Falling in Love with Jesus by Anne Elmer

One day, early on in my hospital stay, I was feeling that I hadn’t slept well. Madame Dupont had shouted and cried a lot in the night, and I really felt in need of a nap. I settled down into bed and told the Lord I needed a good sleep. At once I saw a picture of a young couple with arms round each other, going for a walk in the woods. The Lord spoke, “It can be just as refreshing to go out with someone you love as it can be to have a good nap!”
I reluctantly agreed, so He continued, “Do you want to go to sleep or do you want to come out with me?”
What choice did I have! I knew I could sleep later and knew I would enjoy myself “going out” with the Lord.
He began to sing to me, “Come fly with me, come fly, let’s fly away……”
It was a song I had known years before, and it was only later that I understood the true significance of what He was singing. But for the moment, I just began to cry. I was totally overcome by His love for me, and His desire to just walk and talk and share His life with me.
For the next 2 hours we sang love songs—secular love songs- to each other……
“Please help me I’m falling in love with you”
“I can’t help falling in love with you”
“I have often walked down this street before”
“Love, love me do”
And many others.
We walked in the forest and we ran and danced and had fun together, and at the end of my “siesta,” I knew as I had never known before how much He loved me, and how much I loved Him. And now I was free like never before to tell Him so.
In the past I have taught on intimacy with the Lord, I have preached on the “Song of Songs,” but never before have I sensed such a closeness and a physical love for Jesus.
I have always felt that it is easier for a woman than for a man to love the Lord in an intimate sense, and so I asked Him how men could “fall in love” with Him.
“Well,” He replied, “You just did all that with a lion, and not with a man!”
I had not been aware of His form, but of course, yes! I had just been running in the forest with a Lion! He suggested to me that a lot of men find it easier to love their pets than their wives, but I think He had tongue-in-cheek when He said it! Some men that I have shared all this with agree that they like the idea of loving a lion, rather than loving the man Jesus! Of course, the Lord is capable of revealing Himself in whatever way He feels is best for each of us, and we must just show Him that we want to love Him and leave the rest up to Him!
He had been right, of course, that it was much more refreshing to go out with Him than to sleep. I felt better than I had for a long time, and I was so grateful for all He was allowing me to experience. But I had seen nothing yet! – excerpt from Transported by the Lion of Judah.