Can You Hear the Sound? by Amanda Leonard

blessed hope

Can you hear the sound of hearts returning?
Can you hear the pounding footsteps of those prodigals running to His arms?
Can you hear the wind of His Spirit blowing through the wheat field?
Can you hear the weeping as healing begins with true repentance?
Do you hear the dry bones rattling, as the breath of God is reviving?
Can you hear the sound of revival stirring around the globe?
Do you hear the cry of the broken, the poor, that are crying out show us the Father?
Can you hear the busyness of the heavenlies?
Can you hear the galloping horses riding across the great expanse?
Can you hear the crackling of the fire that is melting chains?
Can you hear the sound of the heavenly chorus?

Listen and you will hear the trumpet resounding, declaring, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord.” The time is here, the time is now. Can you hear the importance of the sound? Do you know that now is not the time to back down? Listen keenly to what I am doing My children. Tune your ear to My heart, “Can You hear the rhythm of My heartbeat? Can you hear Me saying, Don’t give up, don’t you know My word is true? I am saying, “I have not forgotten you.”

Many are feeling defeated, almost to the point of giving up. The Lord is saying stand up and move towards Me, I will fight this fight for you. Many are asking the question, will this promise ever come to pass? The Lord is saying, “Am I a God, that I should lie?” My word is truth, so walk in My grace as we finish this race. Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you, My child. Walk in the power of My Spirit and continue to speak the promises I have given you.

God is asking which voice will we listen to. Will we listen to the voice of the 10 who decided that those giants were too big to take the promised land or will we listen to the voice of God who said, take the land? I believe that God wants us to take the land, the land flowing with milk and honey.

The Lord began showing me just this week that we are the land. He is clearing the land (us) of all the rubbish, all the sticks, all the dead things that don’t bear any fruit….and He wants to burn them away with His holy fire, so that we can be clear. We can either focus on the words of the enemy or we can listen to the voice of love, the voice of our Father. He wants to take back His ‘land’ (His people.) He is clearing the ‘land’ (us) of anything that is not of Him, so that we can flow with His goodness, His very nature. We can listen to the enemy and focus on the lies that he has spoken in our minds and hearts or we can listen to the Lord and the promises that He has given us, that His Kingdom is within us, and we now have a new nature, and the words that He has spoken will NOT return void.

So I encourage each of us as we are right now going through this preparation time to completely surrender ourselves. And lean into Jesus, for we are becoming more and more One with Him. He is clearing us out and tuning in our ears to hear His voice alone, to rest in His goodness, to let His Kingdom come forth in each of us. Let it be done Lord according to Your will.

Amanda Leonard