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Counting the Omer by Christine Beadsworth

A Displaying of First-fruits on Mount Zion May this article add understanding to you concerning God’s present timetable for those who fear the Lord. It was first released in May 2007. Remember 50,… Continue reading

A prophetic word that Curt Landry released at House of David’s PASSOVER SEDER 5773/2013 March 25

Confirmation, confirmation!!!!! A.M. “’As I was with Moses, so I am with you. You need to be able to receive the anointing without measure. You need to know that this is a time… Continue reading

Biblical Hebraic Wedding Customs In the Time of Yahushua!

Biblical Hebraic Wedding Customs in the Time of Yahushua! as described by a Messianic Hebrew scholar In a unique way, the Hebraic Wedding Ceremony (as opposed to any other cultural expression) is a detailed… Continue reading