Excerpt from The Throne Room Company by Shawn Bolz

A friend of mine had a vision of Heaven. He saw the outer courts, the inner courts, and the Holy of Holies, where Jesus stood. This friend went first to the outer courts, where he encountered many well-known ministers of the last century who had incredible ministries of teaching, healing, and prophecy. Surprised to see them in the outer courts, he approached one of the more famous Christians who had lived during the twentieth century, and asked with genuine interest: “Why aren’t you inside with Jesus?”
The man looked at him with a smile. “Because I loved my ministry more than Jesus. I spent more time with ministry to people than I did with Him.” The man had no shame and was clearly grateful to be in the company of Heaven. However, my friend was saddened about his own life.
Then my friend was transported into the inner courts, where he recognized a modern-day hero of the faith. “Why aren’t you in the Holy of Holies?” he inquired. This modern-day hero did not take offense at the question but responded truthfully: “I cared more about understanding and wisdom than I did about being with Jesus. My life revolved around an intellectual understanding, not around my relationship with Him.” Again my friend was convicted and a little disheartened by what he heard.
Finally he was ushered into the most awesome presence of the Holy of Holies. A radiant love emanated from Jesus. My friend could barely see because of the brilliant light in this room.
Below the throne, he noticed a frail woman holding the hand of God. Searching his memory, my friend could not place her among the leaders of Christendom. Then slowly he walked over to her and discovered that her gaze was fixed on Jesus. Hesitating at first, he finally interrupted her and asked, “Will you tell me who you are?”
Without taking her eyes off Jesus, she replied: “I’m His.”
“But how did you get to be in the Holy of Holies?” he asked her.
For a split second, she took her eyes off Jesus to look at him, confused by the question. Her eyes were radiant with the power of His pleasure. She answered: “I just loved Him. All my days on Earth, I only had my love for Him.”
“Wow, you must have had an incredible life! What kind of miracles did He do through you?” my friend asked.
She spoke soberly, indicating great brokenness. “Actually, He was the only thing that made my life worth it. I didn’t do anything that anyone would consider profound. I just spent my days with Him, because I had nothing else. But He loved me. He is my miracle.”
Puzzled, my friend quizzed her further: “Didn’t you have a ministry? Some sort of gifting that prepared you for this?”
“No,” she replied. “I wasn’t very good at anything. I didn’t have a good voice to sing to anyone but Him; I didn’t have an eloquent speaking ability, so I never taught; I didn’t get prophetic words for others. I just loved Him and those He put in my life.”