Christmastide of Visitation and Change by Dr Theresa Phillips

As I was sitting near my garden window, I was noticing that a shift had taken place in the Spirit realm. I was sitting very still, just looking out, when I felt the Lord’s eyes looking through me. I could sense something…something prophetic coming. I was looking past everything…everything that was close. All the leaves that didn’t get cleared up and the gardens at rest and the empty ponds. All those areas that give me vision I could not see.

I was looking into the future and didn’t realize it at first. As I felt the Spirit of the Lord embrace me, I became overwhelmed by a love that I had not felt in a long, long time. A love for everyone and beyond. I was loving more and more.

This love was so endearing to me that I actually wept. Then I sobbed uncontrollably. This lasted for several moments.

I had flashes of American traditions go through my mind. I also felt a change had come. I had flashes of people famous and not famous; rich and poor. I also saw so many people who were weary, and I wept for them. Then, how I loved them!

I saw old fashioned winters and blissful summers; fragrant springs and fire-at-night falls. All had gone before me…

Then He spoke, and my heart was alive with passion to not only listen but to receive with great pleasure. “Show me, Lord. Show me!” I cried.

Fresh, New Anointing Over This Holiday Season For Miracles, Provision and Change

“Theresa, I am going to pour out of My Spirit a fresh new anointing over this holiday season. I am releasing a glory that has not been seen for generations. This glory is filled with revelation and miracles. Yes, miracles to raise the dead and heal the sick, and miraculous provision.

“I am going to restore the years the locust has eaten (see Joel 2:25). You will see and hear of more people raised from the dead. Bank accounts will change; investments will pay off. A spirit of generosity will emerge. You will see reconciliation be a huge part of this holy day season.

“I will ignite hearts for evangelism. Yes, many will go out and win souls at Christmas this year. I will change hearts and attitudes. At home, in the marketplace, and in the Church I will release new enterprise. Yes, new ideas will come forth.

“It’s My gift to the Body of Christ. I am sending this gift from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Eve. Be ready to receive.

“Many will start to have dreams and desires to go and work with Me. EXCITEMENT in My houses of worship will increase, for the songs of worship will be lifted up in abundant praise. A radical praise is about to come forth. This sound will shake the timbers. The dancers will dance with all their might. New songs with a new sound will come forth. These will have the sound of victory in them!

“I am about to call forth men and women into the political arena who can stand the course of testing and change the course of personal and corporate destiny. They will say with confidence, ‘America is loved and America is good. I am proud to be an American. I am proud to be the Church.’ This will resonate across the nation to other nations.

“Yes, even on Christmas Day I will send out PROMOTIONS to many who have felt discarded. They will begin to see how valuable they are.

“PRODIGALS are coming home. Wayward children, and for Churches wayward parishioners. The days of wandering are now being reconciled. Welcome them home, for I brought them.

“I will also restore many marriages through this holiday season. I have touched their hearts, and many will be delivered through their forgiveness and prayer. And many will ask their neighbor and friends, their leaders as well, ‘Will you forgive me? I was wrong.’

“I am sending a fresh angelic visitation Christmas Eve…to minister helps to My people (see Hebrews 1:14). This visitation will bring many back to their knees, and intercession will grow in churches across the nation.

“For this is why I came: that man could be saved. What pertains to your needs, concerns, and desires all are in My eyes,” says the Lord. “For it is My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom (see Luke 12:32).

“Christmas Day I will clamp the mouth of the Lion shut (strife will not raise its head). For I have heard the prayers of My people; I hear you even now. Pray for peace on Earth, goodwill toward men.

“Family will love once again; churches will develop more charity than ever before; cities will be transformed by the generosity of the Church. For even now I am preparing an angelic host to move into cities for the sake of My Body there.

“The bell ringer, the postman and the policeman, teachers and civil servants, spiritual leaders are out and about. Remember how you treat them, for they may be My servants in disguise (see Hebrews 13:2). Even the dog walker may be My servant. Honor them.

“Yes, two Christmas gifts I am sending into the world. They are called Revelation Distribution and Fresh Start. So get ready,” says the Lord. “The season ahead looks bright, and all that was gone before us is fading away…”

Prayer For Revelation And a Fresh Start

Let us pray: Dear Jesus, we give thanks in this season! Thankful for Your birth, thankful You reign supreme. Thank You, Jesus, You have given us joy this season and a renewed hope. Make us steadfast and strong to do our part. Teach us the stillness of the Spirit as He begins to hover. Let us see and sense what You are doing. Change us, O Lord, from negative to positive in our thinking and speaking. Let praise be on our lips. Grant us all Revelation and Fresh Start. Jesus, I will welcome any fresh start in my life You have for me now.

Loving You is all that counts, especially when You love through us for the sake of the sick, lost, infirm, and in prison. The widow and the orphan. Our neighbors as well. That love is what I pray for all of us now. Fill us with grace to embrace the unlovely and lonely, for it is a complement to You when we do. I passionately ask for this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Theresa Phillips
Chicago Prophetic Voice