The Blood of Jesus Christ


This morning as I was fellowshipping with Father, He said to me “It is all in the Blood of Jesus Christ!” We are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father because the Blood of His Son, Jesus Christ, the blood of God Himself, is now flowing in our veins. That is why we are New Creations. We have our Father and Brother’s DNA!!! On that we stand, and by the Blood of Jesus Christ we overcome. Forgiven and bloodwashed and people who eat the Lamb and drink His blood – true food and drink! And because we know, know, know that NOW we are the children of God, we speak what our Father’s says and we declare His will to the enemy, our accuser, and we are not afraid to lose our own soul-lives, because of His Life, His glorious, resurrection, everliving life is ours NOW!!!!!!!!!

Here is an interesting article by John Lewis on the Blood of Jesus Christ:

According to Biblical history, over 6000 years ago something magnificent happened; it is called the creation of man, the Adam. We are told he was created in the image and likeness of the Elohim (God). The version of hiscreation or engineering mentioned in Genesis chapters 1 & 2, leads us to believe this Adam was a highly advance being, plus, his body was not like the frail bodies we have today. He seemed to have had a light-body. His DNA (DeoxyRIBonucleic acid) and genetic make up was programmed so that the internal communication of his genetic codes fashioned a body liken unto the Elohim.

Adam and Eve’s blood was pure compared to what later happened. We are told that the life of the flesh is in the blood. There is a mystical power in blood that somehow infuses the body with life. It is even thought that the soul of man dwell within the properties of the blood.

In Genesis – the Book of Genes-Genetics; we find something happens to the God-man and woman called Adam. The Serpent coiled on the tree further confirms that a DNA downgrade took place. On a mystical level, the Serpent represents one strand of the double helix (double-serpent) DNA strand. The one strand is called the RNA or Ribonucleic acid. Its principal role is to act as a messenger carrying instructions from DNA. So one of the deeper messages of Genesis 3 is that something happened to the DNA of humans. The message or language codes in the body human that had produced life, longevity, divine health and immortality was changed. The chromosomes and codes were changed and humans lost their light-body. We have a constant reminder on every medical facility worldwide, it is the Caduceus – the 2 serpents coiled around a pole. The Caduceus reminds us of sickness, disease and death is rooted in our re-programmed DNA. But there is also a yet deeper positive message the Caduceus hold. It reminds us that the entrances back into the Garden and immortality is also rooted in our DNA.


The religious term and Biblical term for this change in the genetic codes of early human is “SIN.” The wages of SIN is Death, we have all been told and it is true. Since the encounter with the Serpent on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, we have been aging, experiencing poverty, sickness and eventually dying. The genetic codes of Adam and Eve were tampered with, thus causing them to fall from the 4th – 5th dimensional world or beyond to the dense 3-dimensional world. The laws of the 3 dimensional world magnifies SIN and makes it utterly impossible to stop sinning.

It was something about the act committed around the tree that cause an allergic reaction to human genetics. Thus, causing a genetic mutation that produced death. Adam & Eve’s blood had become contaminated with SIN, thus, all their descendents would be conceived in iniquity and born in SIN. Psalms 51:5 We had no choice and as much as we would like to deny it, it yet remains true at this point. (This does not mean we should not identify with the finished work of Christ).


Several years ago I was suffering needlessly with a full blown allergy attack that had developed into something with flu-like symptoms. I had been out mowing the then little grass and lots of weeds that had quickly grown from the monsoons a few months prior. My lawn mower hit a good size hole in the desert backyard and I got a blow back of sand and dust. I refused to take allergy medicine unless it is absolutely necessary, that’s why I was suffering needlessly. (It was necessary, but I didn’t have sense enough to take it)

The Father had pity on my stubbornness and actually gave me a revelation while I was laid up with a high fever, chills and headache for a few days. One of the main ways Spirit teaches me things is by asking me a question. I guess that’s why I often ask questions in my messages. He said, “what is Sin?” I had learnt long ago from the Greek New Testament it only means, “missing the mark.” Then He asked me, “What mark?” Then Eye heard, “Genetic Markers.” OMGgg!!! The lights came on, fever, headache and stuffy nose seem to almost suddenly disappear, as that rhema word brought life to me.

Genetic markers are genes or DNA sequences with a known location on a chromosome and associated with a specific trait. Genetic markers can identify sets of genes that cause cancer, disease, health, longevity, race, immortality, etc. It is the internal language of codes that causes every expression in the body human. If the genetic markers miss-sequence or miss the genetic mark a different program is released within the human body that can cause death. The wages of SIN, missing the genetic markers is Death.

“For all have sinned (missed the genetic marker) and fallen short of the glory (original genetic marker that produces abundance and immortality).” Roman 3:23

What we call SIN is only an outward expression, effect and defect caused by the miss-sequencing of human genetics. This defect may manifest as Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Lying, Violence, Murder, Theft; all the things one might call SIN and even Religion.

The blood of humans became contaminated with lower emotions (Fear, anger, hate, jealousy, lust, greed, pride, etc) that become toxic, thus, defiling the body. All the great prophets, teachers, mystics and great leaders of all cultures were victims of mutated and re-programmed genetics to some degree. This is why the prophet said, “There is none righteous, no not one.”


It is true that the penalty for SIN (missing the genetic marker) is death. But it is also true that the Gift of God is Eternal Life. This is the only Way back into the Edenic Consciousness. What is this gift or who is this gift? There has been only one out of the multitudes of great spiritual leaders that manifested in the 3 dimensional world the Original DNA Strand, not miss-sequencing or missing the genetic markers – SINNING. The gift of God was and is the genetic material wrapped up in One called Jesus the Christ (Yahshua Ha Mashiach).

The Genetic and Moral so called fall of mankind took place around a Tree coded with technology to produce duality – Good and Evil which is Death. It was the Reptile/Serpent around the Tree, the RNA mutation – message that Eve received that produced death. Therefore, another Serpent had to come and be hung on a Tree as RNA mutation – with a message that produced Life, eternal life.

“God made him that knew no sin to become sin, that we might become the righteous of God” 2 Cor. 5:21 As Moses lifted up the serpent so must Jesus be lifted up.


Blood has been considered sacred by all civilizations from the beginning of time. With the shedding or spilling of blood, mystical powers that were locked up are released. Blood even has a language and voice that can be heard. “The voice of your brother Abel’s blood cries out to me from the ground.” Genesis 4:10

The genetic material with the RNA message of codes (spiritual laws) and information (design to overwrite previous mutated defected DNA) was sent through a literal virgin called Mary. This secret weapon coded to deliver all humanity and creation manifested in human flesh. However, in order for this mystical power to be released and infect all humanity – Blood had to be shed. Not just any blood, nor of bulls and goats; but literally the Blood of God.

“Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he Has Purchased With His Own Blood.” “You have been bought with a price, you are not your own, now glorify God with your body.” 1 Corinthians 6:20

Why is there power in the literal Blood of Jesus? Because it was literally the Blood of God. Literally!! Jesus came not by the will or lust of flesh or man, but by God. That’s the only way human genetics could be restored, so we could stop Sinning – Missing the Genetic Marker. We recognize that the flesh of Jesus, consisting of 23 Chromosomes from his mother was as human as our flesh. Mary’s genetic material gave him his physicality. Science lets us know that it takes 46 chromosomes to make the human body-temple, 23 from father and 23 from mother. The 23rd X or Y determine if the child is male or female.

Jesus challenged the religious leaders of his day to “Destroy this temple and in 3 days I WILL Raise It Up Again.” They said it took 46 years to build Herod’s Temple – they did not know He spoke of the Temple of his body that would be literally resurrected in 3 days. Hidden in this passage is the science of the human body-temple needing 46 chromosomes to be human. John 2:19

We understand that many progressive thinkers have fallen into great error in trying to ONLY humanize Jesus and not acknowledge His Divinity. We understand that it is popular, thought to be cute and contemporary to gullibly accept the fiction of Dan Brown and others that deny the literal virgin birth, death and resurrection. Sadly, it is evident that they have also lost their power and anointing. They have become clouds without water. REPENT! And get back to the true foundation immediately.


True spirituality is based on faith and needs no science. However, the Father knew there would be many hard-headed people easily swayed by every wind of doctrine in these days. So yes, there is some science based on 2000 years old blood. First one must realize that Jesus had to be crucified at a specific place for many reasons we don’t have time to get into. The prophets had spoken it mainly. Also, his blood had to be offered on the mercy seat if he was to fulfil all things. The Ark of the Covenant had been lost, it was also called the Mercy Seat where blood was sprinkled once a year. The Ark was believed to be hidden in a cave near Golgotha, where Jesus was crucified. (His blood had to spill onto the mercy seat to fulfil all things).

One more thought before you enjoy these video clips. Since Jesus came with the literal Original DNA template in his blood to restore humanity, would we have to receive his literal physical blood to be infected for a DNA overwrite? NO!! Modern science is catching up with ancient 4000 year-old stories in your Bible. In short, Jacob took poplar tree and almond tree branches, stripped them to make them stripe. He transferred his thoughts, emotions and words into them; when the cattle saw them – Jacob’s thought codes re-wrote the genetic codes of the cattle and they literally bore striped, speckled and spotted calves. Genesis 30:37 Keep in mind, Jacob had learnt something about DNA and genetics 18 years earlier. He saw the DNA ladder and the angels – codon messengers ascend and descend on the ladder. That is exactly what happens in your body. Genesis 28 Jesus clearly identified himself as the Original DNA in John 1:51.

Can a leopard change its spots? YES! Can an Ethiopian change his skin color? YES! Scientist today have discovered DNA can be programmed. It is even possible to take one specie and have it mimic another different specie while it is developing. It will literally change into something else. All it has to do is be near it. ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!!! Do you realize how powerful you are?!!! Once you realize who you are, that you are as He is – people around you will be infected with the Original DNA Blueprint and be changed. It’s airborne! Catch it! You should be so filled with Spirit that you walk by and people fall down and get healed. He is alive!!