Bob Jones: Are You Under Attack? This Means Your Light Is Shining Brighter Jul 10, 2013

Golden sunset over wheat field
Why do children of light come under such demonic attack at certain times of the year? In Ephesians 5 it says that we are light.

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light. Ephesians 5:8

Recently, I’ve seen that people whose light is getting brighter have come under a stronger demonic attack than ever before. As I was praying on what to do about this, this is what I heard: “When you turn a light bulb on in the darkest of night, what does it draw? It draws Beelzebub!”

Flies, mosquitoes and other bugs are literally like the enemy’s tormentors. And the children of light are getting under a stronger demonic attack. These tormentors come to distract and put out their light.

If you’ve been under attack recently it simply means that your light has been turned up because you’ve had a strong hunger and thirst for God. So don’t turn your light off or out. Instead let it shine brightly for all these things shall pass away when the night is over and the dawn of a new day begins.

Children of Light Coming Forth

I feel that very shortly, probably within a few weeks, the night will be over and a new day of light shall begin. And a new purpose for the children of light is coming forth to reveal the true light of God.

So this is what I believe He’s speaking to me. The true light of the children of God will understand what is already written in the Bible. This Beelzebub realm; flies, mosquitoes and things of darkness, will grow darker as it comes to steal your light.

The darker the night is in the world, the brighter the light of God flows from the children of God.

Don’t let Beelzebub have your light because this attack is a short-lived thing and it will shortly pass away. Then the light of day will come and the time of the light in you being revealed is close at hand.

So don’t back up and don’t let the enemy steal your love, your joy or your peace. Hold on to them during this time of attack because the enemy is short-winded and shortly the attack will be over. The light that you have will shine brighter in the light of the Son.

Bob and Bonnie Jones