True worship – Elaine Cook


In May of 1994 as Elaine Cook was praying, she was very conscious of her inability to pray with words fitting her Maker. She prayed, “Lord, teach me to worship You acceptably.” Much to her joy, the Speaking God answered with these words:
“When you accept whatever situation you are in without murmuring, you are worshipping Me.
“When you can rejoice in Me in the midst of your infirmities, you are worshipping Me.
“When I have brought pressures to bear upon you to bring out the gold of My nature and you bear them patiently—blaming not Me, nor another person, nor yourself, then you are truly worshipping Me.
“When you can ‘forgive yourself’ for your weaknesses and failures and cease expecting your human nature to bring forth perfection, you are worshipping Me.
“When you have come to the place of recognizing and acknowledging that ‘of myself I can do nothing,’ then do I have praise of thee.
“When you can look upon a wasted life and agree that I can and will make this one every whit whole—that this is My desire—then you have offered Me true worship, for you have seen My true nature!
“When you look upon My natural creation and the beauty of it and magnify Me, then am I worshipped.
“When you hear My word within you saying, ‘This is the way—walk ye in it,’ and ye obey My word with rejoicing, I feel worship from thee.
“When you look with compassion upon one who is afflicted, tossed, and broken, then am I worshipped.
“When you recognize My Body and honor them as My brethren, this is true worship unto Me.
“When thy lips are silent because of your pain, and you lift your heart to me, I feel your worship.
“When you say, ‘I cannot—please help me!’ then am I worshipped.
“Worship is a heart attitude in every place and situation in which you find yourselves. It acknowledges My Lordship, the righteousness of My nature, the truth of My Word, and the reality of My indwelling presence. You may offer
true worship at all times and in every situation by keeping your heart right toward Me and toward your fellow-man.”