“The Power of the Lord’s Supper” by Linda Josef, Ph.D.

Ana Mendez Ferrell has an amazing track record. Healing miracles, supernatural gifts of languages, angelic visitations and prophecies are part of her every day life and ministry. Ana attributes much of her spiritual strength to the daily practice of Communion, and teaches that the taking of bread and wine are actions that link the spirit and the natural. Communion is a link that unites heaven to earth, opening the door of the supernatural. Communion is the means by which the Lord imparts His nature and His power into our spirits. As we drink in His blood, the light of His life fills our veins. As we allow the blood of the Messiah to fill our spirits with light, we are creating the same connection with the supernatural that occurred when Y’shua (Jesus) was raised from the dead.

Sid Roth agrees with her. He said, “Y’shua’s followers understood that the bread and wine of Communion were to be their spiritual food and drink. In John 6, Jesus says ‘My flesh is real food, and My blood is real drink.’ It makes sense that we will grow weak and even sick without the proper nourishment for our spirit. Everyone should understand and apply Ana’s teaching about Communion.”

In her book about Communion, Ana describes a glorious vision through which the Lord changed her life: Ana had followed her usual practice of taking Communion, and was meditating on the Lord when a vision came to her. In the vision her spirit was carried to the Holy of Holies in Heaven where she saw the Ark of the Covenant. It was shining with energy, like a dense, churning fire with rays of light flashing out of it.

As she gazed on the Ark, she saw Y’shua enter this Holy place, surrounded by a cloud of shining glory. Hovering in front of Him was a formless shape like a floating, red liquid. She knew it was His blood. She watched as He put this blood on the Mercy Seat between the two cherubim of the Ark. When He did this an explosion of power was produced that shook everything in Heaven and earth as fiercely as if an atomic bomb had gone off.

Power rushed forth from the blood on the Ark and some of it hit Ana, making her feel as if thousands of volts of electricity were going through her. Her entire body turned red as His blood filled every atom of her being. She thought she would die from the force of this power, but she heard a voice saying to her, “My Father has received My blood and now it has united with His Spirit. Receive the life in My blood!”

When Ana came back from this experience, she never again thought of the blood of the Messiah as a ritual or a symbol. She now understood that the blood was meant to invade and fill her completely, filling up first her spirit, then her soul and then her body. She noticed that a vital river of the water of life had started flowing from her inner being and she felt a surge in health and strength. Now, when Ana takes the Lord’s Supper, she meditates afterward, basking in the marvelous light that emanates from His life. She has experienced great unity with the Lord and dramatic miracles as a result.

Ana said, “I learned that the blood of the Messiah is life and it is light that is visible in the spiritual world. Darkness is the absence of light; it is the realm of the devil. Just as a fish needs water to live, the devil needs darkness to survive. When we drink the blood of Y’shua, His light runs through our veins and fills us with light so that we become a fearful adversary for the devil.”

Ana believes that knowing that this light fills us is key to overcoming the devil. It is not enough to simply speak of the blood. What we must do is manifest the blood that fills our spirit. This is what overcomes the devil.

To illustrate this power, she describes an occasion in which a monstrous demonic presence came into her room to kill her. When she asked the Holy Spirit what to do, He told her to manifest the power of the blood. She felt the power of the spirit of life surge out of her body like a force and literally hit the devil. He disappeared in seconds. She said, “Although the image of that demon was hideous, I think that what the devil was seeing was much more scary that what I was seeing.

“This power came from the blood of Communion. The life is in the blood, and when you take in the blood of Jesus into your spirit, you become so filled with His life that no demon can stand near you. Partaking of His blood and His flesh leads to a deeper knowledge of God. His life invades our being as we do it. It penetrates our spirit, filling our spirit then spilling over to transform our soul and flood every cell of our body. The power of His resurrection is at work in us, transforming us at every level.

“There is a sacrificial love that is beyond understanding as you drink of the blood. Every pore of your body starts to exude the power of forgiveness. People forgive one another. This is why the Jerusalem church was in such unity that they put all their property in common. Love is the nature of the Father who gave His Son. As we drink of that blood, we start to be ourselves in the habit of sacrificial love.

“Those who have united with Messiah have become one spirit with Him. While the early church was doing this, the fear of the Lord came over all of them, and they had the favor of the people. They were getting righteousness, and reflecting it into the world around them. Communion is transformative.

“Our purpose is to know God, and to love the Messiah with all of our hearts. We must become one with Him. It is not about thinking or mentally knowing. It is not about the intellect. It is about becoming one with Him. We need to raise up a generation of people who become one with Jesus through the observance of Communion. We ARE the body of Messiah, and there is not one glory for the head and another for the arms. Pray for the eyes of your understanding to be enlightened, so that you can see the riches of the glory. And how you get that is through having Communion every day and becoming connected.

“The greatest inheritance that Jesus left the church is in Communion. It is the cross of Calvary that heals sickness. I have drunk from this Spirit and know that He paid the highest price for us. His wounds speak – His blood cries out to us. We can live in divine health because of the power of the blood of Jesus. The price He paid for us is so incredible – this is part of His gift to us. The power of His blood causes tremendous miracles.”

Power to Restore Families
Communion has the power to restore families, and we can take it daily for our family members. On one occasion, Ana went to the home of a man so far gone with Alzheimer’s disease that he was confined to his bed. Ana briefly visited with him in his room, then she and his family took Communion together downstairs. The power of that family Communion reached upstairs where the man was resting. He got up out of his bed, and came walking down the stairs, totally healed of Alzheimer’s disease. It is Communion that brings the power of the blood of Jesus on the scene.

Ana teaches that God wants to give this glory to all of us. He does not want to just give it to a few special ones. But there has been wrong teaching, and therefore much of the power of Communion is absent. When the Bible says the thief comes to steal and destroy, it is talking about wrong teaching.

Ana says that there is too much talk about pleading the blood, and too much taking of Communion as a memorial act or a ritual. “The blood is a real, spiritual substance, not just a symbol that we think about and talk about. When we take Communion, we must allow our spirits to literally drink in His blood. We must allow ourselves to be invaded by the blood of Jesus. This blood fills you and becomes one with your blood. It will then scorch any demon that comes against you.

“The power of the blood of Jesus is so incredibly intense. We cannot experience this power just by talking about it. We must drink it in. It is strong. Communion is not a ritual or a memorial. It is a deliberate act of drinking the blood in our spirits. As we drink the fruit of the vine, our spirits drink the blood of Jesus. That is our true nourishment, and we should not try to live without it.

Communion Heals Both Body and Soul
Many are weak in spirit because they do not take the elements as true drink and true bread. Our spirits need to take in the fruit of the vine and the fruit of the earth, the body and blood, every day in order to live and to survive. It brings the power of Heaven down to earth. Ana does this every day to feed her spirit, and when she feels a sickness coming on, she does it as a medicine.

Doctors are a remedy when needed, but Ana has learned that there is a higher way, a truth that heals. Last year Ana discovered a growth in her body. She knew that as she took Communion she had fellowship with Jesus. She said, “When I take Communion as a medicine, I meditate on His blood – I see those wounds open up and I take the blood into myself. I told Jesus, ‘Not one drop of your blood will be in vain.’ I took Communion every day in this manner, and the growth disappeared. The power of the wounds of Jesus is so intense – nothing made by man can prevail against it.”

The first person Ana saw raised from the dead was her own daughter. Her daughter was 11 years old and she was jumping into a swimming pool. She fell on her neck and was dead instantly. Ana started proclaiming the power of resurrection. She said that the power of resurrection was so real to her from her years of taking Communion, that when she proclaimed it, the power of life came back into her daughter and brought her back from death.

Ana said, “Terminal diseases must bow before the power of His wounds, but it is not in pleading. It is in eating His flesh and drinking His blood and knowing that by doing this that you will have life in yourself. By drinking His blood and eating His flesh, you become filled with His life and His light. As you do it every day, His light and His love fills you and drives out any affliction. The power that breaks the chains that sets the captives free is in the blood. As we participate in Communion daily, sins we have struggled with for years just drop off. Communion is your vitamin, your medicine. Communion is your remedy. Take the remedy and be healed.” (Note: We are not recommending you ignore any doctor’s instructions or discontinue taking any prescribed medication.)

Closing Comments
In the last section of her book, Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood, Ana addresses the bread of Communion. She reminds us of the powerful symbolism of bread throughout the Old and New Testament, and how Y’shua said He was the bread of life, and the bread that came down from Heaven. When we take the bread of Communion, we are eating the very bread of heaven and the bread of life. This bread is broken for us as we contemplate His broken body. We are feeding our spirits as we do this. The study of John 6 is highly recommended for deeper insights about the body and blood of the Messiah.

At the end of Sid’s radio interview, Ana prays for the listeners that the power of blood and flesh penetrate every person, cleansing and breaking the power of sin over each one. She prays that the power of sin will be destroyed over everyone fighting against tormenting spirits and all kinds of fears and stress.

She prays, “Lord, as we eat Your flesh, I call Your power to penetrate the bodies to heal every sickness to let us eat from Your life, and Your spirit and our spirits become one spirit. I pray that the manifestation of a new generation that knows You and manifests Your power and Your Spirit will come to pass. Thank you Jesus for what You paid in the cross of Cavalry for Your magnificent sacrifice. I ask that everything You purchased for us will come to pass in our lives.”

Ana leaves listeners with the following reassurance: “The Lord has made a covenant that your family will be saved. Your family is already written in the book of life. Father we call these family members into the body of Messiah as we take in Communion. Every person in our family – those who were written from the foundation of the earth – we call them into the family now. (call your family members by name.) I release the power of Y’shua over these sons of man. I command the powers of darkness on behalf of the sons of man to release them. Be set free. I command evil forces to leave you and the freedom of heaven to enter your body and enter your soul.”

In closing I would like to note that in writing this article I have drawn from Sid’s radio and TV interviews with Ana as well as her book. The quotes are often my condensing of her teaching, and I take responsibility for any inaccuracies. She is a powerful teacher and I encourage you to listen to Ana’s radio interview and watch her TV interview with Sid Roth online in the TV and Radio section of this website. Ana’s website is http://www.voiceofthelight.com/. Ana’s book Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood is also available through Messianic Vision. It is one of the deepest studies of the Lord’s Supper you will ever read.