The Feast of Tabernacles by Diana Summers

The Feast of Tabernacles

Dearly Beloved in the Lord,

This publication is written to the glory of God and as an impartation of hope and absolute rest for you. I pray it will serve this purpose.
Most of us are familiar with the historical background of Succot or the Feast of Tabernacles. For the few who are not, I quote from To Be A Jew by Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin. “Succot means ‘tabernacles,’ ‘booths,’ or ‘temporary huts,’ and refers to the temporary dwelling places used by the children of Israel in the desert during the forty year period of their wandering following the exodus from Egypt. The festival commemorates that forty year period.”
Some Jews build a three sided temporary shelter where they live and commune with God during this eight day feast. In the spiritual sense, some of us have been called to enjoy a period of total consecration to the Lord for this period. It, of course, also refers to our ultimate goal which is permanent union with God.
This year  [2007] I was beseeched by the Lord to that total consecration. Just prior to the Feast I was given a Word for those sensing a call to the Bride Company. As we know, there are many companies in the vast Kingdom of our Father, and this is only one of them.

A Word for the Bride

“The Bride of Christ is a MOTHER to all children. She is to minister to the ‘young ones’ with beauty, grace, and power! This will be possible only because SHE is clothed in My Righteousness.” Praise be to God and blessed are those who have been appointed to this high calling. Let us learn to minister unto You through all that we must do and especially during those times when Your blessedness is upon us and we stand face to face with a divine appointment. Yes, in that precious soul lies the seed of Your Presence. Let us water it with all of Your divine attributes so it will sprout and grow and one day burst forth into the fullness of Your Presence. One on one. In this way we do our part to reap a bountiful harvest.

And let us always remember that as we minister unto You, a cosmic effect is taking place as numerous souls are advanced through our LOVE FORCE. Yes, this is indeed the highest calling. In this way we can best be a MOTHER to many children. Jesus You are the King and we stand by Your side in that God-infused Queenly anointing. Let us become increasingly aware of the royalty that enshrouds us. And we give You all of the glory and honor and praise today and every day of our lives. Draw us into union permanently as we commune with you during this spectacular Feast of Tabernacles. We wish to make it special for You , Lord, and we beseech you to make it special for all of us. Thank You ~ under Your precious shed Blood we cry out to Thee. Amen

Thus commenced the Feast for me, and an initial Word was:

“Pour Your Oil Upon My Feet”

“Everything you do for one of Mine is pouring the oil over My Feet. . .for it is WORSHIP. Each prayer offered up, each letter sent, every encouraging word, comforting response. . .is pouring your finest oil out over My feet. . .in true worship. You are My hands, My feet, My Voice.
“Love the CHILDREN, Sprout. Simply love the children. They’re OURS, you know. Meet the need however big or small.

“In the little things you find heaven. In a grain of sand. . .the cosmos. In a smile. . .the mysteries of the Father. In tiny little things.
“Why do they run after the big things? Because of the American culture which demands more, more, more…bigger and better. But I say to you…as you seek after less and less of these things, including big spiritual things, you shall have more and more of ME. . .the pearl of great price. And I AM all you need. . .for I AM the DOOR. “Draw closer. Feed on Me. Abandon yourself to Me in total surrender. Yea, this is pouring the very finest oil out over My feet. This ravishes Me, and I grow within you..incarnate Myself in greater measure. Yes, your love ravishes Me. You give me an ounce of love. . .I return a pound.
“This is the Love-Union for which creation groans. As it is consummated in a full incarnation of Myself within, ALL is released from bondage. Our love union is the bondage-breaker… the deliverance…the healing…the freedom…the ultimate prophetic word. The WORD becomes flesh. I become flesh over and over in My Own. . .and I am resurrected in My Own. We die together and then ascend.
“This willingness to turn from all else to Me is pouring the sacred oils upon My feet. . .and all of Earth will sense it…perk up. . .expand.
“Yield, darling Bride, feed the children, and love ME. This is the fulfillment of the first two commandments. These are the KEY. It is so very simple. It is pure and gentle. . .for My yoke is easy and My burden is light

I feel to include here an experience which left a very profound impact on me, and I pray it will also impact your spiritual life —- A small group of us had met for prayer and fellowship one evening. We were quietly waiting on the Lord, when I had this incredible transforming experience. In my spirit a young boy…perhaps eight years old…knocked at the front door. (I heard a literal knock.) I rose to greet him inviting him into our midst. He was pretty tattered and torn in blue jeans, tennis shoes, and a tee shirt. He crawled into my lap. . .his little legs straddling me and looked into my eyes; then he rested his head upon my bosom saying, “There are many more like me. . .many more.” I looked up and saw virtually millions of children. ..all needy. They stood in vast numbers as orphans, and I was utterly filled with compassion. I do believe they represented the final harvest of souls to come into the Kingdom. It was a CALL to LOVE the CHILDREN, and I continually hear those words ringing in my spirit. “Love the children.”

By this time, the Spirit of the Feast was resting heavily upon me, and I could feel God pulsating within my solar plexus. On the evening of September 26, 2007 (the first day of the Feast), I was called out into our desert to a high place called Horse Ridge. The Lord always meets me there, and He said I was to go to that sacred place and usher in the Feast of Tabernacles. There was a full magnificent harvest moon rising in the east before me at dusk and behind me I could see the rosy glow of the setting sun in my rear view mirror. And silhouetted against the moonlight lay the desert landscape with all of its uniquely shaped juniper trees…a vast forest such as the ones in the land of Israel. It all took on a surrealistic appearance with Almighty God totally enshrouding both the landscape and myself. At the ridge I turned the car around so that I was now facing west and overlooking the full sweep of the magnificent Cascade Mountain Range in the setting sun. “Father, oh Father,” I began in the Spirit, this beauty can only be Thine. I am too overwhelmed to speak much, but I do pray for peace and protection over my beloved valley and especially for anointing over Your Own Ones this week as we press into You. . .crying out for our completion. . .for the ultimate salvation of all.” I continued on praying by the Spirit for about fifteen to twenty minutes before I was released to drive home. And thus I had a deep knowing this Feast which I’ve treasured for so many years had begun. Glorious.

On the second day of the Feast, I inquired of the Lord what He was doing in this hour. He spoke to me very simply and boldly. “The work is finished.” This greatly startled me, and I said “If that is true, Lord, then it must be time for us to go forth.” He said “Ye are ready and equipped, but the world is not quite prepared for thee.” “How long will it be, Lord?” “Only the Father knows, dear one ~ He is Master over all in certain matters, and His timing is always perfect. Together now, as the completed Christ company, We await the sound of the trumpet announcing thy manifestation and the hour in which We shall begin reaping the full harvest of souls. Yes, child, all of creation is groaning, and We too are groaning inwardly, but these unique prayers are heard by Father, and they expedite the positioning of world situations. Thus our corporate travail and time of waiting are not in vain. Yea, as We wait patiently, we are advancing the Kingdom. I speak PEACE to all of thy hearts, and I gather thee all up now as the mother hen gathers her chicks, and yea I shield Thee beneath My great Wings. And I cover Thee all together beneath My canopy of GLORY. Lift up thy spirits and abide with Me in the heavenly dimensions so Ye can receive the fullness of the Father’s glory ~ yea, even His seven spirits. Let it rain upon Thee as Ye await the appointed time. At that hour Ye shall be as very ripe grapes ready to burst with the New Wine of the Kingdom and the glory of the Godhead. This infusion is the final impartation. So receive, receive. Drink of Me, Your Elder Brother, and drink of Our blessed Father. Worship Us by day and by night never leaving our side. The way has been paved, and it shall appear as a golden highway unto Thee, yea the Highway of Holiness. Ye are a holy company, and now the highway has been partially opened up to Thee to enable Thee to traverse the realms most freely in preparation.

“Yes, We are standing ready, prepared. . .to receive the white wings (see prophetic entry from “Solitary Rider” below…ds) So rejoice ~rejoice, My Sons and Daughters, the Day is Dawning. Bring out Thine instruments of praise and shake Thyselves from the dust and dance. Do it by faith. If Thou canst only lift Thine arms, let them sway before the Father’s nostrils so He can relish in the sweet worship of the Christed Body.

“Thus, Ye have Thine instructions ~proceed now and My PEACE be unto Thee and My everlasting JOY. Yea, the enemy stands defeated under Our feet. He is simply a tool in the Father’s hand. Satan has much work to do preparing the world for Our coming out. So trample his attempts to seize Thee with My authority, which Thou hast earned, and arise, arise, ARISE! I will now show Thee new and higher dimensions of My Spirit. Hallelujah. Covered under My Blood, covered under My Blood, covered
under My Blood are Thee ~ forevermore!”


The angel came for me
where I rested
within my designated habitation
awoke me
and beckoned…
Come forth!
Then presented me
with a new form
and I stood
bright shining as the sun
in white robes
before my King.
My whole being
was in a vibration
with wings
as a hummingbird
Page Eight
with the GLORY
of the risen Christ…

As I awoke on the third day of the Feast, I was given to see a large pulsating heart. . .rich red with LIFE ~symbolizing the Heart of Jesus (Whose heart is no longer red as we know. . .it is pure light.) This appeared to me purely as a symbol, and encapsulated within the heart were saints of God ~ and their hearts pulsated in precise unity with that of Jesus. I believe this represented the coming together of the Bride Company ~ and from that powerful united love-force will come the magnificent Sons of God ~ their eyes so full of Divine Light, their hearts so full of LOVE, their entire beings radiant with the LIFE of our Father. Yesterday, the Lord spoke to us saying “The work is finished.” To me this was a view of that finished work. We are gathered now ~timely~for the Feast of the Ingathering. Father has reaped His full harvest of Firstfruits. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Oh the glory that awaits us.

The Bride is resting in sweet repose within the arms of Her Beloved. SHE can enjoy this profound state of rest ~ it is so good.

On yet another day I found myself dancing with Jesus. His hand on my back is so firm as He imparts all that He is to me. My cheek rests in joyful bliss against His ~ This is what I call the Dance of Intercession. As we whirl throughout the cosmos, it is expediting the advancement of souls to Him and bringing world events into alignment for the appointed time of the manifestation of the Sons of God. Especially, my sisters, I encourage you to behold your Lord and abide with Him in this incredibly lofty way. “To dance” means “to birth,”and we are indeed birthing much as we give up all to be with our King and go from glory to glory to glory. (II Cor. 3:18). May He bless each of you with this wonderful experience and calling.

(A prophetic poem from Solitary Rider)

has brought me
to the summit
of the mountain of His LIGHT…
And here (embraced by Him)
we begin the dance.
It is the beautiful agreement
that changes hearts
diverts the wayward soul
brings new LIFE
Now…as we join together…
In One accord
our intercession…our passionate LOVE
draws heaven and earth together
and closer
Page Ten
and closer
(So close now)
until the Bride is perfected
and the newness of all things

It begins right here
with the Dance of Intercession
in the loving arms
of my Eternal Bridegroom.

Towards the end of the Feast I asked the Lord if He had anything further to minister to His Body. “Oh yes, Sprout, let them rejoice that the work is finished and they are FREE to live in the Spirit ~ yea, in the heavenly dimensions with Me.
“If the Lord hath set thee free, ye shall be free indeed. Pain and suffering may continue in this fallen realm, but arise, arise and seek the JOY of the Morning in that place that hath no darkness of any kind. Be very intimate with Me so I can maintain a steady and permanent infusion of all that I AM. This will give thee strength to not only endure but to ascend. Keep thy minds focused on spiritual things, in prayer and intercession, on lofty writings, in fellowship or in solitary communion with Me, and detach from all that takes thee out of that anointed place. Always rejoice in thy sufferings, for they are serving a great purpose within the cosmic sphere. This may be difficult, but do it anyway ~ it is essential for thy ascent. Take flight, take flight, oh My Doves. ‘Yet shall ye be as the wings of a dove covered with silver (a full redemption…ds), and her feathers with yellow gold.’” (Divinity) Psalm 68:13

At the end of this glorious Feast, I was driving around doing some very necessary errands and kept getting the Word “Eternal Tabernacles” ~ then “Launch” and finally “We are launching out into the sea of the Eternal Tabernacles.” How blessed! Thank You and praise You, Lord, for such a bountiful harvest of Your Rhema Word to us. Thank You for answering my humble prayer to bless the Feast.

Blessings to each of you dear ones as we enter into the Eternal NOW in Him ~

As always I send my great LOVE ~
Your little sister and bond slave,

diana summers