Becoming a Mature Son


Marriage of King's Son - Matt 22 RejectionThe second leg of our three-part journey of “moving onto perfection” (Heb 6:1) is called the son’s portion, but more accurately it should be defined as the mature son’s portion for that’s the ultimate goal at this part of our Kingdom trek. Our quest to be just like Jesus is “painfully beautiful”  [1] at this juncture.

The son’s portion is the place where our bonds in Christ are readily perceived by our senses and recognized by our minds (Phil 1:13). Second Corinthians 5:14 tells us that the love of Christ should instruct, control or constrain us.  Therefore, the bonds in Christ are obvious within a believer at this stage when one endeavors to become a mature man (Eph 4:13) or when one shoots even higher to become part of Christ’s pure and spotless Bride (Matt 25: 1-13; Eph 5:27; Rev 21). Remember that both men and women are called to…

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