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How To Be a Kept Woman by Cheryl McGrath

It’s easy to be offended by the title isn’t it? Well, that’s understandable. The usual interpretation of ‘kept woman’ is a woman of questionable morals, right? A married man’s dependent mistress, or someone… Continue reading

Double Blessing: Wise Provision!

Double Blessing: Wise Provision!.

The Jubilee Anointing by Nita (La Fond) Johnson

God is getting ready to do something extraordinary in the Body of Christ! He is in the process of preparing Himself a body of believers—His purified Bride—to present her to the world. He… Continue reading

The Camels and the Well by Brad Scott

Very early in my walk with ”Elohiym, I was introduced to types used in the Scriptures. It was through these shadows and pictures that I came to relate intimately with the reality of… Continue reading

The Camels are Coming by John Wright Follette

Gen 24 The spiritual lesson I wish to bring to you from this story is based upon a dramatic and picturesque incident in the life of Rebekah; namely, her dealing with the camels.… Continue reading