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June 2018… Its hardships and magic!

I have known hard years and crazy days, lean times, and fatter times, but this June 2018, must have been one of the craziest and hardest months I had lived through! And yes,… Continue reading

“Transition Time is Now Fulfilled”

Originally posted on A Voice for the Gathering Saints:
Preparation time was coming to an end. The time to take and possess the land of promise had come. That which God had purposed…

June 2018… Some of its hardness and magic!

via June 2018… Some of its hardness and magic!

Recalibration and immortality

Fine tuning the Seeing Ear

Whispers from our Father’s Heart

Whispers from our Father’s Heart is just a morsel of bread or a sip of wine or cold water to encourage you, and help you overcome and already now walk in your full identity as… Continue reading

The Apocalypse Within by Vin DiTizio

THE BOOK OF Revelation is a complex vision. A book about it can be just as complex. If you find yourself getting bogged down in the messages to the churches and you know… Continue reading

“True Seed”

“The Changing of the Guard”

Benjamin – The Remnant Company by Elaine Cooke

Before I shared this word at the ’97 Feast of Tabernacles in Portland, the Lord dropped an unusual word into my heart: “. . . in the volume of the book it is… Continue reading