Gaining Spiritual Reality by Ron McGatlin

Most people in the world are so mentally and physically entangled in the affairs of this world with its many frustrating limitations that true spiritual reality may be lost to them in the messy conglomerate of natural life.

In this season some people of God are finding out what Jesus meant when He said, “He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.”

Some are awakening to a new reality of knowing who we really are and why we were formed from the dust of the earth and raised up a wonderfully made living breathing creature with the ability to know and connect both with God and with His created world.

Mankind is truly wonderfully made for a significant purpose.We are set apart from all other known beings of God’s awesome creation. Human beings are the only creatures given the unique equipment to fully relate to God as spirit beings through the Spirit and to the natural world through the human body and soul. Only mankind can function as an interface between spiritual heaven and natural earth with the God-given authority to literally make changes in this world.

Scientists are yet discovering the marvelous reality of the equipment given to mankind. Yet at best they are only scratching the surface of the potential of man functioning in full capacity of the spiritual reality built into human beings.

The Two Minds

For thinking purposes the brain can be seen in computer terms as the hardware and the mind as the software or programing in the brain. There are only two major types of software available to operate in the brain to control the body and to affect the natural world. Human beings have been given probably the most significant choice of all time and creation. We have the God-given ability to choose the software or program that will relate to our every thought, feeling, and action in this life and subsequently affect the world around us.

In the Bible, one software mind program is called the spiritual mind or the mind of Christ; the other mind or program is called the carnal or natural mind (Rom 8:4-8).

Fallen mankind that is apart from God through the sin of Adam has only the fallen natural or carnal mind program. It is not possible for a person operating in the fallen natural mind program to even understand or grasp the concepts of the spiritual mind program. They are literally foreign to him and will be feared and despised as foolishness or evil lies. The things of the Spirit of God will not at all compute in the brain operating in the carnal mind program (1 Cor 2:14-16).

The Spirit of God operating system is far greater than the natural fallen human mind operating system.It is a heavenly program that maintains a connection into the Spirit of God. There is in the spiritual mind or mind of Christ, far greater depth into heavenly spiritual reality that is at best only a mystery to the fallen natural mind.

The fallen natural mind program carries with it an underlying connection to a different spirit that is NOT the Spirit of God.

The spirit flowing in the natural or carnal mind program is thought of as darkness. The Spirit of God flowing through the spiritual mind or the mind of Christ is thought of as light.

The operating system of the Spirit mind of Christ is spoken of as LIFE. The operating system of the carnal or natural fallen mind is called DEATH.

The spirit of darkness and the Spirit of light are the rudimental essences that affect everything in the software programs they are connected with.

Our understanding, actions, reactions, feelings, and the potential to accomplish life or death in this world are all determined by the software operating in our brains. The brain then controls our every natural life function, action, and reaction. That which comes through our brain and out of our mouths has a supernatural effect on creation and the world around us.

The software is what or how we believe. Jesus said as you believe, so be it unto you. The writer of proverbs wrote, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Experiencing Spirit Reality

A human being functioning in the Spirit has the operating system of the mind of Christ operating in the brain and is truly capable of receiving and understanding spiritual mysteries and experiencing heavenly activities. The spiritual minded person is connected into Spirit God and communes with Him. He or she experiences His love and can know His will at any specific time for life situations.

As we abide in Him and Him in us, we have faith. Or said another way, without doubting we believe all that He says or shows us. All things are possible to those who believe. The works of Christ are carried out in His collective body on earth doing the things he did in His incarnate body. He will do even greater things through His collective body now than He did while on earth in his natural body.

The person experiencing the Spirit reality life is free from the frustrating lack and troubling doubts and fears of the fallen natural life.

It is somewhat as if one lived in a bubble of Holy Spirit life. Even in the darkest nights of the fallen world, there is light in the heart and soul of the person with the operating system of the Holy Spirit functioning through the hardware of his or her brain. Oh, the glory of the marvelous instrument of the blessed human brain designed by God to operate perfectly on His software of the mind of Christ.

Living in Holy Spirit reality causes the believer to no longer just suffer under the weight of life’s circumstances. Not only do those living in Holy Spirit reality tolerate the conditions of the world around them, but they also can become a part of changing the circumstances and situations around them.

The powerful love of God and power of pure faith gives wisdom and strength to proclaim and bring forth truth and corrective change now in this world. Holy angels will come to work with the son or daughter of God walking in Holy Spirit reality in this life now. Everlasting life is now and goes on into the next life or eternity. It does not begin with our leaving this world to go to heaven. It begins with the Spirit of God bringing heaven’s everlasting life into and through us in this world now. Heaven is within and among us as God dwells with us in the New Jerusalem lifestyle that is now continuously coming down from heaven and being formed on earth as the Holy of Holies of His temple, His Bride on earth.

Renewing the Mind

The process of changing the software program operating in our brains is referred to in the Bible as renewing the mind or receiving the same mind as Christ Jesus. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God (Phil 2:5-6).

To be renewed every natural person born under Adam into the fallen state of this world must be transformed similar to the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. This process involves the liquidation of the past software that defines the person and orders their life in this world. Not only were we originally born with the wrong operating system, most of us were further programed growing up in this fallen world. Further programs were devised to work with our old operating system and stored permanently in the hard drive sections of our brains.

Coming to Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord in a born again experience causes us to become a new creation in the spirit of our minds. Being born from darkness to light begins the process of renewing our minds, our software programs, and operating systems. The hard drive loaded with program storage must be emptied and reloaded with new heavenly spiritual programs.

The new holy spiritual programs from heaven that are replacing our old programs are so vastly different that if any memory or portion of the old software remains, the soul may be shocked and seek to rebel against the new.

Living Sacrifices

We become as living sacrifices as all we knew and all we believed and all we were is sacrificed on the altar of God. In addition, if we are mature in years, the life and relationships that we had built may also be sacrificed. Either the relationships of our past life will change with us, or they will be cut off from our new lives. Through this process we become acceptable to God to relate to Him as a purified holy Bride.

Rom 12:1-2: I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. 2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

We have a definite part in renewing our minds: we are to present our bodies a living sacrifice. Our brain is part of our bodies that must also become a sacrifice to God. This is, indeed, a very reasonable choice since we are being transformed by the renewing of our minds to that which is of Christ. This opens the way for us to leave the limitations of previous carnal natural living and walk into the holy of holies of supernatural life as sons and daughters of the living God becoming the purified holy Bride of Christ Jesus, our Lord. All of this is not just in heaven someday but is coming forth now in the Holy Spirit reality of Christ in us by the Holy Spirit. In Christ we are seated with Him in heavenly places.

Another way of saying living in Holy Spirit reality is to say living and walking in the Spirit.

We need not continue trying to live in a mixture of natural-mindedness and Holy Spirit reality-mindedness. There is no life more frustrating than to know that spiritual reality software is available and continuing to live with carnal software.

There is a new natural life available. As far as God is concerned, the new natural life is not fallen or carnal. The new natural in God is Holy Spirit reality life now of Christ in us.

If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit – Gal 5:25.

Live in the Spirit, Walk in the Spirit,

Ron McGatlin