Have you ever wondered why your prayers were not answered?



Robert Henderson’s series “Navigating the court system of heaven” is revolutionary. (http://www.roberthenderson.org) It meticulously lays out from the scripture, the details of the Kingdom of Heaven’s legal system. He presents a biblically based argument explaining how the conflict we are in, is not won on the battlefield, but rather it is won in heavens courtroom first. When we get verdicts from the courts of heaven rendered in our behalf, the battles are easily won on the battlefield.
The protocol of the battlefield is completely different to the protocol of a courtroom.
When we pray, we need to go into heaven’s courtroom first and ensure we get the verdict passed in our favor before we go to the battlefield. We have the right as believers to boldly enter into the throne room (courtroom) and ask for grace (a verdict in our favour) in the time of need.
We must only go to the battlefield after we have the verdict in our favour from the courtroom.
If we go to the battlefield first, we may only get random success, Joshua learnt this. He thought that winning the battle of Jericho would automatically transpose into winning the battle of Ai. Joshua had the court papers for Jericho and thats is why he won that battle. He did not take the time to get the verdict from the court of heaven for Ai before he went into battle. There was sin in the camp of Israel and if they had gone to heaven’s court there would have been a judgement given instructing them to deal with the sin first before going to battle. We have the blood of Jesus that we can plead when the enemy accuses us. If we repent, claim the cleansing of the blood, we can get a judgement in our favour.
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