Transfiguration by Amanda Leonard


I see heaven colliding with earth.  I see people in a fluid filled sac that is getting ready to erupt at a point of contact.   The point of contact is heaven colliding with earth, His love is crashing over the world.  He is bringing forth change and His ocean is about to wreck the earth.  I see people coming out from this fluid filled sac and they hit the ground running, they are running to the lost, the hurting, the broken and shining the light, love and glory of the Father.  His love poured as the sac oozed from the rupture.   I hear the word alignment.  God is aligning everything that has been out of line, displaced, unnecessary, unlove and He is throwing it out to make room for the new, this new ‘baby’ that is coming!

The Lord over the past three weeks has been showing me things that are taking place in the Spirit.  He has been doing this in unusual ways for me.  For these past weeks, I’ve been doing what some would call ‘crunching’.  This is happening everywhere.  I will be walking down the hallway at work and *BAM* I’m crunched over at the waist.  Every time this was happening I was feeling an awesome Presence of God, waves of His glory.  So I asked the Lord what He was doing with me.  I didn’t understand.  I heard Him clearly say, “You are having contractions, this ‘baby’ is coming! This crunching will become more intense when it gets closer to time, almost violent.”

Matthew 11:12And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.

I began to inquire of the Lord what this ‘baby’s’ name would be and its function.  Immediately after asking Him, I heard Him say……TRANSFIGURATION.  He began to recall to my mind Jesus at the Mount of Transfiguration and the glory that He beheld, the unveiling of the His realm.

I’m quoting this from a website “All About Jesus Christ” which says, “The word “transfigured” is a very interesting word. The Greek word is “metamorpho” and it means to transform, literally or figuratively to metamorphose, or to change. The word is a verb that means to change into another form. It also means to change the outside to match the inside. The prefix “meta” means to change and the “morphe” means form. In the case of the transfiguration of Jesus Christ it means to match the outside with the reality of the inside. To change the outward so that it matches the inward reality. Jesus’ divine nature was “veiled” (Hebrews 10:20) in human form and the transfiguration was a glimpse of that glory. Therefore, the transfiguration of Jesus Christ displayed the Shekinah glory of God incarnate in the Son.”

I began to see people with shining faces.   I saw people from Asia that I was praying over and as I would touch their face, their faces would shine with the glory of God.  God was transforming His children all over the world by His Presence which dwelt among us.  So right after I heard the Lord say, “TRANSFIGURATION”, I read this in a book by Frank Bartleman called, “Azusa Street: How Pentecost Came to Los Angeles and this is what I read…….

“One evening, July 3, I felt strongly impressed to go to the little Peniel Hall in Pasadena to pray.  There I found Brother Boehmer ahead of me.  He had also been led of God to the hall.  We prayed for a spirit of revival for Pasadena until the burden became well-nigh unbearable.  I cried out like a woman in birth-pangs.  The Spirit was interceding through us.  Finally the burden left us.  After a little time of quiet waiting a great calm settled down upon us.  Then suddenly, without premonition, the Lord Jesus himself revealed himself to us.  He seemed to stand directly between us, so close we could have reached out our hand and touched him.  But we did not dare to move.  I could not even look.  In fact I seemed all spirit.  His presence seemed more real, if possible, than if I could have seen and touched Him naturally.  I forgot I had eyes or ears.  My spirit recognized Him.  A heaven of divine love filled and thrilled by soul.  Burning fire went through me.  In fact my whole being seemed to flow down before Him, like wax before the fire.  I lost all consciousness of time and space, being conscious only of His wonderful presence.  I worshipped at His feet.  It seemed a veritable ‘mount of transfiguration.’  I was lost in the pure Spirit.”

After reading this I could hardly go back to working at my job.  I knew what the Lord was showing me and telling me through this.  His Presence is coming in such a way that we will be completely transformed, transfigured!  It’s all for the glory of God, to reveal Himself to the world.  The next exciting thing that I heard the Lord say was, “This ‘baby’ is coming in June!”  Right now the Lord is aligning everything up in us, His children, to birth the manifestation of His Kingdom on earth; His love flowing unconditionally through every child of God, coming together as one in the Spirit.  HO!

Within these three weeks I also saw a vision while on my way to work.  I was born in the 80’s and we had this cartoon called, “Captain Planet and Planteers” yes, I had to Google it J; it’s been a long time ago.  What I heard and saw was people who were in a circle facing out, I saw our band Miracle Made but I also know this doesn’t just apply to our band, and the Planeteers in the cartoon had these rings and they would say, WIND, FIRE, WATER, EARTH….LET OUR POWERS COMBINE and they would save the world.   Well, this is what I saw, I saw people that were saying, SPIRIT, FIRE, ROCK, AND LOVE, LET OUR POWERS COMBINE.  I saw in the middle was this power source; it was this sac that I was seeing, except it was glowing.  I knew that this power source was HIM; it was Jesus and His love!  As we combined together, with Him being our source, His glory penetrated to the ends of the earth! 

1 Corinthians13:12 For now we see in a mirror dimly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known13 And now abides faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is LOVE

2 Corinthians 3:18 And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.’

As we see Jesus face to face now, not in heaven someday but now, we will be transformed by His glory.  This ‘baby’ is coming… this word is for you too.  As it is in the natural, the birthing process is painful and intense but the glory that you behold in the end is all worth it!!!! Being transfigured into the image of His Son is so worth the being aligned, the discomfort, the waiting.  Wait upon the Lord, He has perfect timing.  Also like a natural birth, too early or too late can cause problems and complications… do not try to do this within yourself says the Lord, I WILL birth this within you, this TRANSFIGURATION is coming!  Hallelujah!