God has a dangerous dream for your life! by Lance Wallnau

The devil only sends nightmares to people with dangerous dreams. The dangerous dream is the one God has for you. If you have been in warfare, you might be a dangerous dreamer. God speaks in dreams while you sleep, but most often in dreams that come while awake.It’s the reoccurring desire, image, idea that won’t leave you alone. This is the invitation from heaven to the sons of Adam to create something that never before existed by going somewhere nobody else has gone.

Abraham had to leave the familiar land of the Chaldeans and go forth and find his ultimate inheritance in a land he had never seen before.

Heaven yearns for lives totally yielded to the dream of God. All real progress depends on such men and women. All the reformers, revivalists and culture shapers are examples. In education Pat Robertson and Oral Roberts built Universities, Robertson again and Paul Crouch pioneered Christian TV. Loren Cunningham, with YWAM and Bill Bright with Campus Crusade both built the world’s largest youth organizations… and there many other dangerous dreamers, lesser known on earth but famous forever in Heaven.

It’s never too late. Abraham and Moses and Joshua were all in their later years when God unveiled His wildest dream scenarios to them. I am one of those who my natural father said was a ‘late bloomer.’ I got married later (almost 30,) got my degree in my 40’s, and didn’t really step into my calling till 50. I have not yet seen my dream, but I have survived occasional nightmares… mostly of my own creation. I feel like I am entering the season of life when old men dream dreams that release young men and women to see visions.

What would it be like to be fully captivated by the dream the Father has for your life and make it your waking pursuit? What would you be doing differently?