Behold, a Radical Shift Cometh Forth…. by Janet Peterson


The Body of Christ stands at the threshold of a very crucial time right now.  I believe we have reached a point in the history of ALL nations that is like none other than NOW.  Again, we as chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; stand in a very crucial time “that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light!”  (1 Peter 2:9)

There is a move of God that is upon us and we must begin to awaken if we are going to step into it!  This has been tugging at my heart strings for a while now and the Lord has been dealing with me very heavily about this upcoming season that the Body of Christ in ALL nations are entering into.

HE said to me, ”Too many of My people are asleep in this hour.”   He said, “If My people don’t wake up now and realize the times and seasons they are in, they will miss this time of visitation for ALL nations.”  

This is a season of fulfilment.  Many of the miracles, signs, wonders, and demonstrations of the power of God that we have been longing and praying for years to receive ARE GETTING READY to come upon us and if we are not prepared, we will NOT receive it. In order for us to get to this next place as a nation and as the Body of Christ, there must be a radical shift!

We must step into a new season and a new thing.  No longer can we walk in the old ways when God is orchestrating something new in our midst.  Things cannot stay the same any longer.  COME OUT of religiosity; our fixed forms and times of our church services that conform to please man; AWAY with complacency; We must shift radically, and the time is NOW!

As I said earlier, we are at a very crucial time.  As the Body of Christ, we must stand in the place of intercession, not wishy-washy me, my and I prayers.  The warfare that we are having to wage in order to see the shift take place is not just a natural war, but it is a spiritual war as well.  God says, ”Now is the time for My people to rise up in intercession so that they may gain ground and see victory.”

As I seek the Lord, He continues to show me how intercession carries with it a judiciary tone.  It denotes one who is called to stand before a judge on the behalf of another party as a lawyer.  This is the type of scene found in  Job 1:6 Through intercession, we can cause supernatural manifestations of God’s power to be displayed.  It is time NOW for the Body of Christ to rise to a new level of intercession, where we “enter” into the “session” of the Lord’s courts and legislate before heaven and earth  (Matthew 16:19)!

As we begin to enter into intercession and make decrees concerning this shift that is going to come to our nation and to the Body of Christ, we will witness supernatural breakthrough come to our lives!

WATCHMEN I speak to you right now,  ”take up your positions  together we must watch in a new way!”  God says, “There is something that is trying to be formulated as a type of terrorist plot concerning the transportation and telecommunication   systems.”   God says, “We must watch over the transportation and telecommunication systems because the enemy is going to try to ride the rails to bring in a new level of terror!”  We must watch over them and begin to go up into the heavenlies and expose the enemy’s plots before they can succeed.  He said to me “You must also watch over port cities, for they will be a place where the enemy will try to sneak attack nations.  Watch the ports, bridges, and highways and byways for they are places where the enemy will try to creep in to wreak havoc.” We must stand in our places of authority and root out, pull down and expose the enemy’s devices before it manifests!.  Receive the anointing to WATCH in a new way!

WE MUST move out of earthly governing  and as we “govern in the heavenlies” through intercession and making decrees, we will see a radical shift come over nations and to the Body of Christ.  God says, “Your intercession will shift you into the next place that is destined for the Church and for your nation.”  There will be a radical shift in certain areas, certain schools, certain cities, and certain parts of the nation.  Get ready for the SHIFT!  

OPEN YOUR MOUTHS and DECREE that God would invade your state capital!

Decree that the Body of Christ would rise up and take their places of authority in city and state government!  Decree that God would invade the state you livein; in a new way!  There must be a shift!  As we enter into this season of victory, we must carry a new level of boldness!  We must also radically shift our minds so that we can embrace the “new thing” that God is doing in our midst.  I Decree that there will be a radical shift in your life that will usher you into the place and the position that God has appointed for you in this season!  Say, “I am stepping into the new!”

I Decree:  you will arise to a new place of intercession!  Approach the throne of God with BOLDNESS (Hebrews 4:16)!

There is an anointing to “watch and pray” (Matthew 26:41) that is being released to the Body of Christ in the nations of the world.

I Decree that you will stand up and watch over your sphere of authority.

I Decree that your mind is shifting in a new way!  (Romans 12:1-2) so that you can embrace the shifting that God is doing in your life!   For without renewing your mind, your heart will not be able to conceive this new transformation that is coming forth

ARISE ARMY OF GOD…… Let’s rise up NOW so that we may enter into this season of victory that is ahead of us!   Don’t miss out on it…….


Janet Peterson

Janet Peterson – A handmaiden of the Lord Jesus Christ.
HIS Word, is her pen.

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