disappeared—and the fish larvae would revert back to their usual pattern, showing no signs of ever having been mutants. This creates significant trouble for the Darwinian model of evolution, which is all based on mutation…” [p. 180]

Other scientists learned that organisms often recovered their health when they were in the company of healthy organisms of the same kind.

“Parsons and Heal poisoned bacteria with antibiotics in 2002, and found that they recovered if they were near other bacteria that were healthy. Agadjanian got the same results in 2003 with insects. It certainly pays to have healthy friends.” [p. 180, 181]

This may also assist in explaining the development of “super-bacteria” who are resistant to all antibiotics. How do some survive the onslaught of antibiotics? How do they evolve so quickly?

The key seems to be in asking the question: Which came first, the Phantom or the DNA? Recall that laser light shined into some DNA first absorbed it and then stored it in a Phantom above it, which was shaped like the “Jacob’s ladder” of DNA. But did this “energetic duplicate” exist prior to the physical DNA? Did one bring the other into existence? If so, which was the cause, and which was the effect?

In my view, spirit is the cause of matter. Matter does not create spirit. It is the other way around. God’s Spirit is the ultimate cause and the First Creative Force, but His Spirit also works through our own spirit, communicating His Word through love-light (light made coherent and purposeful by love).

The Restoration of Creation

I also believe that God is constantly bringing forth life and can easily renew life that is now extinct. It has been found that under certain conditions created by scientists, genetically modified creatures can reboot their DNA back to their original forms when they were created. Perhaps if more scientists could overcome their fear of inadvertently proving the existence of God, they would be able to restore entire species that have become extinct. Perhaps if we could locate the Phantom DNA of those extinct creatures, we might be able to encourage them to recreate their lost physical duplicates.

It appears that scientists have now discovered how to take a modern species of plant and to revert it back to its originally created form. Somehow, the DNA from the light of God can pass from the spiritual realm into the earth and reprogram these later species to God’s original intent.

In 1989 Ciba-Geigy, the chemical giant, registered a patent (#0351357) under the name, “Improved Cultivation Technique.” By this technique they were able to convert a “wurm” fern with 36 chromosomes into a “Hirschzengen” fern with 41 chromosomes.

They also worked with wheat and found that the wheat seeds reverted to a much older variety that was stronger and could ripen in just 4-8 weeks. I would suggest that this wheat probably was more nutritious as well.

They even revived spores from a 140-meter deep salt mine. Just how old they were is not important. What is important is to know that all other attempts to revive them had proven unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, Ciba-Geigy stopped pursuing these experiments, once they realized that it had the potential of putting their chemical factories out of business. It is fortunate, however, that their papers survived, so that the information was not lost. Reference to these papers can be found online. Look for Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf, The Living Internet, Part 2. Any search engine will find it.

This technology has the potential of destroying all of the genetically-modified plants that Monsanto and other companies have been creating in their attempt to take over the world’s food supply. All of the chemicals that have destroyed the soil and assaulted our bodies for so long can be reversed rather quickly when these technologies are released and allowed to be developed. How’s that for a new Environmental Program?

A Pyramid’s Restorative Power

Between Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia, there is a pristine series of lakes and islands known as Seliger Lake. Russian scientists built a 22-meter high pyramid there. It happened that in the atmosphere above that area was a large ozone hole. A few months later most of that hole was healed.

As time passed, they noticed new streams of water appearing in the nearby countryside. Then they noticed that long-extinct flowers began to cover the field. The land was being healed and renewed, apparently by the energy of life produced by that pyramid.

God is, of course, the inventor of all geometric shapes. He designed these shapes to form or contain certain energies that would help sustain His creation. The Pyramid shape is just one of those shapes that appear to facilitate some sort of communication between the spirit and the world. It is not well understood, of course, but many have found ways to utilize it. In the case of Seliger Lake, a simple Pyramid was able to create the energy sufficient to bring long-extinct plants back to life.

The Effect of the Spoken Word

It seems that the alkalines in our DNA have language and set rules for its “grammar.” When we speak the Word to the cells in our body, they “hear” us as easily as when we speak to other people. Whatever we say about healing prayers, they involve communication through command and response. DNA appears to function as a data base of language skills in order to understand communication from both heaven and earth.

In other words, our DNA understands the tongues of men and of angels, as Paul tells us. Yet in order for healing to take place, the DNA must believe you. If you are used to lying to yourself or others, your cells will not give credence to your claim to authority.

Scientists do not necessarily believe in the power of prayer, but they are discovering the science of communica-tion. They see that the coherent light of a laser is useful in transmitting information. They understand that “conscious thought” (we call it prayer) can be transmitted by laser light to the object that it strikes.

They have found that they can even transfer the DNA information in a frog embryo by laser light to a salamander embryo and change it into a frog! If this can be done scientifically, then perhaps they have discovered the manner in which we are changed by beholding Him in the same manner that Moses was transformed by God’s light.


The Science of God—Part 3

Date: 03/01/2012

Issue No. 284

Romans 11:36 says,

36out of Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things. 

So far we have looked at it from a historical perspective, where “in the beginning” matter was created “out of Him.” History is “through Him.” The Restoration of All Things is where it all goes back “to Him.” But there is another way of viewing this truth.

There is a constant re-creation of matter, energy, and healing power flowing “out of Him” into the physical universe as we know it. And because God created all things out of Himself, all things are made of “God Particles.” Paul says in Eph. 4:10 that God “fills all things.” But if these God particles are constantly going back “to Him,” then there must be something like a complete circuit of energy flowing from the spirit into the world and back into the spiritual realm.

Gravity as a Manifestation of God’s Energy 

It appears that this is what is constantly taking place, primarily through the energy flow that we know as GRAVITY. Normally, we think of gravity as the result of some large object such as the earth pulling us down toward itself. But scientists searching for “the Unified Field” are discovering that gravity is the result of energy flowing into the earth, pushing us in the same direction as the flow. Is gravity, then, really just the flow of God Himself as energy and matter flow out of Him, through Him, and then back to Him? Is this how He “fills all things”?

In The Source Field Investigations, pp. 243, 244, David Wilcock writes,

“It appears that gravity is actually caused by a massive current of energy flowing into the earth. The earth is obviously made of atoms, and my friend and colleague, Dr. Nassim Haramein made a strong argument that atoms are gravity-powered. Haramein studied the energy fields and behaviors around a black hole, and found that they looked exactly like the same as what we see around the nucleus of an atom. In Haramein’s model, an atom is ‘a mini black hole, where protons are attracted to each other by gravitation rather than some mysterious, undefined ‘strong force’. Another paper that convincingly argues that atoms are gravity-powered is Central Oscillator and Space-Quanta Medium.”

“Obviously, if atoms are gravity powered, then every object will have the same flow going through it that the earth does—but on a much smaller scale. Objects on the earth’s surface would then get caught up in the much greater river of energy that is flowing down into the earth. Gravity may therefore be pushing us down—not unlike mosquitos being blown against a screen window by a gust of wind.” [p. 244]

The flow of energy from God, which we call gravity, is also altered by geometric shapes to create different effects. A pyramid structure, for instance, seems to create a funnel for this energy flow of gravity and creates a vortex or swirling motion. Hence, a French company that makes yogurt obtained a patent for a specially shaped container, because it made their yogurt taste better. When people placed water inside a pyramid-shaped structure, and then drank the water, they found it had remarkable healing properties. The energy from the shape itself seems to alter the molecular structure of water and to give it a divine imprint.

Round barrels are used for Czechoslovakian beer, instead of angled barrels. German researchers found that mice healed faster in spherical cages. Canadian schizophrenics showed sudden improvement when put in a trapezoid-shaped hospital ward. Bees create specially shaped honeycombs which provide energy and homing signals for lost bees.

Zero Point: Where Time and Space are One 

The point where this physical universe meets the spiritual is often called the Zero Point. It is the point where matter and energy converge as one. It is also the point where time and space are the same thing.

“Einstein discovered that space and time were completely indivisible—two manifestations of the same underlying energy. This suggests that as the Source Field (gravity) flows into an atom, it drives the flow of time within the atom as well. The speed of time would then be determined by the speed of the motion inside the atom. As the flow inside the atom becomes more coherent, time begins moving faster inside of it as well.” [p. 247]

The relationship between space and time is seen in any study comparing biblical measureme nts with time measures. The Bible measures space in handbreadths, cubits, and reeds. There are 6 handbreadths to a regular cubit, and 7 cubits to a reed (i.e., 42 handbreadths).

A “cubit of the sanctuary,” or sacred cubit, was an extra handbreadth in length (Ezekiel 43:13). Hence, a reed was either 7 regular cubits (7 x 6 = 42 Handbreadths) or 6 sacred cubits (6 x 7 = 42 Handbreadths).

This key is important is understanding Rev. 11:1-3, where John was given a “reed” to measure the temple. This reed was obviously 42 Handbreadths in length, and hence, “they will tread under foot the holy city for forty-two months.”

The key is that a reed equals 42 months. In other words, each Handbreadth of space was equal to a month in time. That is the key to biblical measurements of space and time.

A sacred cubit, then, is 7 months of time—the time it took to complete the Mosaic feast days from Passover through Tabernacles. Regular cubits could only take a person to the six-month point. In other words, those locked into the secular belief system will miss the fulfillment of the feast days in the 7th month, which prophesy of the second coming of Christ.

God’s revealed measures of space and time not only show that they are connected, but also reveals the true path toward the Feast of Tabernacles and the manifestation of the Sons of God.

Heat and Cold Affects Time 

A Russian scientist named Kozyrev discovered that heat would slow the flow of time, while cooling would speed up time.

“. . . the flow of time is actually responsible for building and maintaining physical matter. When matter starts breaking apart—when a piece of ice melts, a liquid evaporates, a substance dissolves in water or a plant dies—it gives off some of the energy stored within it….

“When matter breaks down, the tight little circuits of coherent energy that have been spinning along on the quantum level suddenly burst free. This creates a ripple—a sudden release of energy and movement—in the Source Field. Then, as Kozyrev discovered, time speeds up in that immediate area as all that energy flows out. On the other hand, when the Source Field is spiraling into an area to increase coherence, making matter more organized, time slows down in the surrounding, outside region.” [p. 252]

This is why a superconductor works best in a cool environment. Recall the little disk that was cooled with liquid nitrogen and could be locked in position as it moved around the track.

The Whirlwind of Elijah 

This flow of time does not move in a straight line, but rotates in a spinning motion (creating “time cycles”). When a vortex or whirlpool is created, it can affect both time and space. In fact, the secret of levitation and time travel is in creating a vortex, which imitates God’s own movement.

It is therefore interesting that when Elijah ascended in 2 Kings 2:11, it says, “Elijah went up by a whirlwind to heaven.” Why did Elisha see a whirlwind? The prophet was obviously being caught up in an event that was transcending time and space. God used a vortex to accomplish this.

Earthly and Heavenly Robes 

After Jesus was raised from the dead, He had the ability to enter the realm of the physical and the spiritual at any time. Up to then, He did so only occasionally as the situation required. Luke 24:31 says,

31And their eyes were opened, and they recognized Him; and He vanished from their sight.

This is one of the abilities given to those who experience the Feast of Tabernacles. It is the ability to function in both realms. Ezekiel 44:17-19 speaks of it in terms of changing clothes.

17And it shall be that when they enter at the gates of the inner court, they shall be clothed with linen garments; and wool shall not be on them while they are ministering in the gates of the inner court and in the house … 18 they shall not gird themselves with anything which makes them sweat. 19 And when they go out into the outer court, they shall put off their garments in which they have been ministering and lay them in the holy chambers; then they shall put on other garments that they may not transmit holiness to the people with their garments. 

Thus, the woolen clothing is limited to the “outer court” (physical realm), while the linen garments are reserved for the “inner court” when ministering to God Himself (in the spiritual realm). This was the spiritual principle behind the Mosaic law that required priests to have two sets of clothing. Linen represented spiritual bodies in which men ministered in the spiritual realm; wool represented flesh bodies which would sweat.

Paul commented on this concept in 2 Cor. 5:1-4, speaking of the two bodies (spiritual and physical) in terms of two “tabernacles” (i.e., tents). He also speaks of these as two types of clothing to correlate it to the priestly robes.

He says that in this present earthly body, we are clothed by this “earthly tent.” Yet we also have another tent, “a house not made with hand, eternal in the heavens.” This latter clothing, he says, is what we desire, “in order that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life.”

The earthly “tent” is our mortal body; the heavenly “tent” is an immortal body that is reserved for us when the time comes to change clothing. By comparing Paul’s comments with the prophecy of Ezekiel, we understand that the overcomers (“sons of Zadok”) will have the ability that Jesus Himself had after His resurrection. He could come and go between heaven and earth at will. All He had to do was to change clothes—that is, change from one body to the other.

This is most evident in Luke 24 on the day of His resurrection. He took a walk with two men on the 7-mile road from Jerusalem to Emmaus. They did not recognize Him, but appeared as a knowledgeable stranger to them. When they arrived at their destination, they urged him to spend the night with them.

30And it came about that when He had reclined at the table with them, He took the bread and blessed it, and breaking it, He began giving it to them. 31 And their eyes were opened, and they recognized Him; and He vanished from their sight. 

They got so excited that they immediately returned to Jerusalem, walking another 7 miles that evening, to attend a meeting of the disciples and tell them the good news.

36And while they were telling these things, He Himself stood in their midst. 37 But they were startled and frightened and thought that they were seeing a spirit. 

Jesus then ate with them to prove that He was not really a spirit, but was truly “flesh and bones” (vs. 39). Why was this important to Him? Because it was unlawful for Him to minister in the outer-court realm in spiritual clothing. Lest no one accuse Him of violating the law, He proved to them that He had truly changed into woolen clothing, having a body of flesh.

Putting it in Scientific Terms 

The Bible tells us about the change of clothing from mortal to immortal, flesh and spirit, but does not tell us the mechanism by which this is accomplished. Scientific study is the attempt to discover this mechanism, as well as all other aspects of God’s creation.

David Wilcock writes about how particles of matter can change into waves in his book, The Source Field Investigations.

“Every quantum physicist knows you can look at a subatomic particle and measure it as if it were perfectly solid and stable—but then when you use other measuring techniques, the particle turns into a wave—and it becomes nonlocal. This seems to defy our intuition completely, and has led to the so-called Uncertainty Principle….

Since Einstein proved that space and time are interconnected, particles are not merely spreading out in space when they turn into waves—they are also nonlocal in time. That means some of the particle now appears in the past, some of it is still there in the present, and some of it has moved into the future…. [p. 265]

“This means everything in the quantu m realm pops in and out of existence all the time. [p. 266]

Wilcock is speaking of appearances. He means that things move from one realm of existence to another—not that they exist one moment and not the next moment. In other words, they can exist in the physical realm one moment and then move into the spiritual realm and back again. This is essentially what Jesus was doing after His resurrection, and it is what we ourselves anticipate through the Feast of Tabernacles.

“If this idea of entire atoms dematerializing isn’t strange enough, the mystery got even greater in 1999, thanks to Dr. Olaf Nairz and his colleagues. Nairz and his crew were able to transform a soccer-ball-shaped cluster of 60 carbon molecules–known as a fullerene or buckyball—directly into a wave. (This hollow, geometric sphere of carbon atoms was first devised by Buckminster Fuller, so it was named after him.) Bear in mind that buckyballs are solid objects. Each buckyball has a mass of 720 atomic units, built from 60 different carbon atoms that are tightly bound together. And yet, by simply bumping the buckyball against a wall with a series of tiny slits in it, Nairz was able to transform it into a wave—and it popped through more than one slit at the same time.” [p. 266]

In other words, this piece of solid matter could pass through a wall with slits in it. It would turn into a wave and flow through the wall like water leaking through the slits. This experiment was published in the Nature journal,

“Then in 2001, this same group discovered they did not need to slam the buckyballs against a wall—all they needed was laser light, which is coherent light, to transform these solid objects into waves. This was published in Physics Review Letters, a respected science journal.” [p. 266]

If they had observed the Shroud of Turin, they might have discovered this earlier. When Jesus was raised from the dead, it apparently occurred with a sudden burst of coherent light that was strong enough to burn His image into the Shroud. No one needed to throw Him against the wall to come back from spirit into the material world.

“Einstein’s dream was that ultimately everything would be made from the unified field—meaning there are no protons, no neutrons, no electrons—just rotations of the Field itself. The problem, of course, is that these weird time-bending properties of quantum mechanics don’t seem to allow us to build a working model like that. However, according to Discover, we may be able to solve all these problems by changing how we think about time.

“A sizable minority of physicists, Rovelli included, believe that any successful merger of the two great masterpieces of twentieth-century physics will inevitably describe a universe in which, ultimately, there is no time . . . . [Even better] all the laws—whether Newton’s, Einstein’s, or the quirky quantum rules—would work equally well if time ran backward.” [p. 267]

I believe they are attempting to find the unified field between matter and spirit. Up to now, these seem to contradict each other or, at least, are not compatible. In my view, the key is to know God, the Creator. It is HIS plan, set forth in the Feast of Tabernacles, to transform us into the Image of Christ. It is HIS plan to give us two sets of “garments” by which we may “exist” in both realms.

I believe that the laws of the spirit are the same as the laws on earth, but they are applied and utilized in a different manner. The law is indeed uniform throughout Scripture beginning with Moses. All morality is based upon these laws, and they are the laws of creation and the revelation of the divine plan.

The purpose of God, it seems, is not to make the physical and the spiritual realms the same, but to unify them under the rule of Christ. The Melchizedek priests of Ezekiel 44—that is, the “sons of Zadok”—can become particles or waves, depending on which realm they wish to be in at any given moment.

I do not know if this physical realm will ever be free of time restrictions, but as we come into the full experience of Tabernacles, we ourselves will become the Unified Field. We will be the point of contact between two realms, being able to minister to those not yet transformed here on earth, while yet ourselves not being constrained by the limits of time and space.

If these spiritual laws, discovered by quantum physics, “work equally well if time ran backward,” then those who enter this realm of Christ would be able to go back in time and observe any historical event in the past. Since God created time (and the ages), He stands above it. When we are in Christ, we too would stand above time and would be able to manipulate it according to the will of God, even as Joshua caused the sun to stand still for a day (Joshua 10:13).

The laws of time do not change, but there are higher laws, equally valid, that allow God to manipulate time and even to overrule its dominion. As the alpha and the omega, He can appear to Adam and to you, seemingly, at the same time. He can also reverse time, as shown by the Hezekiah Factor. By this principle, He is even Lord of the Sabbath and can therefore do works of healing and restoration on that day. Time is God’s servant and must conform to His overall purpose in order to function correctly.

These are things we ought to know and understand.