A Body of Fire by David Weber

With regard to the Lake of Fire, I have shared that there is a people in the earth today who are BECOMING an integral part of the Holy Consuming Fire of God. These are they who, even now, are willingly subjecting themselves to God’s fire, and if they continually ABIDE in those burnings, they can become so purified and perfected that they themselves can be used as part of THE BURNINGS OF THE AGE TO COME. What I mean by this is …

There is a place in God where one becomes so thoroughly consumed by His Fire that he or she actually becomes the Fire; becomes ONE with God; a burning bush in a sense; a human vessel who is no longer consumed BY the Fire of God, but rather, is one who just burns continually before God’s Holy Throne in the spirit (these are they who can “no longer be hurt by the second death”). Such as these, beloved, are they THROUGH WHOM the inhabitants of the earth can learn righteousness because these have been forged and perfectly finished by God Himself into righteous judges.

What this is saying is that there is a body of people that will be formed in the coming age and which will be used by God to bring righteous judgments into the earth. By the end of this coming age (the Kingdom Age), this body of people will be vast; a great body of people who will have become ONE with the Fire of God … you could call these a “body of fire,” or even … a “LAKE OF FIRE.”

Now, my understanding of this is still limited, but I do know that the Lake of Fire is the end process by which God’s lawful judgments will be administered. I also know that those judgments are to be administered through God’s Sons (“Do you not know that WE will judge men and even angels?”).

Many people are incorrect in thinking that the Lake of Fire is a specific judgment in and of itself. It is not. The Lake of Fire is A PROCESS which consists of many different types of judgment all to be administered through the Sons of God; a vast body of holy ones who burn together with the Father and the Son as a Holy Consuming Fire in the heavens and the earth.

Beloved, God’s FIRE describes both His divine nature and His Law (His Word). The Lake of Fire then seems to describe a large corporate body that will someday (at the end of the next age) fully express that very same NATURE and WORD; something (in)to which all that is not like God will ultimately be subjected (immersed).

At the dawn of the next age, there will be a form of Kingdom government established in the earth through which God’s righteous judgments will be administered. Though not yet “the Lake of Fire,” this will certainly be a manifestation of God’s fire in the earth, and will be something used by God to counsel and teach the inhabitants of the earth righteousness. Isaiah prophesied of this government in chapter 1 verse 26…

“Then I will restore your judges as at the first, and your counselors as at the beginning; AFTER THAT you will be called the City of Righteousness, a faithful city.” 

Yes, beloveds, God is going to restore to the earth a type of Kingdom government that uses men and women as judges and counselors. These judges and counselors will be the saints of God who have part in the first resurrection; the first-fruits of the harvest who will be used to administer true justice and mercy by interpreting the Law of God according to the mind of Christ. As far as I understand it, this will be the raising up of the Tabernacle of David; a Davidic order prescribed by God to put all enemies of God under the feet of His church.

This is what is just ahead for us saints! The order of Saul is finished. Though a stubborn and hard hearted remnant from Saul’s camp try to hang onto that old order, it will soon be fully put away as a new order is arising now from out of the wilderness. This new order of Kingdom government is that which will be used by God to prepare most people for the age of a “New Heavens and the New Earth,” which is the age that follows the Kingdom Age.

In order to bring more clarity to this subject, let me just say here that the Kingdom of God is ONE Kingdom, and has been from the beginning, but God has chosen to bring forth differing manifestations of that Kingdom throughout history (a continual progression towards all of the earth being filled with the glory of the Lord).

I have shared in the past about the types found in king Saul and king David and how they show that for the past 2000 years we have been in an imperfect sin-ridden Pentecostal Age under the rulership of king Saul. This has certainly been a manifestation of the Kingdom of God in the earth, but only a leavened “in part” unveiling of that Kingdom, and only a step towards a much greater manifestation.

Even as there was a tremendous difference between the O.T. administrations of king Saul and king David, there will also be a tremendous difference between the church administrations under Pentecost and under Tabernacles. I’ve shared only a little bit about this in the past, and I don’t feel led to say a whole lot more about it here and now, other than this…

Prepare your hearts, church, for you are now transitioning into the time of a new church administration figuratively depicted in scripture as the kingdom of David. Saul is dead. There is no need to mourn for him any longer. You need to simply move on with God now into a greater and far more glorious manifestation of His Kingdom.

Consecrate yourselves, dear ones, for the Lord is about to work mightily in and through a remnant people. Keep your hearts tender and open before Him whereby you may receive fresh understanding in the ways, purposes, truths, and principles of His coming Kingdom, and be prepared to leave behind many of the traditions of men and mind-sets of an old order that is waxing weaker and weaker and will soon pass away.

Be careful that you do not submit to a spirit of religion any longer, but put ALL of your trust in the Lord your God and not in the systems and programs and traditions of men. Trust and believe that it is the Spirit of Truth that will lead you and guide you into all truth, just as the Lord Himself has promised you.

This is a time of a great unveiling, church. Be not afraid nor dismayed of things that are new to you and which you may not yet understand, but just keep your hearts tender and open before the Lord your God and HE will bring you into the revelation of Himself.

Also, do not be afraid of the things that you may soon have to suffer for the Kingdom of God’s sake, for the Lord is with you and He will never forsake you, and He will be using the trials and suffering, persecution and affliction, to bring you into a place of spiritual power and authority like nothing that you have ever seen or experienced before.

Your God is forging in His fire A ROD OF IRON, dear people. These are they who will be used as righteous judges and counselors in the coming age. It is through this elect remnant that He will administer true justice and mercy to men by interpreting the Law of God for them according to the mind and expression of the Father. These, beloved ones, are the overcomers who will be given authority over the nations and shall rule them with a rod of iron. Even as Christ Jesus has received power from the Father; so also will He give to that to His elect, that they may become the bright MORNING STAR of the New Day.