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I had a dream by Rudy Jones

August 21, 2013… I had a dream. It was breath-taking. I was carried away to a high mountain with a telescopic view, and the sound and crescendo of background music from a Heavenly… Continue reading

Stranger and Stranger Still by Jake Colsen

This has blessed me so much! Am now reading the book, download free here: http://jakecolsen.com/JakeStory5x8.pdf …I’ve never met anyone more frustrating than John. I was so excited when we first met, and honestly I’ve… Continue reading

“Be Not Cast Away” by Theresa Phillips

I love Holy Week. It sets me on course for THE NEW. Each year I feel like I’m expecting. This year is no different. I am convinced God is calling people in this… Continue reading

POSSESS THE LAND Part 2 by Doug Fortune

I am of the opinion that when all is distilled down to the most basic element, there is really only one sin- UNBELIEF! Lust is really simply not believing that God Himself is… Continue reading