“Help is on the Way” by Ron McGatlin

We do not seek the gift; we seek the giver.
We do not seek the power; we seek the presence.
We do not seek the glory; we seek His face.

Christ Jesus is the King, and the kingdom is in and from Him. When we seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness, we seek the KING, Jesus.

We cannot build a church. We cannot build a ministry. We cannot build a life, and we cannot build the kingdom of God.

Jesus did not say for us to seek to build the kingdom. He said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things would be added to you.” (Mat 6:33)

Our whole matter is to seek Christ Jesus in a personal intimate oneness relationship. The life of the kingdom of God on earth is a life of intimate oneness with God in Christ by the Holy Spirit.

If indeed we seek anything else above seeking Him and His kingdom, we are seeking another god. We are not only seeking another god, but also we will eventually serve that other god. It will eventually become our master.

If we seek exciting natural pleasure events to bring joy in our lives, we are serving a god of personal pleasure. If we seek to be greater than others or to have more than others, in any area of life, we are serving gods of self-exaltation and competition. If we seek to have more of anything other than God, in order to be fulfilled in this life, we are looking to an idol of self-fulfillment.

The basis of seeking another god is worshiping the god of self – seeking to find our lives – trying to rule our own lives.

Jesus said it clearly when He said, “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”(Mat 10:39)

Paul wrote,“I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.” (Rom 12:1)

The greatest life on earth is found in seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness way of being and doing. The greatest life of all is only to be found in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit. All else in life is secondary, at best, to the life of Christ literally replacing our independent self-life with His Holy life from heaven.

For the most part mankind has yet to fully grasp the reality of Christ literally living in us by the Holy Spirit bringing the fullness of life from heaven to earth. The kingdom of God ruling and reigning on earth as it is in heaven is as close to us as simply hearing and believing that we can truly become one with God in Christ Jesus and Him in us. There is no end to the beauty, the love, the glory, and the fullness of all things in the life of Christ abiding in us living where we once lived.

Why Wait?

What are we waiting for? Why are we hesitating to fully dive off the high pinnacle of self into the glorious merciful sea of love and glory in Christ Jesus alone? Why not fall upon our faces before Him and cry out for Him to cleanse us of our self-god and willingly become living sacrifices? What in this world are we trying to protect or trying to hold on to by cautiously seeking to restrain the full release of God in our lives? Are we afraid of looking like a fool if we fully release all God has put within? Really, how much more of a fool could we be than restraining the Spirit of the living God when we could release fully all that He wants to do in and through us?

Maybe I am just writing to me, but for one I will not be a hindrance to the Spirit of God fully manifesting the life of Christ in me. I really do not care anymore. What is there to lose? The world already hates us and is already killing, beating, oppressing, and imprisoning our brothers and sisters in nations across the world. Our lives are not long on this earth at best. The kingdom of heaven is already invading our lives in this world with the experience of the glory of heaven, and there is only more to come for all who will live godly in Christ Jesus.

Something is breaking in me and I believe in others. The kingdom of heaven is breaking in, and there is nothing that will stand before us as the Spirit of God and holy angels are working with us bringing the fire from heaven that purifies the earth before us. Let the cleansing fire burn the chaff and burn the tares. We are already gathered into the holy place of God’s possession, and now the angels are gathering the tares for the fire.

We are now gathered to Him and not to anyone or anything else. God is upon us like a refiner’s fire and launders soap. The cleansing of earth is come, and there will be unprecedented results from God’s people losing their self-lives that the life of Christ may come forth in the fullness of His glory now.

The enemy is defeated!

Stand back devils; flee you demons, for the fire of God has come forth in men and women around the world who will no longer allow your wicked ways to deceive us into living our own lives.

Today there is nothing impossible to the sons of God who have fully lost their lives and in whom the life of Christ fully lives now in this day. I hear the emergency sirens of the rescue squad as I write this. They are crying out to a desperately sick and dying world, “HELP IS ON THE WAY!!!!” Can you hear the shouts of the trumpet of God that the kingdom is here, Jesus is alive and well in His people who are now losing their lives as living sacrifices that God can fully live on earth now. Truly the sound of the cavalry bugle, like in the old west, is clearly sounding CHARGE to the mounted soldiers of God to move upon the enemy forces that are attempting to take the fortifications of human existence to destroy all goodness from the earth. Let the shofars blow the clear sound of an awakening sold-out army that is prepared and ready, riding upon the winds of the Spirit and shouting to the world, “HELP IS ON THE WAY!!!

Life from Heaven

Powerful life from heaven is suddenly arising in the hearts of God’s people. A fire to stand and fight the good fight of faith has arisen and will not be denied. The army of God will not be stopped. There is nothing on earth or in hell that can stop the onslaught of the offensive God is now launching in and through His faithful humble soldiers on earth empowered from Heaven.

It may seem to you as it does to me that I have lost my mind. Indeed, it is so. It is no longer my mind, but it is His mind, the mind of Christ taking full possession and authority in His people prepared for this time on earth. Fire of God has consumed whatever portion of our minds that was left and only His mind, His will, His feelings, and His Spirit will rule in us in this time of world redemption and reformation into that which God intended from the beginning.

Folks, this is too big and too much for any or all of us to get our old natural minds around it. Truly there is a new wineskin again being formed in us. There is no way that the things that are happening today could possibly be contained in our old wineskins. The time of the shifting that has been prophesied for decades and has been progressively manifesting is now coming into place. The holy angels that were sent a few years ago that have mostly been just waiting in place are now being released. Now is the time for the full out offensive from heaven on earth.

Now is the time of the advancing Kingdom.

Ron McGatlin