HIS COMING PRESENCE by Kriston Couchey


Even as Jesus the Word spoke in parables to veil the truth from the mind of natural man and reveal truth to his disciples; so also the understanding of prophecies, mysteries, and revelation recorded in scripture is veiled from the mind of natural man, yet the Divine Mysteries are being revealed to those who walk as sons of Father through Jesus Christ. While the religious men of His day could not find Jesus in the scriptures, on the road to Emmaus Jesus Himself “opened” scripture to reveal the testimony of Himself and the divine plan for His appearing at the closing of one age and the unfolding of another. And now today Father is again “opening” scripture to reveal the testimony of Jesus Christ and His divine plan For Christ’s appearing at the close of one age and the unfolding of another age.

This is the day of unsealing prophecies, divine mysteries, and revelation; all of which continue to reveal the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. And as scripture clearly reveals; all of creation has groaned and travailed for the revealing of God’s mature sons who are expressions and containers of Christ on the earth today. Christ comes again in His children as the seed He planted 2000 years ago has brought forth fruit after its own kind; sons in the image of their Father. The life-giving Spirit of Jesus Christ abiding in many sons will manifest His tangible presence unto all creation.

The coming of Jesus Christ within many sons will reveal the divine mysteries and wisdom of God unto all creation. His manifest presence will take preeminence over creation as He sums up all things within Himself. As Adam tried to hide his shame from Father’s presence in the garden, so in this day men will try to hide from His coming presence. Yet there will be no sufficient place to hide. Many will scurry like cockroaches seeking dark places when the light appears. Men will cry unto the mountains and hills (man’s governments and the systems) to fall on them and hide them from the face of His glorious presence. Even those in hell will not be able to hide from His presence as hell’s gates will not prevail against His beloved. Demonic forces and those who have become in nature like them will be in terror and rally together against their common enemy, seeking to destroy and oppose anyone who bears His name.

The Valley of Decision will be set before all the inhabitants of the earth. Many who believed they knew Him will realize they have in fact opposed His hand and will repent. Great repentance will sweep His house as the peace of His presence heals and delivers His people into His joy. Yet there will be those who refuse to repent of man’s ways and will harden their hearts to oppose Him. Like the Pharisees some will believe they are doing good deeds, yet will undermine and contest the work of the Spirit on every front.

Those who partake of the oneness in Him found in His presence will come to experience the union of saints as they have never known before. We will come to know that the great cloud of witnesses is as close as our breath, and that our oneness in Him reaches beyond even the barriers of death. Heaven and its inhabitants in Christ will be partakers of the restoration of creation; even unto resurrection of incorruptible bodies. In Him our ability to function in and interact with the realms of heaven on earth will eventually cause the veil between the physical and spiritual to lift. The light of His presence shall envelope all creation. All things in both heaven and earth have been made and are sustained by Him, and so shall all heaven and earth be made one in Him. He will receive His inheritance and shall be all in all. Rejoice saints of The King, His glorious presence is come to us, is in us, is flowing through us, and He will reign forever more.

In His Love
Kriston Couchey