An Extended Season by Rob Hotchkin

Many in the Body of Christ have been going through an extended season of “process.” That is a nice way of saying that things have not quite gone the way we thought they would when we thought they should. At times it has felt like everything we’ve been believing for and praying into – the things that matter most to us, the promises we have seen so clearly in the Word of God – have been delayed or even derailed. It has been a challenging season, to be sure.But I have good news for you. It has all been unto something. It has all served a purpose. It has all been one glorious opportunity after another for us to “die to ourselves” (our will, our way, our plans, our timing) and come more fully alive in Christ. “Process” seasons are when God blesses us with opportunity for transformation. So often when it looks like things are going so slowly (or perhaps even like we are losing ground) in the areas that matter most to us, that is precisely when God is actually doing a deep work within us to transform us into a greater manifestation of who He created us to be – so that we can carry and release a greater manifestation of who He truly is.

Don’t think for a moment that God will not use everything you have been through these last several months and years to bring you into a better future than you could have possibly imagined. God is with you, He hears you, and He is at work on your behalf!

And here is even better news – I believe that as we left last year behind and entered 2013, we began to transition from the years of “process” into what I heard the Lord refer to as the “Year of Fulfillment.” He gave me Ezekiel 12:23, 25, 28 as the Scriptures to lay hold of in this hour:

“‘The time has come for every prophecy to be fulfilled… For I am the Lord. I speak and it will come to pass. It will no more be postponed… None of My words shall be delayed any more, but the word which I speak will be done,’ says the Lord God.”

So do not weary in doing good. Continue to stand on the Word, believe in God’s promises, and trust His faithfulness. Continue to pray, decree, and declare. Continue to persevere and endure. Continue to choose hope over despair, faith over fear, truth over facts, and righteousness over worldliness. Because, just like the apostle Paul said to the Church in Galatia, I am saying to you (Galatians 6:9): “Don’t get discouraged. Don’t give up. You will reap a great harvest at the appropriate time.” And I truly believe that time is much closer than you suspect. 2013 is the Year of Fulfillment. Press in, press on, and expect great things from our great God!

The God of Process

Process is important to God. Yes, He is sovereign. Yes, He can do whatever He wants, whenever He wants. Yes, He is the God of breakthrough. And He is most definitely the God of “and suddenly!” But He is also the God of process. All the great stories of the Bible involve process. Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, John the Baptist, Peter – they all went through processes where God helped them decrease so that He might increase. They all went through tests and challenges where things did not go how they thought they would when they thought they should.

And God used it all to help them learn to trust Him and His Word in every set of circumstances no matter what. They would not have been the champions of faith that they were if not for the processes God allowed them to go through. It is the same for you and me. God allows process in our lives to grow us and mature us so that we learn to trust Him in all things at all times. Process helps us become men and women who cannot only receive the Kingdom, but advance the Kingdom.

In Exodus 23 the Lord is giving His people a promise. He tells them all about the amazing place He is bringing them into. He even promises that He will send His angels and His presence before them to clear the land of the enemy. Wow! But then He goes on in verses 29-30 to say something very interesting:

“But I will not do this all in one year because the land would become a wilderness… I will do this a little at a time until you have increased enough to fill the land.”

Do you see it? God is explaining to His people the process of coming into the fullness of the promise. It’s not that God is not able to do the full work instantaneously, or that He is delaying, or that the enemy is winning. It is that the people were not yet able to occupy the fullness of the promise right away, so God’s plan was to take them through a process that would not only bring them into the promise but also mature in them the ability to inhabit and occupy the promise. It is often the same for us today.

Have you been given a big promise from God? Perhaps it is a prophetic word regarding your calling or destiny? Perhaps it is the promise of divine health or provision that every Believer has through the finished work of the Cross? Whatever it is, know this. If God spoke it, it is truth and it will come to pass. Period. If it hasn’t happened yet, that does not mean God has forgotten you, or that the devil is winning. It simply means you are in process. And God is right there with you. Just like He was with Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Peter and all the other heroes of the faith that the Lord did great works in as preparation for the great works He would do through them.

So I say to you again: Do not weary in doing good. Not a moment has been wasted. Keep believing. Keep praying. Keep praising. And keep expecting. There is nothing the enemy would like better than for you to give up. Don’t.

It’s the Year of Fulfillment. The fulfillment of your promise is right around the corner. God spoke it and it will come to pass.

No more postponement! No more delay!
Rob Hotchkin