I had a dream by Rudy Jones


August 21, 2013… I had a dream. It was breath-taking. I was carried away to a high mountain with a telescopic view, and the sound and crescendo of background music from a Heavenly Choir. I was facing the Aquarius Constellation and aghast at what I saw. In my memory of all the Star maps I studied for over the past forty-three years, Aquarius was always half-kneeling, pouring water out of a jug. But in my dream, I saw Aquarius was a very big Man (within speaking distance), sitting on a birthing stool with three midwives assisting in a birth. There were jugs and vessels of water, but the flow of water was actually coming from Aquarius. He was birthing a new life. In my dream, the Scripture came into my mind; “I will do a new thing in the Earth.”
I thought, “This is the NEW thing… a MAN giving birth!”
Then I was aware that this prophetic Constellation message was decreed millions of years ago; but was fulfilled at the Cross of Jesus Christ. When the soldier pierced the side of Jesus, water came forth; He was giving birth to a New Creation. And we are baptized in His water. That was THE new thing in the Earth; but we have missed the reality of BEING the new thing. NOW, the message is repeated night unto night… Aquarius is overhead.
“We are a New Creation, we are the brand new ‘thing.’”Rudy Jones… on Higher Ground (10/22/13)

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