Cross over to take over – Prophetic Word for 2013 from Dr Jonathan David.

Father, we thank You for what You’re about to do; we thank You for the strength of Your Spirit; thank You for the intensity of passion in the spirit world. Let this place be the “hot spot” of heaven. Let heaven ‘earth’ itself in this place. Let heaven invade – a violent rushing wind, the voice of God – like a violent rushing wind – may it fully come. We pray that the message for this year may become a reality – the Power of Your Spirit to energise us and lay hold of us; a new dimension of Your Spirit. …now is the decade of acceleration. There’s a quickening Spirit that is going to come and mature us, taking us to a new level. Holy Spirit, arrest us, (so) that, as we hear Your voice from the nations of the world, a new generation will arise; a new company of people will get ready for what is about to happen. Let them not be afraid; let there be no hesitation, no holding back. Let them rise to the maximum capacity, let them run with fire. We thank You for the breaking of a new dawn.
We welcome the year 2013; we say it’s time to cross over; it’s time to take over; it’s time to pursue; it’s time to recover all and take over the work of the enemy. And every piece of ground You have given to us will become fruitful ground. At last the Lord has given us peace in the land; at last He has given us fruitfulness in the land. He has given us space so that we can become fruitful in the land.
We welcome the Holy Spirit.
Matt 8:18. 2013 is a year to cross over and take over.
The Lord is going to give us power to exercise dominion in every domain.
The Lord is saying to us that we have to embrace and enter into a fresh season. It’s going to be a season of expanded mandate of heaven, because God will not allow you to become comfortable in your comfort zone, but He is causing you to understand that there are bigger dimensions to what He has called you. In the days past you have said to yourself, “This is all that God has called me to. I will settle in what God has given and I will become successful in what God has given”, but God is saying, “I am going to extend your territory, extend your boundary; I am going to cause you to enter into an area that you have never entered before. I’m going to break down the things that are holding you back and cause you to understand that there is more than what meets the eye. You will not just stay in one place and say to yourself, “This is all I can do”, but God is going to enlarge your capacity and say, “Cross over to the other side”. There was a season and time that you have said, “Now this is enough”, but now there is a strength in your spirit, a rising in your spirit, a stirring in your spirit, saying, “There is more; I know there is more; there is more than what I can see”. The future is opening up to you in this hour. To many of you, God is saying, “You are walking out of your own terrain into other dimensions to receive another measure of grace, another measure of anointing; and you will find there is something fresh coming upon your life”.
Get ready, there is a fresh mandate, a fresh commission for the church to embrace and enter. What you thought was not possible is now going to become possible. What you thought you could not enter, you can now enter. For many years and times past, you have looked at the situation and said, “It cannot be done. I don’t know how to do it. I don’t have the grace, I don’t have the anointing, I don’t have what it takes” – but now the Lord will say to you that you will lift up your eyes and see that He wants you to cross over to the other side. He wants you to enter in and take over; He wants you to take new territory, a new terrain, so that you will not be afraid of what is about to happen.
This is what’s going to happen in the church of Jesus Christ, because He is going to cause you to embrace and enter into new territory. He is going to cause you to embrace new grace. This new grace is going to cause you to enter the race with speed; a supernatural grace for you to break open things that you have never touched before. Every limitation will be broken; all the limits of the past will be removed; everything that was holding you back until now will be broken; the shackles that are keeping you down will no longer hold you back; because God is saying to you, “This is a season for you to enter and see the redefining of your mandate”. A redefining of your mandate – because God is adding to your commissioning, He is adding to your task, He is adding to your assignment, He is adding to the things that He wants you
to do. You have said in your heart, “Lord, I’m not sure if I can do so much”, but suddenly you will begin to rise in this year – in 2013 – and you will find yourself doing more and more and more. Every time you do more and more and more, you become more competent, you become stronger and stronger. What you thought was impossible will become possible. More land, more territory, more workplace, more space, more people, more ministry, more grace, more prayer, more and more and more….
The Lord will not allow you to settle for Zion’s sake; you will not stay in one place; for Zion’s sake you will begin to rise and pray and intercede because, “I am teaching you to embrace more. There are more things that pertain to the call; there are more dimensions that I have planned for you. Therefore, do not linger, do not hold back and hesitate because the things that I have planned for you are far more than what the eye can see. Just like Abraham, rise up in faith and begin to follow Me; because the land I’m going to show is greater than what you have seen in the past. The things I’m going to show you are greater than what you have seen in the past. You will touch things that you have never touched before.” This is what the Lord will do!
He said to you in this hour, “Get over to the other side. Cross over to the other side”, for this is an important hour – because many times you become stuck in the ministry that you do; you look at all the things that are taking place and you’re happy; people are getting healed, people are getting saved and delivered; people are in your church and you are successful and the blessings are all there……
But God is saying, “Lift up your eyes, get to the other side. Don’t become distracted by success. I have greater things than success for you. I have greater things than blessings for you. I have greater things than crowds for you. Come, hearken to the sound of My voice because I want you to cross over to the other side; for as you allow My Spirit to take you to the other side, you will realise there are far more things pertaining to your life than Godliness”. So, don’t be afraid anymore, it’s time to cross over to the other side.
It’s time to see what’s on the other side; because many times you become stuck with the success that is around, about, (and in) your life because people are continually reminding you of your success, and your mind has become saturated with the success and the blessings that God has given.
But the Lord is saying to you: “Lift your eyes and see beyond – beyond your success, because that’s not where I want you to settle. I don’t want you to settle in your blessings; I don’t want you to settle in your popularity; I don’t want you to settle in all the good that I’ve given to you. Let the good that I have done for you, (bring about), be one of, gratitude in your heart; but see that it is the foundation for something far bigger. You have not seen all the things I have planned for you yet. You have not seen all the things I have established for you yet, but this is going to be the stepping stone for you. This year – 2013 – is going to be the year for you to cross over to the other side, because I’m going to tell you and show you things that you are going to enter in; you’re going to possess things there. You’re going to see that this year is not the end but the continuation of what I have begun.”
2013 is the year for you to cross over, to take over! Are you ready to cross over? Are you ready to take over? Are you ready to pursue your enemies? Are you ready to recover all? – Because this is what God is going to do; He does not want you to stay back – in success: “Our people are well and blessed and settled….” But He said to His disciples when He saw the crowds, “Let’s get over to the other side”.
And this is what is going to happen to us in 2013 – it’s going to be an expanded understanding of our own commissioning, of our own mandate, of our job profile; so that we realise that God includes another portion. If you are faithful in the little that God has given you, God says, “I’m going to add much”. God says, “Where you have been faithful in what you were doing, I’m going to show you another domain, another domain, another domain, so that you expand more and more.” Where you have been cultivating your territory well, many of you will be promoted, because you have been faithful to do what God has called you to do. Faithfulness will promote you. God says, “I’m going to ‘extend’ another measure. I’m going to break down the old fence and extend another fence for you. I’m going to break down the old territory and bring you into something far bigger and stronger”, so that you can enter straight into the things that He has planned!
Cross over, take over, exercise dominion as far as your eye can see, as far as you can walk; the Lord is going to give it to you. Let your eyes become open; let your ears become open. Every place the sole of your foot will tread on, the Lord will give to you. There will be no more hesitation, no more walls, no more boundaries, no more limitations, no more things to keep you down, because, as far as your eyes can see, the Lord will give it to you. There is expanded terrain, expanded territory, because God is opening up the pathway for you – Hallelujah!
In Matthew 8 it says, “Then a scribe came to Jesus and said, ‘Teacher I will follow you wherever you go’”, and Jesus said to him in verse 20, “‘The birds have nests, etc, but the Son of man has nowhere to lay His head’. And another of the disciples said to Him, ‘Lord, go with me, (let me) first to go and bury my father’, and Jesus said to him, ‘Follow Me and allow the dead to bury their own dead’”.
I want to prophesy to you this year – 2013 – is going to be a very unusual year, because you are going to see – before your very own eyes – a finishing generation rising in your church: a new, revived generation – disciples who will not be wishy-washy, who will not be flaky – but a company of people who will have power to finish. God is promising you today: “Your people will be righteous. Your people will have a new measure of quality, not just quantity. A new measure of people will rise in the midst of you. There is going to be quality – competent membership that is going to rise – a generation of sons and daughters that will rise and be different from what this scripture is saying”.
I sense in the spirit world that your people have been waiting for something to happen, that the Holy Spirit is going to put His hand on, and form, your church and touch your members. There is going to be a new thing happening in their hearts. God is going to give them a new heart, a new passion, a new desire. Something is going to happen. Even right now, I can sense in the spirit world – in 2013 – there is going to be an atmosphere that will hit your church that will cause the people in your church to suddenly sit up! There will be a new rising of the people of God in your house. No longer will they begin to rise and fall, rise and fall, and (have) fears and confusion and misunderstanding. There is a synergising of a generation to come. This generation will come together with new strength, with new understanding. This new generation will suddenly just click together; connect together; will suddenly become committed to one another; they will become covenanted, one to the other. There is going to be a power to synergise, and the power of “one” (all together as one) to become a reality.
I see in the spirit world (that) your church will not be disintegrating; your church will not be segregating or split; but I see the Hand of God beginning to touch and form. I see the Hand of God holding your people together and building them together. He is going to put brick upon brick, wall against wall, and pillars in between the walls; and He’s going to assemble His glorious body. Right now, I’m seeing God’s Hand touching that which is lame and out of joint and causing it to become joined again; that which is out of place to be put in place again; so that everything can be held together again.
I see right across the nations of the world – wherever our churches are, Isaac churches and churches with God’s people, and wherever people are responding to the sound of His voice – God is touching them and healing them. He is putting them “in joint”, assembling them, and bringing all things together.
I see the Spirit of God bringing reformation and restoration – reviving and refreshing and healing – into the body of Christ everywhere. Everywhere churches are going to come together; there will be a “holding together”, framed together; being fitted together; held together, as one. And that synergy is going to come about. We will not have many people who are just wishy-washy and afraid of what’s taking place; but they will be people who will count the cost. They will say, “Yes” to His will; they will volunteer freely. God will gather these people in a very fresh, new way. This is what’s going to happen and take place in your church. Suddenly, the people will begin to have a new hearts; they will be connected to the fathers in the house; the hearts of the people will become stronger, more equipped in such a way that the strength of God – the power of God – will come upon them in a mighty way.
You must be ready, because in this rising of the people they are going to be hungry, passionate. They’re going to require new food. That’s why you have to get all the materials, all the books of what God is speaking, and sowing it into them, because they’re going to be hungry and they’re going to ask and demand for more. This is why you have to become competent as leaders and pastors. The pastors will begin to realise that they can’t feed them anymore, they must take them to a man of God; take all the people to Moar; take them to the right places, because you will find that their hunger is becoming stronger and stronger.
In 2013 this place is going to be jam-packed in every conference, with only place for standing, because they are hungry. There is a famine everywhere for food, for life, for the things of God, for the things of the Spirit. Our churches are going to break open in such a powerful way; the hungry ones will begin to come in, the thirsty ones will come in, the ones whose desires are for God; they will begin to come in everywhere. (There will) even be people travelling far distances to be in your church – because that’s where the food is being provided. A new breed of people are rising in the midst of us – a new company of people – and they will be hungry for God. This company of people are coming from everywhere. I can hear them running; they’re running to the House of the Lord. I can hear them running. “Come, let us run to the house of the Lord, and there He will teach us His ways.” I was glad when they said to me, “Come, let us go to the house of the Lord”. And this company of people will be coming with gladness. There will be no more struggles. Pastors, I’m telling you this tonight: there will be no more struggles with people. The struggle is no more with people; but the people will gather together and strengthen you. And our struggle is going to be against principalities, against powers in the high places. God will give us power to no longer make our struggle on the horizontal level. Pastors will not be struggling with members; members will not be struggling with pastors; because they are going to be held together, gathered together, be strengthened together, so that we can struggle against principalities and powers and pull down the forces of darkness.
That’s why there is going to be a love, a synergy, a commitment that is so real and true – a covenant that is so established – and God will dwell in the midst of you. For “How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity.” The Lord will command His blessing, He will command His life, in that place. Your churches are going to begin to feel this way, to think this way, because a new sense of discipleship is going to come. No longer will we have disciples who will run on their own; but the membership in the house will suddenly just click together. No longer will we have people who put themselves first and Jesus last; but there will be people coming into the house who will put Him first – make Him everything, both great and small! In this company of people, (in this) discipleship, every pastor will be so delighted. I prophesy to you, pastors will be refreshed; where they look at their people, they will be refreshed. They will realise that all their sacrifice is worth the while, because they see the investment paid off, and all the return of investment is going to become better and better. Because when you see your people, you see the good ones, the quality ones, and you’ll be thrilled! You see the strong ones and your heart will be so refreshed, and you’ll be thinking that this is worth laying down your life for.
You will see a whole new generation rise and a company of people who will say, “Yes!” to His will. That’s why the day is going to come when the people are going to volunteer freely; and they will assemble in holy array like a womb of dawn. It’s going to be a new generation, waiting to be giving birth, waiting to be launched, waiting to be birthed in the spirit world; and that’s going to be the landscape of the church in this hour. It’s not going to be a rebellious people – those who are hardened and like stone and those who are strong in rebellion. No, the landscape is going to change.
“Those who walk into My house are going to be those whose hearts love the Lord.” There’s going to be such passion, such strength; and the disciples who are going to rise in this hour…. it is going to be phenomenal! You are going to be glad to call them brother. Jesus will not be ashamed to call them brother, to call them sons and daughters, because they will stand in that kind of place.
A new generation is rising. You’ll be so glad. People will rush to church because that’s where they want to be. They don’t want to be in the mall, or in the supermarket, or by the Internet. But they want to be at the church because they want to get connected to people, and there will be some real people standing there. That’s why the flaky ones are going to be challenged, and they will be burned because of the fire that will consume, and everything will be burned. Every green tree and every dry tree in the house – a new generation will rise. This is the generation we have been waiting for, that we have been pursuing. This is the generation God has been waiting for; and God Himself will be found in the midst of them. For so many years we have been praying for God to come and for God to stay; and many times He would come, but He could not stay. But this generation will keep the presence of God. They will woo the presence of God. This generation will not only have desire, but they will have capacity to bring Him down. They will have the capacity to let Him linger, and God will dwell in the midst of His people!
No longer will they say, “The move of God just came and left”, but, “God will dwell and inhabit. He will not just come to bless, but He will come to build; He will come to stay, to live among us”. No longer will we be in a place where we just draw His presence for a season; but God will linger.
I see what’s going to happen, for the Lord’s desire is to dwell in the midst of His people. He’s going to find the people and when He has found the right people, He’s going to say, “Yes, I am coming down”. He’s not going to stay on the mountain; He’s going to come down. That’s why He’s going to say to us, “Let’s build the house together. Let’s build the house well. Let’s arise and build”, because when the house is built, He’s going to come and fill. When the house is established, He’s going to come and live. When the house is built, He’s going to come and dwell in the midst of it; and you will be His people and He will be your God. You will be His sons and His daughters and He will be a Father unto you.
No longer will there be a fear in our hearts, because He will gather in the midst of His people; (we will) gather as one – as brothers and sisters – with no animosity and malice between us. But as our hearts come together, the Lord will begin to dwell in the midst of us in an amazing way.
I can see in the spirit that in every service the Lord, whom you seek, will suddenly appear in the temple. The Lord, whom you desire, will suddenly manifest in the house. Why ? Because the people in the house are becoming purer and purer; cleaner; they have been cleansed; they have been healed, delivered, set free. It is this that is going to attract the presence of God. Something unusual is happening – even right now in the spirit world – there is something that is going to begin to cause God to rise from above and say, “I am coming down; I am coming down and I’m going to manifest”.
You are going to see the Lord not only manifesting inside your church, but outside your church. People in the non-Christian world are going to have dreams; they will have revelations; they will have visions of who Jesus is. They will have understanding. Suddenly, God will begin to manifest in revelation. Even those who are restricted by Law will begin to see Jesus. Those who are in a temple will begin to see Jesus. People in the streets – they will begin to hear music, and all kinds of supernatural things will happen, because the Lord has a tabernacle amongst His people. The Lord is dwelling in the midst of His people. When He takes His rightful place and begins to rest in His temple, then out from Zion will go forth a sceptre, and all the enemies will have to bow because we are attracting the presence of God.
Sometimes, in the middle of the night people will have dreams; non-Christians will have dreams that God is visiting you. They will look at the building and see fire coming upon the building. They will hear music when there’s no service; and all kinds of supernatural activities will be around your church. People in your neighbourhood are going to begin to sense God’s presence, because God is going to come down and walk on the ground and the ground that we dwell on is going to become holy. Not only holy in our boundary, but it’s going to become holy roundabout us. People are going to become so afraid because they will sense and say, “God is in our town. God is in our city. God is in our factory. God is in our neighbourhood”. Something powerful is about to happen.
I’m telling you that what is being built now is attracting the presence of God in an unusual way. There is going to be an awesome Presence that’s going to come; an awesome drawing – because the people change, the people have changed. They’re beginning to click together and come together, and a transformed people will bring in the glory of God.
And in that day it will be said: “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you” – because the Word is in your mouth. The Spirit of God is upon you.
The whole quality of the people in our churches will begin to change. For the first time you will be able to say, “I can trust everybody. I can trust the church. I can trust the people in the church”, because when you look at them, you can see God’s glory, God’s Hand, God’s mind; and that transformation is going to be one of the most unusual things. A distinguished people are going to rise; a company of people, a rare breed is going to rise.
A radical opposition against corruption is going to rise. The seed of the righteous will become mighty and they will manifest in the midst of us. Welcome that generation!
God has found that people that will say, “Yes!” to His Word, “Yes!” to His will!
Heaven is coming down to invade the earth, because where His people will dwell, He will dwell; and it will become the hotspot. Even people in high places will begin to secretly come to you. Nicodemus will come in the middle of the night and ask for help. And there will be all kinds of Pharisees, Sadducees and men in high places – politicians and people who are rich and wealthy – who will come to secretly consult you because God’s presence is so real. They know that God is with you. They know they have to come and make peace with you. They know they have to come to see you; they have to come to talk to you because you are a carrier of God’s presence. And that’s what’s going to happen.
In the days of Jesus, the disciples came and they did not have that type of quality; but this is going to be a new season, as you cross over to take over; and see in 2013 the church will have raised a whole new community. It’s going to be said that the church has been born again.
There is going to be a re-inventing of the church; the “unusual” church is about to manifest in the midst of us. It’s going to be so unusual that it’s going to attract God’s presence. That’s why the days of struggle are going to come to an end; no longer there will be a struggle on the horizontal plane. God will begin to do this great work – Hallelujah!
What is out of joint is going to be healed; what is out place will be replaced; what’s out of position God is going to put together; and the body is going to be healed. I can see God is healing the church in such a powerful way, bringing total restoration. The “wholeness” will come back to the house. That’s why – when you look at the people in the house – you’re going to be so excited because it’s going to be a new breed. It’s going to be a new people. You will not struggle to adapt. They are not struggling with you or with God or one another. They are at total peace and God can put bone to bone and flesh to flesh, and you can look at that place and say, “This is the house of God”; “This is the assembled body of Christ”; – “This is the assembled company of people”, and that’s going to be the portion.
2013 will also be a year where the Bible says to us, “When He got into the boat the disciples followed Him and behold, a great storm arose on the sea, so that the boat would be covered with waves; but Jesus Himself was asleep. So they went to Him and woke Him up and said to Him, ‘Save us, Lord, we are perishing!’, and He said to them, ‘Why are you afraid, you men of little faith?’ And then He got up and rebukes the winds and it became perfectly calm.” (Matt 8:23-27)
There is an important strategy of protection for everyone who connects with us. I believe the Spirit of God is saying to us that it is important for us to bring them into the boat before the storm arises. I believe there will be tremendous protection. There are going to be catastrophes that will begin to happen across the nations of the world in 2013, 2014 & 2015. There will be all kinds of strange things that will happen; but because of the people being at the right place at the right time, they will be covered in a church that is rising apostolically; there will be protection for them.
The house of God will be seen as a place of great protection. The sinner will run in and hide. The non-Christian will run in and hide. Many of them will run into the house of God and protect themselves because there are going to be strange storms coming – demon-inspired storms coming; demon-inspired tsunamis; tornados; rain and rainstorms; all kinds of things happening. But there will be protection. All kinds of things (will be) happening but the harm cannot come upon you because God will be the protector, He will be the shield. I believe that right across the nations of the world you must begin to find ways and means to get people to enter in and get protection – protection in finances, marriage, family, health – because the enemy will try and do everything to attack you and what belongs to God. Because you are connected with Him, the enemy will try to attack you; but as long as you are with Him, as long as you stay there, there will be protection. That’s why these 3 years ahead of us are unique years – because the enemy will try to hit at the boat because he knows the boat is going somewhere. He will try to attack your business, your marriage – because it’s going somewhere; but no harm shall come upon you.
The waves can only hit the boat; but the boat is meant to sail; no harm can take place. I don’t want you to be afraid of the catastrophes; I don’t want you to be afraid of the challenges. But I believe God is saying that if Jesus is in the boat, nothing is going to be destroyed. If you are connected with Him in the boat, nothing is going to be destroyed! There’s going to be protection. If the enemy attacks your health/wealth/family/children, you will rise again; because the enemy will try to hold back Jesus, Who is already in the boat.
I see all kinds of strange things happening in the nations of the world; yet, at the same time, God will protect you, preserve you. Thousands will fall at your right and (your) left, but the pestilence cannot come near you. That’s why it
does not matter. People may lose their jobs, but you won’t; they may have all kinds of fears and frustrations and nightmares, but it will not come near you – because you are in the boat!
It’s important for you to get into the boat. The boat is where Jesus is, it is where your assignment is! You have no business to be standing at the post; God wants you to be in the boat. You can’t say to God, “There are too many people outside the boat and somebody needs to look after them!” If Jesus says, “Get into the boat”, then get into the boat!
Your protection is only going to be according to your assignment – according to your obedience – because you have relationship with Him; and as long as you don’t struggle with Him and attack Him saying ,“Lord we are perishing, don’t You care about us?”; as long as you know He is faithful and true to you, He’s going to be your protection. Don’t fight the Holy Spirit that is inside; don’t fight Jesus who is inside, and the Word of God, that’s inside! That’s where the protection will be. When you start to obey the Lord, be in the boat; be in the place where God wants you to be.
You cannot give Him an excuse and say, “Well, I’m going to be busy, or out somewhere”. No. Be where He is, because the storms are coming. Stay inside. Be where God wants you to be. Don’t just go where you think you want to get trained or equipped or blessed, etc. That’s not our portion. Our portion is to be where God wants us to be, where our assignment is. Find out your assignment. If God wants you to go and get into the boat, do so. The storm is only for transition. The storm will pass away. It will have no power. Even though it is an attack of the enemy, it does not matter. If God wants you to be in the boat, be in the boat. As long as He is in the boat, and as long as you are in the boat, no harm will touch you. With Christ in the vessel we can smile at the storm. Every storm that is going to come our way is not going to hold us back, because God wants you to stay inside the boat. Don’t be afraid of the storm outside. Learn to connect to the One inside; don’t be afraid of the attacks outside. Learn to connect to the ones inside so that the strength will begin to rise from within the boat; and God is saying that you must learn to use your faith and allow the Spirit of God to lay hold of your heart, so that fear no longer will be your portion. The things to come – that you fear – must not come near you. Fear must stay far away from you; faith must rise in your heart. It doesn’t matter which calamities come; it doesn’t matter which attacks come – political, economic, climatic, or violence in the city; don’t be afraid. In South Africa, violence will begin for a while but it will collapse as fast as it rises. The Lord is speaking to you, in South Africa, that all kinds of things – the ones who are stirring up violence – will come to an end; God will scatter them, even before this year is over. Something sovereign is going to happen in South Africa. Violence in S.A. – suddenly it will happen and just break. God will allow it to break out one more time to bring the head of the enemy into the open and put it on the chopping board; and the enemy that you see now you will not see again. There is going to be a rising of the Spirit of God in the nations of the world that will not allow violence to continue, so that the hearts of the righteous will not be intimidated; and the hearts of the ones who desire good things, great things, will not become frustrated or oppressed with all kinds of anxiety. But because you see the hand of God work swiftly, your heart will be glad. Stay in the boat; stay in the assignment; stay connected to Him. Stop fighting and struggling with what God is doing in your heart, because if you stay connected to Him in your heart, no matter what the storm is, it must stop. Storms cannot last forever. You cannot be suffering medically forever; at some point God’s going to cut this off. The attacks of the enemy are going to fall off. The enemy cannot attack your health, wife, children, or harass your family; at some point it is going to be cut off. When fear is cut off from your heart, the enemy will be cut off. When faith arises, when you connect well with the Lord, then all these things will be broken. Something sovereign is about to happen; but don’t be afraid of all the negative things that will happen this year, all the political things [including Malaysia].
Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines: Don’t be afraid, because God wants you to be in the boat. This is going to be a foretaste of what is going to be happening in the future. The next 3 years the world will realise – the people will learn, the neighbourhood will learn – if you stay in the house of God, there will be protection and healing. Many backsliders are going to run back to the house of God, because there is no place to hide or run. They will start to realise that if they run anywhere and everywhere, they get caught in the crossfire and the storm; so they will return by their busloads and say they are sorry. They will return and say sorry to the pastor; they will say that they realise now that there is no protection outside the house.
Many people will leave institutional churches and come, because they realise they have no boat to hide, they are in the open sea; the attacks are coming too strongly upon them; their family and children are being attacked. Their hearts are going to begin to cry out to God and God will show them a house! A city set on a hill cannot be hidden! They are coming home!
Many of them labouring in the pigsty are coming home; those labouring out there in the far country will come home, because they realise there is no protection for them. Everything is going to be collapsing. Economies – any kind of social infrastructure – are going to be collapsing. Suddenly they realise there is only one place to go – get into the boat.
Jesus got into the boat and the disciples followed Him. Follow Him into the boat and get in. The house of God is the best place.
People say, “I’ve been hurt and want to leave church” – but don’t be hurt and leave the church, because you’ll be hurt even further; because the hurt coming from outside the church will be more dangerous than the hurt that is inside. People say they are offended, therefore leaving. No. The offense outside will be worse; the comparison is going to be like heaven and hell.
God wants you to stay strong and stay true. No matter what happens here, we are labouring together; so that there is no way that you will leave the boat.
There will be many temptations and many offers for you to leave the boat – many situations created by both men and the devil to get you out of your place – so strategically position yourself! Your place is in God’s house. “I will be a doorkeeper in God’s house; even if I have no other place, I will enter in and find my place inside the entry; as long as I’m on the other side – the inside of the door.”
For the first time in (their) life – in the nations and churches across the world, in Christianity – people are going to realise there is safety in the house! It is safe to be home. People are going to realise the protection is here.
People are going to come in and get protection from corruption, oppression and attacks from the enemy. The moment they come in they will realise this is a place of protection where harm cannot cross (the threshold). They will realise that the Blood Covering is protection, so when you enter in, the enemy cannot touch you. No weapon formed against you can prosper, because the moment you enter in you are entering into a place of total protection and safety.
I’m saying to you, “Get into the boat!” So get into the boat. In the next 3 years there is going to be a kind of judgment that’s going to take place in the lives of others; but you will be protected. Get into the boat.
Preach righteousness. Pastors, I’m telling you: preach righteousness. From now on, every day, every hour, think righteousness and preach righteousness. Like Noah. He began to prophesy. And I’m not talking about just being hard on rules. It’s not self-righteousness – squeezing people to become more and more Godly – no; it’s righteousness and righteousness is clean. The Bible talks about the beauty of holiness. There is something beautiful about holiness. It’s not hard; it’s not rigid; it’s not cruel, or judgmental, or critical. Holiness is beautiful; purity is beautiful. And that’s how you are going to portray (righteousness).
In the next 3 years, make sure that righteousness is going to be our message. God wants us to preach righteousness because Kingdom-seeking is always with His righteousness; and when you do that you are going to see people coming into the house, and being established in the house, and no one is going to turn around and walk away because they will know that this is the place of safety!
Remember Noah – as in the days of Noah, so it shall be. For three days and three nights Jesus was in hell, in Sheol. In the same way that Noah began to preach to protect the people, you and I are going to preach to bring the people into the place of protection. This is what’s going to happen.
But Lot, he wasn’t a man who was righteous; and he tried to protect his family, but he could not protect his family, because the kind of righteousness that he had was not a righteousness that came from God, so he could not practise (righteousness). He could not stand up and make a stand in righteousness. God does not want you to be like Lot, but like Noah – save your family; get your whole family. There are some who are so self-righteous, but they cannot save their family. God wants you to save your family, to bring your family in. Don’t allow a kind of bad unrighteousness to rise inside your own heart – that’s like the righteousness of the Pharisees; but God wants you to begin to speak and bring everybody back into the boat.
Are you ready for the assignment? Go and talk to your father, mother, brother, sister and bring them back into the house of God, so that there is protection. Because, in the next 3 years, God is going to bring judgment; and those who are outside are going to be judged. You must remember the water carried the Ark of God up and took them out (of the flood), but all those who were outside the ark were judged.
I’m telling you, the protection is going to be amazing!
2013, 2014 & 2015 are going to be important times, because the church is going to become a place of security and protection. We must get into the boat before the storm comes. Are you ready to get into the boat and stay in the boat? Are you going to bring others to fill up the boat?
It’s not about church growth; I’m not talking about just increasing in numbers. I’m talking about real people coming back into the real place with Jesus.
The Bible says, “What kind of a Man is this, that even the wind and the seas obey Him?” I want to prophesy to you that Jesus wants to reveal Himself to you in a very powerful way. Every one of us is going to have a fresh, new revelation; a fresh revelation of Jesus. You will see that; as you obey Him, you will see the revelation of Christ; you will see the Life of Christ in you. And when He is revealed, your life – which is hidden in Him – will also be revealed.
And this is going to be a supernatural day, because many of you don’t know Jesus as you should. The scales of your eyes are going to (fall off, your eyes are going to) be opened. God’s going to peel off scale after scale – like you peal an onion – and cause you to see Christ in a way that you have never seen Him before!
You’ll begin to realise that Jesus is more than just a Saviour. Different dimensions of God will be revealed. It is this thing that’s going to cause you to see Him – the reason for the storm is so that you might see Him – for Who He really is; it’s to keep you in a confined environment, so you can have a face-to-face encounter. Sometimes when you see Jesus healing the sick and He is doing things “outside”, you see Jesus in demonstration, you see Jesus doing something. This “doing” that Jesus is going to do is going to be between you and Him. He’s going to cause you to see things about Him that you have never seen before. It’s not just what He can do, it’s what He is. “Without faith it is impossible to please God and he who comes to God must know that He is…” That’s why these miracles that Jesus was doing outside – healing the sick, casting out devils – this is what Isaiah was prophesying about Him. It is always about Him, always about Him, but we don’t know Him. But when you are going to get into the boat you are going to know Him! You’re going to see Him at close range.
Many of you have lived in Christianity that’s only far away; you only see Him at a distance, only hear about Him; but you never know Him. But the day is coming – you will know the Lord!
There is a special grace coming upon you right now! God is calling you today to a place of closeness, a place of intimacy – you will know the Lord. Not just the God of your father, but you will know God as your own Father. Not just the God of Abraham and Isaac, but Jacob himself will know God on a personal basis. You will be struggling, but your eyes will open because you will see Him as He truly is. In the Name of Jesus, there is a drawing of God closer and closer to you. I’m telling you, this is your portion for 2013: a place of intimacy, a place of closeness, a place of knowing God, that will settle your heart. God will settle things in your heart because you will know Him so deeply, so strongly. You will know that this kind of a Man you want to follow; this kind of Man is a Man you have always believed. This Man is a Man you will follow and become (like), because this Man is the Man you are following all your life. This is what’s going to happen inside your heart; the intimacy is going to be so real; you will know the Lord. Come, let us press on to know the Lord. He will show us His ways, His paths. That’s what’s going to happen; you are going to know God at a close range, in a very personal way that you have never seen before. Suddenly, your eyes will be opened; your ears will be opened; your heart will be opened and your contact with Jesus will be so near because you will see Him – not doing things for others, only others – but you will see Jesus doing those things in you!
All of a sudden you will realise – what kind of a Man is this – your eyes and ears will be opened. A fresh, new revelation is coming. God is going to reveal the Son to you; the Holy Spirit is going to reveal the Son to you; the Son is going to reveal Himself to you in such a powerful way – you will know Jesus in a way you have never known Him before. Your ears and eyes will be opened, your spirit will be so tuned in to (heaven) above; and this is going to be our portion.
The day is coming where you will know the Lord. You will hear His voice, you will see His forms. Sometimes when we gather in the Sunday morning services, in the house fellowships, the presence of God will suddenly appear. You are going to smell His presence, see His Hand; you’re going to see clouds. Just watch, 2013 will have supernatural manifestation inside our churches. Not just manifestation, but obvious manifestations will take place – “I thought I felt Somebody touch me, I thought I heard the wings of birds, birds flying”. The Holy Spirit is going to manifest; Angelic creations are going to manifest in such a powerful way, as we have never seen before. All of a sudden supernatural things will happen; dreams will happen; revelations will happen. People will see God; deliverance (will take place); supernatural protection will happen. God will reveal Himself in a way that you have never touched before. Sometimes you are going to wake up in the middle of the night thinking you’re going to have a heart attack; you will think you’re going to faint because of the intense presence of God that’s suddenly going to hit your room. And all of a sudden you bow down and worship Him because you thought it was physical and your eyes become open to the light that is shining by your bedside, because God is going to come into your room. He’s going to come into your office and into your life: a new beginning, my friend. You will know God. This is the year that you will find Him and know Him in an unusual way.
Are you ready to meet Him, (ready to) meet your Maker and see Him face-to-face? The Bible says the pure in heart will see Him. God’s going to cause a cleansing, so that we can see Him. I’m not talking about just seeing Him spiritually; but I’m talking about Him manifesting Himself.
This is the year of the supernatural revelation of God! Some of you will wake up and find the pages of your Bible just flipping open, moving by the wind of the Spirit. God will show you things and your eyes will be focussed on what He wants you to see; you will hear words. Sometimes you will sense things; you will feel His presence; you will see light manifesting in a dark room. It’s going to be the year of the supernatural manifestations of God.
You will be gone, but you will not die; you will live to see the glory of God. This is a special year of strength, a special year of meeting Him. He will come to us in the night hour, in the day time, in the morning time, in whatever time He desires to come and meet us and He will be revealed.
I’m telling you some of you will physically see Him; your eyes will suddenly be opened to see the manifestation of God somewhere; you can sense the wind, you can feel the clouds, you can see birds or water coming down, or (see) a Throne. This is what’s going to happen.
This is a year where even the non-Christians are going to come in the house of God, because they have seen Him. They will say, “Yes, we saw Him! He walked with us on the Emmaus road!” Your old-aged mother is going to say, “I saw Jesus, He spoke to me”; your old-aged father, your relatives, even the hardened ones, are going to come and say, “I have seen Him!”
Even those who are not part of our company will suddenly come inside, saying they have seen Him, seen Him on Emmaus road. Don’t doubt the testimony because when they see then you will start to see. And then another and another will start to see – it’s going to be a wave of the Holy Spirit. People are not going to be caught up by revelations or miracles; they are going to be caught up by a Person!
The love for Jesus is going to be so real; they are going to be so caught up by Him and His presence, saying “I’ve seen Him!”
That will be the testimony – not that they are healed/delivered/blessed financially, but “I saw Him!” This will be the testimony –“I saw Him in the Word; I saw Him in the spirit, in a vision, in a dream; when I closed my eyes I saw His face, I saw Him looking at us”. Like Stephen, you are going to look up and you are going to see God looking down.
Hallelujah! What a day – I will live to see His glory and seeing Him face-to-face; (I will) look straight into the glory of God and not die! The veil is going to be removed. God is going to remove the veil (that is) over your eyes – that’s been there for so long – NOW! See the Lord! “Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered your heart……”, but now God has given this opportunity to us. I can see the veil being removed. Some of you are going to be taken into place you have never entered before. All of a sudden you are going to step into zones you have never touched before; spiritual dynamics you have never touched before. Take the limits off God! If you have never healed the sick, then heal the sick, cast out the devils! If you’ve never had financial breakthrough, take financial breakthrough! Get a soul saved! If you’ve never built a church with fire, it is time for you to rise up and become what God wants you to be. Because this is your hour, this is your time, this is your season, this is the breakthrough God has for your life; this is the hour. Are you listening?
The Bible says that when He came to the other side of the country of the Gergesenes [Gadarenes], two men who were demon-possessed met Him. They were coming out of the tombs and were extremely violent; no one could pass that way. They cried out and said, “What business do we have with each other, Son of God? Have You come to torment us before our time?” I’m telling you, are you ready for this? As I said to you: Pastors, are you ready?
Pastors: Can I have the hands of every pastor up as high as you can. Are you ready to take new territories? (YES!!) God is about to give to you an enlargement of the territory. He wants you to get to the other side; He wants you to impact the whole territory; churches are going to be built accurately and well; God is going to enlarge your territory in such a powerful way, so that you have authority in the spirit world, the economic world, in the political arena. Demons will begin to recognise your authority; in political, in economic and social arenas (demons) will recognise your authority, because God wants you on the other side; and (He wants you to) take over. God wants you to pursue, recover and take over everything. God is going to give you an assignment so that you regain territory; regain places; regain boundaries; things that are lost. We are going to take back music, in Jesus’ name; marriages, schools, finances, the political arena, in Jesus’ name. We are going to take back everything that was lost, because God said: pursue, overtake, recover all – take it back! Take back your mother, brother, sister; put down all the works of the enemy; take back every person that is lost – part of our family, part of our heart. Take back the businesses; restore relationships; take back everything. Pursue, overtake; recover all. This is God’s desire because He wants you to regain the territory. Many of you leaders: He wants you to regain your dignity, (your) confidence, your position in society. Sometimes you have been shaken, been attacked over many years, and you don’t know where your footing is. “Take back”, God says. “Take back your place; take back your authority; take back your dignity; take back your strength; take back your place in society, because you are not lost!” God wants you to take back all that is lost; recover all; overtake. He wants you to pursue the enemy. I sense in the spirit world God wants you to raise up your church, people, business, family, son, daughter – so that you can go and regain territory. Take back what is lost; take back what He is giving you. He wants you to get into that domain and He wants you to exercise dominion and take back everything that is there. Subdue the enemy, rule and reign in that place and begin to plant the flag for the Lord Jesus Christ. Every one of us is going to be on an assignment: back to school, (our) vocation, ministry and city. Wherever we go, we are sent by God to regain the territory.
This is the season and the time. God is saying to us: “Are you ready to take back My territory?” This is the territory He wants us to go and regain for Him; take it back – everything that is lost from the church – take it back. Win it back; get back the finances, the people, the dignity, the strength, fresh doctrines, fresh blueprints, fresh strategies, so that all will be returned. Brother, father, sister – all shall be returned. Hallelujah, this is your season: to pursue, overtake and recover all. The time of restoration is here to take back the territory, the land, the nation. Nations, cities, territories are going to be taken back. What is lost will be regained; and when God is going to cause you to regain, more will be restored than what’s been lost. Restore to the woman all that she lost and everything that could have been produced by her. A season of restoration – everything that you have lost will be returned back to you, and more. God is saying to you that He wants you to go and take new territory; He’s going to give you new territory. God is about to give you new authority, so that when you lift your hands, Truth will prevail. When Moses did not put up his hands Israel did not prevail; but when he put them up they prevailed. God is going to give into your hands the territories and the dimensions of the spirit, so that when you lift your hands and begin to declare it, things will begin to happen supernaturally. So get ready!
The year to cross over, take over, pursue, recover all, to exercise dominion in every domain. The year of the finishing generation, to know the Lord, to press in.!!!!!
A new season, a new day, breaking of a new dawn. A new generation! Families, cities, households, nations will turn.
Matt 9:1 – “Getting into the boat, Jesus crossed over the sea and came to His own city.” You cross over and you come to what is your own. You’re going to enter into what is called your own. You’re going to possess, take over. If you don’t have a house/car, may you have a house and car. If you don’t have a job, may you have a job. May you enter into your own – health, strength, and blessing. In 2013, may you cross over and come into your own. Come into your own inheritance and what God has planned for your life. What God has raised for you – your dimensions – you will come into it.