Articles & Prophecies

A Body of Fire by David Weber

Alert! by Frances Metcalfe

A New Creation (Part 3) by Doug Fortune

A new Heaven and a new Earth by J Preston Eby

An Army of Glory by Victoria Boyson

An Extended Season by Rob Hotchkin

A Prophetic Word Released by Curt Landry at House of David’s Passover Seder 5773/2013 March 25

Are You Under Attack? This Means Your Light Is Shining Brighter Jul 10, 2013 by Bob Jones

A Wonderful Interview with Diana Summers, author of Solitary Rider

Azuza Street and the Coming Revival!!

Back to the Future: The Apostolic Ministry of John G. Lake by P. Keith Davis

Believe in your Destiny by Dr. Christian Harfouche

Be Not Cast Away by Theresa Phillips

Biblical Hebraic Wedding Customs In the Time of Yahushua!

Bobby Conner: Embrace Endless Possibilities: God Said, “Bobby, I give you My personal permission to attempt to exaggerate what I am about to do!”

Body of Christ & end-time ministry vision given to Tommy Hicks July 25th, 1961

BREAD IN THE OVEN “Appearing In Zion” by Doug Fortune (An excerpt from the book “The Power of an Endless Life”)

Characteristics of the Joshua Generation (#26-30) by Mike Parsons

Double Blessing: Wise Provision!

Eagle Saints Arise!!!!! – Bill Britton, an excerpt

Enter In by David Weber

Excerpt from The Throne Room Company by Shawn Bolz

Expect Great Growth

Falling in Love with Jesus by Anne Elmer

Four Things you Really Need to Know about the Gifts by Priscilla Shirer

General Prophetic Words

God as Father by Art Katz

Heaven’s Call to Awaken – A vision given to Victoria Boyson

Hell by J Preston Eby

Hidden Meaning of the Menorah by Melissa Flores

His Coming Presence by Kriston Couchey

How to be a Kept Woman by Cheryl McGrath

I Live To Hear God Speak by Bill Yount

“I will work a work in your days” by Frances Metcalfe

James W. Goll: Overcoming Demons In the New Testament

Joseph was not a prisoner of Egypt, he was a prisoner of a prophetic promise by Lance Wallnau

Life in the Spirit by Smith Wigglesworth

Man’s Life, a Year of Feasts by Henk Beerepoot ‘Melitapark’ 7.07.2012

Mysteries from Darkness (Part 3) His Pavilion  by Elwin Roach

Oh, Prophetic Woman! – The Call of God to an Army of Supernatural Women! by Reeni Mederos

One Day – The Appointed Time by Doug Fortune

One step at a time! by Bill Yount

Our Becoming a Wheel Within a Wheel by Wade E Taylor

Overcoming the Accuser by Jessie Penn-Lewis

Possess the Land Part 1 by Doug Fortune

Possess the Land Part 2 by Doug Fortune

Possibly the most Shocking Shift coming to the Church is the Transition away from Senior Pastoral  Leadership by John Burton

Radiant Glory – Martha Wing Robinson

Rapture versus Resurrection by Buddy Cobb

Resurrection of Dreams! by Joy Parrott

Safe habitations by Bill Burns

Seated in Heaven with Christ… Right Now! by André van der Merwe

Secret Place Ministry – Lana Vawser

Secret Place Rest and Birthing – 27th June, 2012 – Lana Vawser

She… Who dances Fire by Diana Summers

Spiritual Kingdom Arising by Ron McGatlin

Stranger and Stranger Still by Jake Colsen

Submitted To The Call by Elaine Tavolacci

Talitha Koum: Little Girl, Arise! by Pam Hatheway

The Angel Camp Vision by Susan O’Marra

The Blood of Jesus Christ by John Lewis

The Bride at war by Cheryl McGrath

The Camels and the Well by Brad Scott

The Camels are Coming by John Wright Follette

The Feast of Tabernacles by Diana Summers

The Fire of God By Pamela Hatheway

The Four Living Creatures by Dr Stephen E Jones

The Importance of the Manifest Presence of God – Walter Beuttler

The Jubilee Anointing by Nita (La Fond) Johnson

The Last Three Feasts by David Weber

The Real Coalition of the Willing by breadforthebride

The Real Truth about Binding and Loosing by Dr. Kelley Varner

The Revelation of Oneness by Kriston Couchey

The Science of God by Dr Stephen E Jones

The Secret Place of the Most High By David A. DePra

The Stones Which Must Be Left Behind by David Weber

The Trumpet Blast by Kriston Crouchey

The Way, The Truth, and The Life by Mike Parsons

The Woman and the Manchild by J Preston Eby

The Year 5773: Ayin Gimel

The Year of Jubilee by Bill Britton

These are they… by Paul and Emily Mueller

Transfiguration by Amanda Leonard

Transformation and Eternal Life by JC Friend

True worship – Elaine Cook

Under the Palm Tree of Deborah by Pat Clark

Vincent van Gogh’s unappreciated journey with Christ | Godreports

Vision of Margaret MacDonald in 1830

Visions from on High pt 2 By Annie Schisler : Jan 1, 2007

What are we expecting? by Doug Fortune

What does a farmer do when his farm is seized? By Henry Jackson

What Is Your Name, Son? – Elwin R. Roach

When God seems silent… by Lance Wallnau

Will the Chosen Bride Let Down Her Pitcher? by Ben R. Peters

Worshipping at the Altar of my inadequacies, my failures, my sin Part 2 by Doug Fortune

Worshipping at the Altar of my inadequacies, my failures, my sin Part 1 by Doug Fortune

Yoked for Life – Nita LaFond Johnson

Your Harvest is being Multiplied! by Jo Ellen Stevens

Zion by Wade Taylor