I am sharing what Father says in a manner as if I were an oracle of God. I do this because it is the way in which it comes to me and it is also how we are encouraged to speak by Peter.


As I went alone to pray and pushed out of my mind all of my wanderings of the last day, a newfound sense of Father’s complete acceptance that had overtaken me in the last week still remained. For some time when I have made a conscious effort to pray I have entered a vision of a rooftop overlooking a city with the throne of my Father on that roof. I approached Him and embraced Him on the roof again, but this time without the nagging fear and doubt that had plagued me for years.

He then said something WITHIN me that shocked me. ”You must not seek Me in the place of visitation on the rooftop anymore, I am already within your spirit and always will be. You are also in My Spirit as I am in yours; now live from the place of oneness within and commune with Me there. The place of visitation on the rooftop is the place that many of my children meet with Me, but that place is inadequate to change and deliver you fully from yourself. The place of MY oneness within you is the place where we must commune and where I AM. It is only My life in you that overcomes all things and changes you, your life must remain hidden in Mine as I AM now your life. I told you before that I am doing something beyond the scope of man’s understanding, and that you were going to experience me in a way you have not experienced me before; today is that day!”


“Anytime you have walked by the Spirit in love My will has been done from this place of our oneness.Anything that is of eternal value comes from Me. My work of reconciliation on the earth is in and through the agency of man as He cooperates, yields to, and allows me to love the world through them. You have already walked as one with me in part, but now you must walk as One with me in fullness. This oneness only comes through the perfection of love. He who is perfected in love does not function in fear. Nor do they function from a place of duty, or guilt.As is your measure of love is so is the extent to which you have walked in oneness with Me already.

I dwell as one with the one who lives in My love, even as the Son walks in my love and is one with Me. There is only one commandment given in the covenant in My son, and that is to love one another as I have loved you.Those who cannot accept My love as I have loved cannot love others as I have loved. To receive my unconditional love as I intend without consideration of your performance opens the door for you to truly love others as I have loved you, not based upon how they perform.”

“The doorway to complete oneness opens when you truly believe in My love and quit hiding your wretchedness from me in fear of judgment. Only then are you able to release others from your own judgments and love them as I do. While on earth, the Son judged no one on His own. He simply was doing and saying what I was doing and saying. You are free to walk in oneness with Me when you abandon your own life, opinions, judgments, and perception of love in order to receive mine.The greatest hindrance to walking as one with Me is your own judgment and opinion that you assume are Mine.”

My children do not truly comprehend the boundless love I have for them and for mankind. Everything I do I do for love, for I AM love. Even my judgments that seem unloving to men are for love.


Many embrace concepts of biblical truth but have not embraced My perspective, which is MY judgment. I am simply looking for those who have abandoned their own lives and perspectives and like a child receive Me. It is in that childlike abandonment to My love and judgments that I will manifest myself to them, in them, and through them.The Son did not love the things of the world, and even though he left all judgment to Me, his perspective was the same as mine and his judgments would also have been correct. Many form judgments that are not correct because they love the things of the world. You cannot walk in oneness with Me if you love the things of the world. If you love the things of the world My love is not perfected in you, and the oneness we should be sharing is limited to visitation.

“The place of visitation has been a path to the doorway of oneness; it has been a courtship of sorts. I have prepared and revealed myself to you in this place through dreams, visions, and angelic messengers sent to encourage, correct and discipline you. All of this has been to point you to Me. For knowing Me has the goal of this journey. You have come to know My heart and purposes as I have prepared you to be one with Me in a union of love. Dreams, visions and angelic assistance are not going away, you have simply come to the place where you must now live out of intimacy and knowing me. You must walk with the mind of Christ; knowing My will, heart, and thoughts in every situation because your will, heart, and thoughts are one with Mine.”

When I sent My Son into the world He walked in complete oneness with me; so much so that he said, ‘If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.’ Everyone who truly believes in Me has the same potential or power to become My son. Those who are led by My Spirit as Jesus was led by Me will manifest Me to the world just as Jesus did, for these led by My Spirit are My sons. In this place of oneness the fullness of “I AM” dwells in you; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


“I have positioned you to be one of many witnesses to what I am doing in and through My people in this day. As I told you before, the day of simply revelation has come to manifestation. What you write from My heart will bear witness with others and encourage them to find their destination in me. The gifts are not going away, but the one who becomes one with Me will function in whatever capacity I deem necessary. Do not identify yourself simply as gifts to equip; your identity is in ME as my son, and My heart in you is to establish that identity in others.”

“The place of visitation and preparation can no longer help you as the doorway to oneness has been opened. Unless you chose to trust and walk with Me in oneness, you will shrink back into lesser light. You will move from intimacy to friendly acquaintance, a place where many who call themselves followers of me stay. In this day I am raising up children who will not need to make the journey from religion to Oneness. They are being birthed into Oneness as MY sons. Indeed many are even now being birthed outside the walls of religion into union with Me, while they cannot see it now, they will need the wisdom of many like you who have fought for the the freedom to walk as sons. For those of the previous generation who have believed and yielded to my preparation, their wilderness journey is now complete, the promised land is before you and now I will glorify Myself in and among My own.”

As this revelation continues to unfold Father is no longer just addressing me personally, but everyone journeying through the transition of ages.
Those who become one with Me are the New Jerusalem, the Bride. I have chosen to make My dwelling in and among them. Those who I dwell in as one are My portals on earth. These are my sons, and the openheaven through which I am expressing who I am to all created things. Because these are also in Me, I am also their access to the realms of heaven. It is because My sons are in Me and I am in them that heaven and the earth are merging eternally. My sons are the meeting place of heaven and earth, and because they are seated in the Heavens in Me they are bringing the realities of heaven to earth. Heaven is simply this: Oneness with Me. Men talk of “going to heaven”, but My plan all along has been that heaven come to earth.

Heaven has touched earth in part in the past as My Spirit has moved in and through men. A remnant of My own throughout history have become an openheaven for Me to touch the earth. The Power and Life from these past encounters with Me has served to progressively change My people and continue the maturing process throughout generations. This has also changed the course of history itself. Few have understood My moving and recognized Me in the midst of My blessings.

These past moves became perverted by the wisdom and works of men who sought My benefits, but did not seek to know Me fully in them and give Me glory. Religion separates Me from my actions, benefits, and blessings. Yet, I AM redemption, I AM Healing, I AM deliverance, I AM life, I AM grace, I AM truth, and I AM the sustainer and sustenance of all creation. I AM consummating all things in heaven and earth in Me. Apart from Me you have nothing.

My Glory will overshadow you and the hearts of men will be laid bare before My glory. Men will run in terror before My glory, or they will humble themselves and be changed in My presence. This is the glory many have prophesied, and My sons shall rise with My glory in and upon them. I am conferring upon those who are one with Me the powers of the age to come. The gifts and anointing of my Spirit are a “taste” of the powers of the age to come. To be one with Me is to go from gifts and anointing to being the dwelling place of My glory. You shall go from “tasting” to “feasting”.

You have experienced supernatural knowledge and prophecy in part, but that which is part is being done away as that which is perfect is come. My sons will know even as they are known. Where they are sent nothing will be hidden from them. All that is hidden in darkness will be exposed in My light. As Jesus knew the thoughts and intents of the hearts of men so you will, not simply as a gift, but because you are one with Me. I know the thoughts and intents of men’s hearts and so you shall. You cannot love as I love until you see as I see. Knowing even as you are known brings perfection in My love, it requires you to love as I love. I entrust My sight to those who use the knowledge of fallen man’s hearts to bring redemption and not condemnation.

Pursue love. For the measure of authority and power you walk in is according to the measure of your love. Loving more enables you to express Me more. Many pursue obedience and fail to pursue Love. Pursuing obedience apart from love is self-righteousness. The one who loves Me wholeheartedly does My will. Embracing oneness with Me enables you to be perfected in My love. Pursue love by continuing to embrace My love in oneness.

I am coming now in the fullness of time and have found a people who will walk in oneness with Me as a corporate Bride. The day of mature sons is upon you. Sons who will not labor with their own wisdom and works, but rest in My completed work. It is the age of My heavenly rest. The ages are not measured primarily in terms of time, but according to the state of My relationship with men. This unfolding age is the Sabbath day of My rest. Those who become one with me have died in Me and have ceased from their labors and now enter My rest. Those who have died in Me will know me as I AM. I AM now your life.

See yourself as I see you. Because we are one you ARE what I AM. You become for others My redemption, MY healing, My deliverance, My grace, My life. As one with you I touch people by your hands; and you are My Word to them. As I AM so you are in this world.

In His Love
Kriston Couchey