THE TRUMPET BLAST by Kriston Couchey


While contemplating the revelation of oneness I had been receiving the last few weeks, I found myself back on top of the mountain I had been on in the vision I had published called THE MOUNTAIN AND THE CITY. I returned to a host of angels and worshippers standing in perfect alignment waiting to move out at the blast of the trumpet. THE WINGS OF AN EAGLE

Father spoke to me, “Son, you received the revelation oneness with Me to prepare you to do My will when the trumpet sounds. You have begun to embrace oneness with Me as Christ IN you. But, Christ in you also teaches you to abide IN Me. My abiding in you changes your nature into Mine. But, your abiding in Me exchanges your authority for Mine. To truly be one begins first by a change of nature which enables a change of authority. Those who are One with Me rule and reign with Me.”

“Oneness with Me is like the wings of an eagle. One wing is My Abiding presence in you, and the other is your abiding in Me in the place I have prepared for you from the foundation of the world. As I am in you and you are in Me you soar like an eagle caught up in the wind of My Spirit. This oneness causes you to soar above the limitations, impossibilities, and circumstances of life. Everything changes as you are caught up in a place of vision far above all principalities and powers that blind and bind mankind. It is time for My eagles to take their places in Me and fly higher and see more clearly than they have ever seen before“.


Father continued, “You have already seen the plain of humanity and its confusion from your own perspective. But now, as one with Me I want you to see it with My eyes.” As I turned my gaze to the plain of humanity I could see one thing on the chaotic plain below: DESPERATE NEED! People were busying themselves with activities in an attempt to fill their inner need; the need for love, security, acceptance, belonging, approval, etc. But the most glaring need driving people was the need for identity; knowing who they were. Men and women were drawn by their unmet needs into perversion, reckless lifestyles, and the pursuit of fame, wealth, power, influence, etc.

The great need of mankind crashed upon me like a wave that took my breath away. Through tears of grief I observed how men continued to build Babylon and trade with its goods and treasures in an attempt to fill their need. Father then said, “Babylon is built upon the unmet needs of men. Needs that can only be met in ME.” As I contemplated the desperate plight of mankind, I shut my eyes and turned aside. The scene below me had completely changed from when I first stepped on the top of the mountain.

Father spoke in great tenderness, “The condition on the plain has not changed, you have changed. When you first observed the chaos of the plain and the side of My mountain you held within your heart judgment, offense, and anger toward these. In your pride you harbored offense towards the world and those who claimed to know me who wounded and opposed you out of their own unmet needs. This pride, judgment, and offense were the very things that kept you from oneness with Me. These also kept you from seeing people the way I do. When you died to your pride, judgments, and offense, you were then able to see things through My eyes.”


His words impacted me deeply; I would never see things the same way again. Determined to see what He saw, I turned my gaze again to the plain below. Unprecedented turmoil began to erupt as I now could see demonic spirits everywhere enticing and compelling people in their unmet needs to engage in wicked activities and lifestyles. Those who gave themselves over to wickedness became inhabited by evil spirits. Many of these were placed by the spirits into positions of influence and power within Babylon. They were being inserted into politics, religion, economics, education, entertainment, etc.

Father then spoke “The enemy’s goal is very much like Mine. He is seeking people who will express his nature on the earth. When those enticed into perversion and self-seeking become the dwelling of evil spirits; they begin to express and take on the nature of the evil one, and then they are given authority to spread their wickedness to others.” I took His words in and continued to look on as a black hazy fog was forming across the plain. Those inhabited by evil spirits were gaining more power and influence and the atmosphere of the plain began to change. Men were deceived into thinking that the darkness was light, liberty, and self-fulfillment. But as the darkness increased so did chaos and violence.

It was then I heard the cry! Under this oppression of darkness a cry going out that went beyond inner need. It was a cry of bondage and suffering. The cry caused my very being to convulse in grief. The grief overwhelmed me and I sobbed in agony over the plight of man. “Oh Father!” I cried, “DO SOMETHING!! These your children are being oppressed and destroyed, do something, send me! I will go!”

Father spoke, “My final preparation for you has been for you to see with My eyes and love with My heart. The evil one’s ultimate goal is killing, stealing, and destroying everything of Me. He desires to destroy mankind and the earth on which they live. I have heard the cry of My children, and have seen their oppression and suffering. I am sending judgment that will bring deliverance, cleansing, and redemption.”


I asked, “How will You send judgment?” Father replied, “Behold My judgment!” I turned to look behind me at the host waiting with the fire of God in their eyes. He continued, “Here is the Bride, the New Jerusalem. She is My instrument of judgment on the earth. As the New Jerusalem descends to the plain below, she is not leaving this mountain. She is bringing it with her. Wherever she goes My rule will be established and My glory upon her shall cleanse and judge the inhabitants of the earth.”

Jesus now began to speak, “Just as I was sent by My Father into the world to save it and not condemn it, so I am sending My Bride with redemption for whoever will receive it. My Bride comes to freely offer the water of life to whoever will let Me quench their need. I also came to destroy the works of the evil one; and so I am sending those who are one with Me to execute on earth the sentence of judgment I have already pronounced from the heavens upon the evil one. You will release upon the earth what is already released in heaven, and you will forbid on earth what is already forbidden in heaven. In this way heaven is coming to earth.”

Father then spoke again, “I have gathered these on this mountain as the first-fruits of the unfolding age, the initial mature harvest. You are My laborers being sent out to work in the harvest; My messengers of power. You are not going forth to harvest only, but to plant the incorruptible seed of Christ that bears fruit after its own kind. You in fact ARE the seed; the sons of God!


I continued to gaze at the mighty army assembled. Father spoke, “Write down what you have seen and experienced here and declare it to those assembled here. You are not speaking on your own. As I began to speak another man came and stood beside me and together we began to share the vision with people. Father then spoke, “By the mouth of two or more is the testimony established. You are witnesses to what I am already speaking to these.” Other witnesses were also sharing the same vision among the people. The teams of witnesses began moving among the people declaring with authority and clarity the revelation of the coming kingdom.

The unified vision brought clarity and purpose and began transforming these on the top of the mountain. The Glory of the Lord appeared over the congregation and the countenance of each began to change as the glory inside began to radiate outside. As we each then stood silent in our assigned places in complete unity, the ensuing trumpet blast shook the ground…

In His Love

Kriston Couchey