The next “Great Awakening”

Tides of the Mind

What if Jesus never saw a bankrupt soul or loved “in spite of” sin? The woman at the well may have felt bankrupt, and others may have judged her to be… But what if Jesus saw instead completeness, wholeness, abundant life of living waters already within her and he was trying to open her eyes to what was already true about her and to see what he saw? How we perceive ourselves and God affects our reality. But which reality do we want to live from? Ours or God’s (Love)?


It’s our choice which perspective we view life through. I have found one of two core perspectives in operation within us at all times: separateness or oneness. Most live from a perspective of humanity in need of a Higher Power (God). Christians, specifically believe humanity in need of being saved from their sins and sinful nature. But I say we…

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