The Apocalypse Within by Vin DiTizio


THE BOOK OF Revelation is a complex vision. A book about it can be just as complex. If you find yourself getting bogged down in the messages to the churches and you know you won’t finish this book, then go to the chapters called “The Source,” “The Seven Seals” and “The Trumpets.” From this short read, you will get the main point of the book.

Also keep in mind, one of the original messages of the book of Revelation was that all the struggles in the book happen inside the self. All of the beasts and the destruction are parts of our sinful nature which will be destroyed as we get closer to God.

Now prepare to have the book of Revelation become the most powerful book for your daily Christian life.

Here is a pdf of the book with compliments from the author, and also his email address should you want to make contact with him:
For pdf, click on the link here: The Apocalypse Within – Vin diTizio

Be very blessed