A prophetic word that Curt Landry released at House of David’s PASSOVER SEDER 5773/2013 March 25

Confirmation, confirmation!!!!! A.M.
“’As I was with Moses, so I am with you. You need to be able to receive the anointing without measure. You need to know that this is a time to learn from Moses. This is not a time to get angry at the sheep and strike the rock, but speak to it. This is a time to prophesy unto the wind.’“’Sons and daughters of God, this next fifty days please listen to Me—the next fifty days between now and Shavuot, Pentecost. This fifty days of ‘Counting Down the Omer’ will be a time of testing of your faith.’ For thus says the Lord, ‘I will ask you to speak and prophesy in the next fifty days that which will establish you for the next seven years. For as you prophesy, it will be tested.’ For thus says the Lord, ‘Trials and tribulations will come immediately for My words sake, not yours. But, My word will stand if you stand.’“Thus says the Lord, ‘Do not turn to the right or the left, but stand and believe, for I shall do it. Many things that I will ask you to do physically and financially will be far beyond what you would think I would ever ask you to do. But, do not tell Me “No” in this hour. For the camels are coming—they’ve already been released! I’m not looking for camels, I’m looking for character,’ says the Lord.“‘I’m looking for the mature grain that has survived the threshing floor. And I will make of you bread—bread that I can feed to all the earth. For I will take your life like the loaves and the fishes and I will gather you into one basket,’ says the Lord. ‘And I shall lift up my remnant as I have lifted up the loaves and the fishes above Tabgha at the Sea of Galilee. At the Mount of Beatitudes I lifted up and fed thousands of people from a small amount of bread and fish.’ For thus says the Lord, ‘the mature grain will bring mature bread. For your life is your bread and your trials have been your test. Bring forth the grain,’ says the Lord, ‘for the threshing time is over. The next fifty days, between the barley harvest and the next harvest, I am going to ask commitments out of you,’ says the Lord, ‘commitments that will stretch you.’

“’I say, as I spoke through My prophet, I have plans to prosper you. Plans to give you a future and a hope, not to harm you. You must trust in Me, for tonight I have brought you three cups. I will bring a cup of sanctification that will wash your mind, your will, and your emotions. I will bring the cup of plagues, where I will renounce all powers, principalities, and heavenly hosts of dark places. For you battle not against flesh and blood, but you battle against these invisible enemies that I have already conquered two thousand years ago with the blood of My Son. I will apply that blood over these ancient plagues. For these ancient plagues have been trying to come back because of the promise of the anointing, and the mantles of ancient of days which are being released in this house and over these airways tonight. For that which you could not accomplish in your old anointing as Elijah, is now being released in Elisha. For as I was with Elijah, so I will be with Elisha.’

“’Even though the school of the prophets will test, you shall take the mantle and thrash the water once again, and it will part into the third-day,’ says the Lord. ‘But, it wont be for those who are not willing to take risks.’ For the Lord says, ‘You need to settle your soul at this table. I have brought you sanctification, I have brought you freedom from the plagues, and I will bring you reconciliation through the cup of redemption.’

“’I will release a cup of joy—a cup of praise—in a fourth cup. That will be the strength of your character so that when you call on Me, that cup of praise will rise up in you like a fountain of ancient of days. For I have taken the lid off the pool,’ says the Lord. ‘I have buried not only what was in your line, but in the line of your people. I have given you a season of time like I gave the children of Israel in the story of Exodus. I have released you with all the gold, the treasure, and the transfer. Do not misunderstand—all of the gold they left with was not even one penny from the back payment of all the slavery that had been put upon them. For they left completely debt free—the scales were balanced. That which the enemy spoke—that there would be death of the first born—that death came to the enemy and that enemy was not killed by the death angel, but was buried in the Red Sea.’

“Thus says the Lord, ‘Take off from this table in the next fifty days. Head across that Red Sea, and do not look back. For I have parted the sea for you to go into a new promised land. It’s time for you possess the land. You are not crossing a Red Sea, but a Jordan. You are going in to possess your promise. It is a season of great prosperity for those who will believe God. Leave the manna behind, leave the whining behind, and leave the complaining behind,’ says the Lord. ‘Be freshly circumcised and come into My presence,’ says the Lord. ‘Come into the covenant of My promise. This is the Passover that you will pass over. Receive your deliverance, in Yeshua’s Name!’”

Curt and Christie Landry, Founders,
Curt Landry Ministries