THE time for the change has come! by Frances Sturgill


My beloveds, It is time for the change to come! Are you ready? Are you expecting? Don’t look at what is all around you. Be ready for the change. Yes, my hand is moving where you can’t see. I am bringing all things together for my purposes. Hold onto nothing and be ready to move with me as I breathe upon the dry bones. These dry bones shall live says the Lord.

I am about to move in the affairs of my people in ways you have not seen before and will not see again. I am about to quicken and hasten my plans and purposes in your lives. But, you must be ready for the change. Yes, change is coming! Are you ready? Are you ready to blow as the winds blows. Did I not say, “the winds blows where it wills, you hear the sound, but you don’t know where it comes from or where it goes? Such are those who are born of the Spirit.”

I must bring DRAMATIC CHANGES now! You must trust Me like never before that I know what I am doing! I am about to shake things like you have never seen, but in the shaking will come my glory to be revealed in you.

Don’t be discouraged anymore. Don’t look at the fiery circumstances are keeping you in, but keep your eyes firmly on me who in the midst of you in the fire. My fire shall only bring forth my purity in your heart if you will surrender to it. I see your struggles and even your failures, but that is not what I am focusing on. I am focusing on will you let me “change you, make you, transform you into my image, even in the midst of your failure, trials and tribulations.

I have your back, don’t be afraid. I have your front and your sides too. You are my “own ones” and my Glory shall be your rear guard. I have preserved your life for my purposes and will continue to preserve it from this time forth and forever more.

So don’t keep your heads looking down. Don’t look at your finances, your job, or even you family. Look at me. Get ready for the changes I am going to bring. You will behold my Glory in you, upon you and surrounding you and you will bring forth my purposes just as I promised you would.

Don’t let the enemy deceive you and say, “this is how it will always be.” Don’t let him lie to you and say, “you will never make it.” YOU ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS THROUGH ME. I AM WITH YOU!

Behold, old things are passing away. Old attitudes. Old Ideas, Old mindsets are crumbling under my feet, and I am bringing forth the “new things” I have planned for you.

Behold, I do a new thing, can you not perceive it? The change is here. The change has come. I am about to bring forth my completed work in you. So don’t look at yourself, or even where you are. LOOK AT ME! LOOK UPON ME and than you shall be like me. You are about to do the “greater works” I have promised you. The day of Glory is upon you and you are being made as a people prepared for my Glory.

Things are changing, you must embrace the changes. Don’t hold unto your jobs, your cars, your money, your church, your ministry or even your family over Me. Choose me as 1st! Put my Kingdom 1st! and then all these things shall be added unto you.

The change is here. The change is coming in my fire and the blowing of my wind upon my people. I am going to remove every spot, wrinkle and blemish for I am coming for a Glorious church without these things.

Rejoice my love, and again I say rejoice, for the sound of the turtledoves is about to break forth in power and authority like you have never seen.
This is the day of my GLORY. Glory brings change! Are you not
CHANGED from one degree of glory to another. This is what I am about to do in your midst. I am bringing forth the reality of going from one degree of glory to another in your life.

Trust Me, Love me and follow Me, for I am the Lord thy God who inhabits you and may you inhabit us, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit even as we have desired for you to dwell.

This is your moment!

Edited by Henry J.Falcone