PURIM 2013 by Mark Phillip Sanger


NOW you will SEE an EXPLOSION of MY Kingdom FAR beyond anything you have EVER known..! I will explode on the inside of my people…MY FIRE WILL ERUPT within you…ALL fears corruptions and error will melt away. The arrogant, wicked and godless will flee in terror as I APPEAR in my people.,In earth as I AM in heaven..!!

It is MY DAY, MY WAY Hoooray..!!

Your enemy IS CAST out you will not SEE his evil any more. Look for ME to begin breaking out everywhere. MY GLORY is coming to destroy the evil one..!!

You WILL begin to experience AMAZING SUPER-SPIRITUAL DIVINE APPOINTMENTS. These events will begin to take place rapidly. A SHIFT is upon you…REJOICE, LOOK UP..IT IS THE NEW DAY you have been waiting for this all of your lives..!! I AM coming to perform the WORD I have appointed for you..!!

It WILL be in earth as in Heaven…!!

AMAZING DISPLAYS of MY LOVE for YOU will begin to take place. Everyone every where WILL SOON know that I AM with you…AND that I AM STILL I AM…!!!

Because you call upon MY NAME and because you wait for ME and TRUST ME with your very lives, even unto death…!!! NOW I WILL GIVE YOU MY LIFE.

Because many of you have been faithful with a little, because you have been faithful with another’s…Because you have endured the locust cancer worm and the palmer worm. Because you have drunk the Fathers Cup/WILL He placed in your hands, AND because you have NOT RUN away to make things easier for you flesh…NOW I WILL GIVE YOU ALL That I’ve spoken/revealed to you, when I visited you. Every dream, Vision, Promise…It is Destiny TIME…!!


I will begin show you great and mighty things GLORIOUS things that you don’t know yet…My Child…The Breakthrough of ALL breakthroughs is upon you…SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY…Health, Wealth and Wisdom…YOU WILL KNOW the GLORY of MY JOY..!!!

Above Word Given during Purim 2013.

WORD GIVEN September 5, 2013-5774.

Rosh Hashanah early morning. HE opened HIS Books and speaks LIFE, The Word given during Purim is upon you now. I will cancel ALL of you debts I will pay ALL of your taxes… I will give you the land I have promised you… I will give the heathen as your inheritance. It is TIME for the WORD that I planted within you to come forth and bare fruit that remains… Come enter in My Good and faithful servants.


I have scattered MY SEED in ALL the Earth, The FULL CORN has come for some…!! He that has more will be given… He that has no WORD even what he has will be taken.

I AM shaking MY HAND upon the oppressors of MY KINGDOM.


I WILL begin to visit the Pharaohs of the earth… for it is the appointed time… A SET TIME. MY GLORY will FILL the earth…My ANOINTING WILL DESTROY the yoke’s from off you neck, you will NEVER WEAR IT AGAIN MY child.

MY WORD has tried you… NOW it comes upon you!!!

I have removed the cup of trembling from your hand, NOW I WILL place it in the hand of those that have afflicted you…those you bowed low before!!

The Father Himself LOVES you it is HIS good pleasure to give you the GLORY of HIS Kingdom Now… FOR now the GLORY of HIS KINGDOM comes and the destruction of darkness comes. MANY will come to know ME and many will be healed…YOU WILL BE HEALED…DELIVERED AND ESTABLISHED… I will remove ALL of the spears, arrows, darts and thorns from your flesh and you will be FREEEEEE indeed… YOU ARE THE LIVING TESTIMONY OF JESUS CHRIST… YOU are the Living Stones that HE will Re-Build HIS HOUSE with!!!


Mark Phillip Sanger

Note: Someone recently sent me a word calling me a PROPHET… now I don’t know about that. What I do know is that I am one of the dirt clods of the earth that ABBA breathes on once and a while… it seems that I am only truly ALIVE when HE does…BREATHE ON US MORE LORD… is the heart cry of this dirtclod!

I need to take a moment to share about the Word of the Lord = SEED. To some of you Hearing HIS Word will be seed (a first hearing, believing, receiving a 1st planting) to some it will be water (Confirmation/Agreement) for the seed in you to grow and to some it will be the Increase. Paul said,”I PLANTED APOLLOS WATERED BUT GOD ADDS THE INCREASE), And that’s the TRUTH!!

Often there is such a rush of Joy when the Lord speaks to us, (and rightfully so)… but then it’s GONE, vanished, seemingly no where to be found.

Let me explain, when a farmer plants seed he knows it’s gonna take a while before he can have a harvest. During that time HE tends the soil for the coming crop. He chases away the fowls of the air, the pests and insects and the weeds (the devil’s and the flesh) until the TIME of Harvest comes, the FULL Corn.

So many believers struggle /suffer/get angry/ frustrated and some even quit… as the enemy steals the seeds from our soil.

We get SO EXCITED when Father speaks we so often expect an “instant harvest” of the seed/Word HE “just” planted in us. When we “PRESUME” like this we strain our relationship with the Lord. Some people begin to despise prophetic SEED ( that they used to LOVE).

If we get blinded by our fleshly ways the weeds, fowls and bugs come and devour the word from our heart/soil. This state of spiritual torment is excruciating. TO know ABBA and to be at odds with HIM soulishly… to be spiritually blinded to the Timing of HIS promises is horrific to our spirit man, confusion with a capital “C”), frustration and uncertainty becomes our daily bread… then it gets worse we question HIS LOVE for us, “My GOD” forgive us ALL..!!

I have found that usually when there is a spiritual problem “it’s ME”, not seeing or understanding what HE is REALLY doing, EVERY TIME.

Our deliverance only comes when we SEE (HE shows us) our “ERROR” so we can “REPENT” for being soooo impatient… PUSHY…!!! When we seek MEEKNESS and come broken HE releases restoration/REST, (HE LOVES TO).

He will always water and increase us until the TIME of HIS SEED = WORD comes to maturity in us… AND our FLESH ways are ALL dealt with.

He is the husbandman the Gardener we are soil.… we are the planting of the Lord. I hope this helps some of you GET FREEEE, WE can rest assured CHRIST (SEED) IN US IS THE HOPE OF GLORY!!!

Each of us came into this world with HIS will/WORD firmly planted within us…The seeds, water and increase that the LORD provides after we are awakened to HIS REALITY. Is to bring the Works, promises and the KINGDOM of Our God and HIS CHRIST to a manifestation of HEAVEN in earth. The WHOLE creation waits for This DAY.

May the Lord turn your Wilderness in to the Garden of Eden, may you desert places become the Garden of the Lord… THIS YEAR… Joseph!!

Note: I’ve learned everything I’ve learnt the hard way… If there is restored HOPE in me, then I KNOW there is HOPE for ALL seekers… our HOPE is based upon Fathers LOOOONG SUFFERING THAT NONE PERISH, LOVE!!

JESUS is an EXCELLENT farmer, He knows what HE is doing… in us. Let’s TRUST HIM with Worship-filled abandon… He deserves it!!

Fear NOT Little flock… you know the rest… Yeeaahhh!!

Your Friend

Mark Phillip Sanger