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TALITHA KOUM: Little Girl, Arise! by Pam Hatheway

I have sensed the Holy Spirit whispering to me “Talitha Koum”. I was familiar with the story in the book of Luke, where the young girl lay dead and Jesus raised her up.… Continue reading

The Year 5773: Ayin Gimel

The Year 5773: Ayin Gimel.

The Angel Camp Vision by Susan O’Marra

On Sunday, the 20th of February, 2011, I had a vision and ever since then, I continue to get glimpses of it repeatedly. By this, the Lord is reinforcing the heavenly communication that… Continue reading

General Prophetic Words

General Prophetic Words.

Azuza Street and the Coming Revival!!

Azuza Street and the Coming Revival!!.

Expect Great Growth

Expect Great Growth.

The Seraphim are coming! Ian Clayton

The Seraphim are coming! Ian Clayton

Visions from on High pt 2 By Annie Schisler : Jan 1, 2007

Indications of These Spirits The summary of natural signs consistent with the activity of these spirits is as follows:An illogical and irregular behavior of governments, making great mistakes in crucial moments, causing confusion… Continue reading

The Jubilee Anointing by Nita (La Fond) Johnson

God is getting ready to do something extraordinary in the Body of Christ! He is in the process of preparing Himself a body of believers—His purified Bride—to present her to the world. He… Continue reading

These are they… by Paul and Emily Mueller

One of the elders of the heavenly Kingdom saw a group of saints arrayed in white robes. The elder then asked the question, “What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and… Continue reading